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Meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli I by exploring the many interviews held with them. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetas (Han, Zestra, and Gen) by using a deeply-induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit. Full transcripts of these many sessions are recorded verbatim in two books:  Aliens Answer and Aliens Answer II, which are available at

Today's blog is for those who enjoy the details of biology. The Zetas share details about the changes to their blood that enable them to be spacefarers. They compare the elements of their blood to ours. They point out that diatoms use silicon for structure and carbon-based proteins for metabolism, as do the Zetas.

Therapist:  Are you familiar with the term ‘blood panel?’

Zetas:  Yes. We have used these in concept. It determines the biochemical makeup of various species that we encounter.

Therapist:  If you were looking at your own mineral panel and comparing it to a panel of minerals in a human being, what minerals might  have large variants?

Zetas:  You would find we are composed of a combination of silicon-based structure molecules and carbon-based proteins for metabolic purposes. On your scientific periodic table you would find carbon and silicon exist in the same group. Like carbon, silicon can create molecules that are sufficiently large to carry biological information. Like carbon, silicon can also form the four main stable bonds with itself and other elements to form the essential, long chemical chains.

Our bodies are primarily carbon-based, like almost all life on your planet and most other planets. It enables us to metabolize nutrients and to breathe, but our bodies’ structural components are silicon-based, too. This allows our bodies to live comfortably within a wider range of planetary environments. Many planets we inhabit may vary in both temperature and atmospheric pressures. It also contributes to our apparent physical strength, relative to our body size, when compared to humans.

Therapist:  Does this mean you do not have any metabolic carbon base?

Zetas:  No. Our bodies’ metabolic functions are still carbon-based. We have discovered this is the easiest and most efficient biochemical group that evolves in the Universe. Our silicon-based, biochemical structures are still able to find nourishment from common resources for building up the silicon-based parts of our bodies, too.

Therapist:  What minerals do we share in common?

Zetas:  The elements creating our own organic functional groups with carbon include hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, and metals such as magnesium, and zinc. These same elements forming organic functional groups are perfectly compatible with our silicon-based body structures, as well. Both carbon and silicon in our bodies interact together with very few other types of atoms.  Like carbon, silicon can form the same four stable bonds with itself and other elements.  Our bone-like body structures are based on long chemical chains known as saline polymers. These saline polymers are very similar to the hydrocarbons essential to life.

Therapist:  Do you have iron?

Zetas:  Yes, we share similar proportions of elements including hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, and metals such as iron, magnesium, and zinc. Pure silicon-based life is rare in the Universe, but it does exist. We share in common the body forms you refer to as humanoid, and to the extent of our present knowledge, exhibit some degree of carbon-based biochemistry. The minerals of your planet, much like many planets and moons, are predominantly silicon. Yet in our journeys, the life that we encounter on these planets are mostly or fully carbon-based. This is because we have discovered that, like on your planet, carbon is more conducive to the formation of life.

Therapist:  Thank you, Han. That was informative.

Zetas:  I can sense this from you astonishment and surprise. It is rather a curious thing. It is what we are. In the past, I have emphasized our similarities. This is one area of dissimilarity between us. Yet on your own planet exists examples of life that exhibits both silicon and carbon bases for life, too. In your oceans, we have discovered biological life you call diatoms. These are the basic life forms for creating oxygen for your atmosphere, essential to your life on your planet. These simple diatoms exist in your world everywhere. They are the most common form of life on your planet. These diatoms also use silicon for their structures and carbon-based proteins for metabolism..

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC

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Meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli I by exploring the many interviews held with them. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetas (Han, Zestra, and Gen) by using a deeply-induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit. Full transcripts of these many sessions are recorded verbatim in two books:  Aliens Answer and Aliens Answer II, which are available at

Today's blog covers surprising life forms discovered by the Zetas, how and why time travel affects spacefaring species, how multiple dimensions have distinct purposes and support each other, and how families of galaxies share invisible tree-like structures. If you like to explore the larger cosmos, you will be fascinated by the perspectives shared by the Zetas.

Therapist:  The Universe will always be more than I can grasp, but I am glad it is that way. Would you care to tell us about another species that you have come across that was particularly interesting to you?

Zetas:  We have spoken about a consciousness that has become energy and is unencumbered with a physical body. They are waves and can travel by mere thought, in a quantum way, where they can instantaneously be in different places at the same time. It is not omnipresence. These life forms were once misidentified by us in our initial contact. We felt that they were a mere physical phenomenon that was undiscovered. Then we began to realize, when our minds made contact, that there was consciousness, wisdom, and intelligence. It was life and consciousness existing on this dimensional plane.

Therapist:  Do they emit light or did you find them through other means?

Zetas:  Our science discovered their energy and, only soon after, we began to realize that they were living forms. This represented to us a higher level of evolutionary development. Perhaps it is what we will all ultimately achieve one day. It gave us a glimpse of our future, perhaps the way you look to us as a glimpse of one possible future. In turn, we look at this species as a possible higher level of evolutionary development.

Therapist:  From what you are describing to me, it seems to be a kind of spiritual gestalt.

Zetas:  Yes.

Therapist:  I think we will all be there, sooner or later.

Zetas:  It could be a misinterpretation. What is to some spiritual might be, just given enough time, a mere expression of a higher-level physical manifestation that we do not yet understand in our physics. The term ‘mere’ is inappropriate. There is nothing insignificant about these beings. They are benign and are fully engaged in the processes of the Universe.

Therapist:  Our sense of what is ‘physical,’ may have to modified. There may be other types of physicality.

Zetas:  The context of what constitutes life is constantly revised and modified. As life is explored, new realities are discovered. The range of the spectrum of what life is will broaden.

Therapist:  Since we are talking about ranges of life, what are some of the larger systems that you have come across in this Universe? I am not talking about a galaxy but a form with a consciousness.

Zetas:  There are families or groups of galaxies that often move together. Our galaxy is one such. We exist in the same galaxy. Surrounding the galaxy that we share, there are a number of others. As we move together, expanding outward, there are larger concepts that Steve is trying to take in. It is a dark void that has energies that exist in other dimensions that coincide with our dimension. They contribute a structure to the Universe that is beyond galaxies. It is as if one feels a body and is unable to see the invisible, skeletal structure. This skeletal structure of the Universe, to use that analogy, exists in a multi-dimensional form. These are larger structures. They seem less defined by your science, but also exist. Imagine the galaxies like individual leaves on a large tree, but the trees of the individual galaxies are invisible. These ‘trees’ provide structure in relation to everything else. It is thus defined. I am trying to provide the best interpretation. The alternate dimension provides a function in our dimension. Dimensions are not separate from each other. They each coexist and provide strength and structure, each leaning on the other, each co-dependent. Multiple dimensions are not random, existing on their own. Each has a purpose, supporting the other, that makes the Universe that we understand possible.

Therapist:  Would the same collection of dimensions exist across the Universe or do they tend to be unique to a galaxy?

Zetas:  These are very abstract concepts. They are best expressed in describing them as I have done here.

Therapist:  Time travelers, those who travel extensively, do you think it may have an effect on them?

Zetas:  Is it debilitating?

Therapist:  Well, could it be debilitating? That is my question.

Zetas:  There are effects. Debilitating is one interpretation. I am plucking a thought from Steve. He is thinking, ‘Do time travelers have jet lag?'

(Therapist laughs.)

Zetas:  I am pushing the thought back, affectionately. Yes. Once time travel is possible, there are many new possibilities and paradoxes that need to be confronted with time, once the time travelers have grown accustomed to this. It is debilitating to the mind, and it requires wisdom and respect of time and its effects on reality. It is confounding. It can be daunting to an advanced mind, even ours. It could seem very confusing and full of paradoxes. Time affects all things, from the largest elements, down to the smallest elements in the Universe in their interactions. Across linear time, there is a logical progression. No. It is not logical, just understood. We can see into the future, to a limited extent. we do not have the ability to see far into the future, but only to a limited extent. It can be quite profound, even for us. In interaction with the larger elements, this is just the normal evolution of space in the Universe. When time travel affects individuals, it can become very complex, if one chooses to focus on such details.

Therapist:  Do you think it shortens the life expectancy of the physical form?

Zetas:  It can cause a strain to the mental capacity, which affects other capacities. Time travel can be like a sponge. We can draw away from the effects of time travel, but one could become quite preoccupied with it. Time travel is one means we use to travel. In a sense, it is also the way you travel around your globe among the different time zones. You are traveling in time, yet each is sharing the same linear time but from a different point of view along the same thought that passes at the same rate as for everyone else. There are certain nuances that can be uncomfortable. I guess ‘jet lag’ is not an inaccurate term, after all, although it is not literal jet lag. It is a preoccupation of thought that may be an issue. Many ignore it. There are no direct physiological effects from it.

Therapist:  Do you think that jet lag comes from our minds and causes a physical response? I am curious about why we even have it.

Zetas:  Your species, and our species, too, have certain rhythms that have developed in our evolution. These are cycles that have been programmed into us because of the environment in which we live. The passage of seasons, the passage of stars across our sky, these become connected in an unconscious way. The cycle of life, its rhythms, we are predisposed for this. When time travel is introduced, shortcuts or side roads can be explored. The natural biorhythms can seem confused and disrupted. One can detach oneself, but it depends upon the degree and the effects of interactions on other life forms where it can be confusing, even for our species. There is a side effect of our time travel, but one should not dwell on it too much. I guess this is the best way to express it. Time appears to revolve around the traveler from their perceptions, like viewing the Universe through a concave lens.

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli I by exploring the many interviews held with them. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetas (Han, Zestra, and Gen) by using a deeply-induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit. Full transcripts of these many sessions are recorded verbatim in two books:  Aliens Answer and Aliens Answer II, which are available at

Today's blog covers knowledge about group abductions and their return, the misunderstanding of the expediency of the Nordics, why abduction memories are blocked, how brain impulses are disrupted, rapid healing, the Zetas' performance of amniocentesis  on Betty Hill, and how Betty and Barney Hill came to terms with their abduction. 

Therapist:  There was a case that happened December 13, 2011, near Bountiful, Utah. It involved a young woman who found herself seeing a very bright light. She had a blinding headache and pulled off the road. Behind her there were two more cars. Directly behind her was a car with a man and wife, and behind their car was a man alone in his car. They were all seeing a ship of some kind, about 30 feet ahead of her. It was quite close and spinning triangles came down. She felt that the energies in the triangles were excited and happy to see her, again. All of the vehicles  stopped running. She had two cell phones with her. One was dead. The second one worked long enough for her to take pictures of the craft.  She ran back to the car behind her and asked them if they were seeing what she was seeing. They were seeing it.

The man behind them just stared ahead and would not say anything.  They discovered that all of them were on a road that was not part of their itineraries. They had been moved from different places to this side road. A larger tow truck appeared on scene with a confused driver. He did not know how he got there, but offered to help start their cars. The involved parties arrived at their destinations, missing about an hour of time. Later, the young woman dreamed about tall blond beings with pupils similar to cat’s eyes.  Her photos and a drawing are now published on line.

Zetas:  From your thoughts, it reads like an entity you refer to as a Nordic.

Therapist:  She sensed there was some kind of competition between this species and another species that involved  mankind.

Zetas:  Often what can appear to be competition is normal interaction. Sometimes the psychology of different species can be misinterpreted by humans.  It may have been competition.  It could have been rushed expediency. It is not unusual to gather different groups for the same purpose.  It would be known that the electrical systems of vehicles require maintenance and they are not often kept in the best working condition.  We, and other species, can sense this.  When a contact is made, certain allowances and considerations are made.  They were provided for so they would not be stranded after their encounter. It is also beneficial to us, once the encounter is concluded, to disperse the different human beings.  A tow truck would help facilitate this to send them on their way again.  There were probably multiple contacts with people in various cars that were gathered together at a collection point.

People are often taken in groups.  Sometimes it is more efficient this way to collect at a rendezvous point. There is more than what has been consciously remembered. This is often the case.  Memories are blocked to allow the lives of these individuals to go on undisturbed, as the contacts can be quite traumatic, profound, and life changing. We know enough of human psychology to know this. Sometimes memories are retained deliberately.  Others are blocked. The memories exist.  These cannot be removed, but they can be covered with a blanket memory to hide them. They cannot disappear, but they can be tucked away.

Therapist:  I have found that there are some people that I would not want to regress to retrieve memories.  For others, the memories are half conscious, anyway.

Zetas:  (The retention of these memories) is to the level that they can tolerate such by those who are enlightened. We consider many psychological factors in humans: society, belief systems, coping skills, and their need to deal with these memories. Some candidates are permitted to be more aware than others. The encounter was not that unusual for such encounters. At the same time, each is unique.  Such encounters gathering multiple contacts have become more common and sophisticated.

Therapist:  We were surprised that she was able to capture a few photos.

Zetas:  I am concerned with this. However, knowing human psychology, it will probably be discounted, as with many others, even though it could be the genuine article.

Therapist:  That is certainly the way human beings function.

Zetas:  Sometimes the answer is hidden in plain sight. Your ‘Condon Committee’ was a great assistance in concealing such activities. Human expectations, and what they may discover, are often two different things. What they recognize as one thing may just be part of a larger structure that was rendered invisible to human eyesight. The term ‘alien,’ is an amusing word to me, but one you commonly use. It is truly alien because it has no relative reference point to compare one reality to another.

Therapist:  You have, I am sure, seen human beings ‘put under’ for surgical operations. Perhaps your species uses something similar. I would think that the consciousness of the cells in the body would recognize when a body is being traumatized, even when there is no pain. I would think that recognition would send out certain chemical signals that would put the body on a defensive alert. What I am concerned about is, although abductees may have their memories repressed or covered, there are certain painful procedures that are done to them. I would think their bodies, at the molecular level, would still have that sense of invasion, and would still send out those ‘defense’ chemicals. What do you think?

Zetas:  It is possible to place an immediate blockage in the human mind. Humans will often experience pain. We understand this. We, too, can experience this and then block it. Humans often lack the ability to do this. So often, during painful procedures, we will place our hand on various parts of their body, primarily around the brain, to block certain impulses that the body is signaling. A disconnect will be created temporarily. However, as you say, there are certain non-electrical impulses to the brain that linger in the local area where the trauma has been placed that linger afterwards. We have the ability to conceal some of this trauma through rapid cell regeneration. It is a rapid healing technique in which, I am sure, the human medical community would be very interested. We can minimize the effects, but you are also aware that there are certain chemical signals, the involuntary responses to fight infection and deal with trauma. These processes are not interrupted, nor do we wish to interrupt them.

Much of what we know of reality is through the mind, so we focus or moderate the impulses coming in focus around the brain. It is the most efficient way. Usually, the physical effects can be reduced to an extent that, once the human has been returned, they could easily be misinterpreted as a bruise or some other accidental trauma. Some procedures, such as the unexpected or planned pregnancy of a female, and then the sudden disappearance of the fetus (that has often been done inappropriately by some species) cannot be so easily concealed. There is a certain instinctual process that the female understands over millions of years that cannot be so easily hidden. They know that something has occurred, that something has appeared and then disappeared. The body of humans is such that, if a temporary pregnancy occurs, when the human is used as a host, the body biochemically reacts and adjusts a response. This cannot be so easily concealed.

Therapist:  Women have unusual perception about that part of their body because there are so many chemical messages being sent.

Zetas:  Humans are very complex. In some ways, physiologically, they are more complex than we are. Their minds, in some ways, as developed as they are, are not as developed in other ways, but physiologically, their bodies are quite complex, especially the females of your species. Changes are often noticed by your females. We respect this and work within the parameters of this species. I regret that humans are used in this fashion. I am again touching on the immoral use of others species and their exploitation. Sometimes the local planetary morals do not understand the larger context where often the species can be spliced or blended. Humans do not consider this possible. What is often a common process around the Universe is not understood or accepted on a planet such as earth.

Therapist:  Wouldn’t you think the earth geneticists would predict this possibility, once they realize that genes could be managed?

Zetas:  In time they will, as they discover more.

Therapist:  Currently, geneticists look at manipulating genes to promote health. Eventually, however, someone will experiment to splice genes to create merged species.

Zetas:  Once humans can demonstrate this for themselves, past contacts will be more clearly understood, especially concerning what is possible and what is not possible. Entities perform procedures that are not understood by human science. These are procedures described by abductees. Later on, as humans discover these procedures on their own, it will suddenly provide new credibility to many abduction claims. The early abductions, such as the Hill case, was performing pregnancy tests. We were examining Betty Hill by using a procedure that you call amniocentesis. This was done before humans had the ability to do this. Soon after, they discovered the same procedure and began to see it with a new light, as far as the descriptions from these misunderstood intrusions. 

Therapist:  Betty Hill is on the spirit side now, as is her husband.

Zetas:  We remember them.

Therapist:  Have they now come to terms with their experiences?

Zetas:  Yes. They came to terms before their passing, but they are more at terms now, seeing a broader context. They now have the ability to sense and connect with those that they encountered when they were in their physical form. Betty felt awkward. She was honest and courageous. Now she fully understands and knows the answers to her questions that she asked her abductors. She has a certainty she .was not. able. to have before. Her understanding of the Universe is greater. The confounding aspects of her life, in one sense, were the intrusions into her life by those entities. The humans who refused to accept her claims caused more debilitating effects.

Therapist:  I am amazed by her courage in bringing it out.

Zetas:  They did not initially wish to disclose their encounter. They tried to keep it a secret, but a journalist wrote the newspaper piece when he attended a local meeting where Barney and Betty shared their experiences, not expecting that it would be written and shared with the public in a manner that they could not control. This expanded into more of a book, later. Nothing would ever be the same again. They would spend the rest of their lives trying to conduct themselves in a normal fashion. This is what the entities they encountered would have wished for them. 

Therapist:  I do remind people to live  normal lives, even if unusual things happen to them.

Zetas:  You have stated it well.

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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See the stunning revelation that genetic material is taken from humans and other species and introduced into Zeta DNA for reinvigoration.

Meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli I by exploring the many interviews held with them. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetas Han, Zestra, and Gen by using a deeply-induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit. Full transcripts of these many sessions are recorded verbatim in two books:  Aliens Answer and Aliens Answer II, which are available at

Today's blog covers the dangers of cloning a species millions of times, Han's "pre-birth" memories, and Han's early experiences when he emerged and first met his telepathic community. As a telepathic community, mental health is critical. The Zetas shared one of their techniques to deal with stress.  They share their stress with their community. It is then released and lessened across many minds. All of this material will be new to you.

Therapist:  I believe you told me that you create your offspring artificially. Is cloning an accurate description of this process for your species?

Zetas:  Yes. Our reproduction is artificial. This is one way of characterizing it.

Therapist:  I ask because I wonder if using this process repeatedly over many years might create conditions where slow degradation of DNA occurs.

Zetas:  That is a lurking danger. It is one where too much homogeneity may be detrimental. We try to counteract this with the introduction of other species, but this prolongs the process. One reason humans are taken and genetic material is collected is to reinvigorate the genetic strain.

Therapist:  I thought that was probably the case.

Zetas:  This (genetic material collection) occurs on many worlds. It is our wish to reinvigorate the genetic strain.

Therapist:  We are aware of this by our simple, small programs of breeding dogs, cats, and horses. Too much reliability on one gene pool gets to be a problem.

Zetas:  This is the case with us, also.

Therapist:  May I ask you about what your 'pre-birth’ memories were and your very early post ‘birth’ memories were of your caretakers?

Han, the Zetan:  (Long silence.) I am searching. Forgive the silence. I am marveling at this new reflection about my past life that it can even be perpetuated through artificial means of reproduction. There are things about the soul that we have discussed that transcends even our technology. It seems this is possible. I have a sense of wonder that this is possible, and I am happy for that. I see my past. I see a young existence also as a new being, a new one. As this new being, I am like a sponge taking in energy, and all is new to me.

Thoughts and information are flooding in as I am incorporated into the community of mind. There is so much wonder to be absorbed. It is like being bathed in sunlight of knowledge and tapped into an ocean of knowledge and wisdom. These are my early impressions. I feel much love and connection and a sense forming of a purpose and role in this community that is very early in its stages of development. I can play in my experimenting with my new reality.

In my past lives, I sense this profound bank of knowledge that is there to be reaffirmed and taken with me. I wish to connect with this. I cannot do this individually. The knowledge that was left behind with the many that existed is now carried forward and reintroduced into my new life. I do not have parents, but I have a family to which I belong. I have a strong sense of affection for them, and I feel needy of their attention. I am growing at a rapid rate and becoming part of this family. Beyond them there is an extended family.

I feel happiness and see things for the first time with a special feeling of…. It is hard to describe. I feel like part of me knows this already from past times, but there is this delight where the physical must relearn it again. I feel that I am in a school with others like me. We are young and small, and often there is physical play. Much of our playground is telepathic. It isn’t intimate thought. It is new, and this is what it is. These are impressions I feel. My mother and father are the larger family. This is my instruction and understanding. My parents are not machines. They are my community. These are my impressions of my early life, and past life, primarily my early life.

Therapist:  Your birth, no, your ‘coming to life’ and your carrying forward of your previous lives is quite something to think about.

Han:  I have in my mind the words ‘blossom into existence.’ It comes in strong, to open, expand, and receive my reality, in all its wonder, receiving the Universe. We are so lucky to be part of a society that has the ability to see so far so quickly and to be introduced to this. It is not overwhelming. It is just the only reality I know and, to some, might be incomprehensible. It is not. It is just my place in the Universe, just as I know your life and Steve’s life are new, but then your lives become a journey. There are so many impressions that fill my mind that I am trying to pass them on to you, the many different fragmented impressions that flow in from my ‘family’ and me.

Therapist:  Thank you.  It is breathtaking!

Han:  I often think about foster families, but ‘foster’ has a better context in your culture -- those assigned to take care of the young in the very early stages. What an incredible assignment since ‘births’ are so rare. I just wanted to acknowledge the Zeta foster ‘parents.’

It is interesting that in our species the intimacy of connection and creation has been taken away and replaced with the technological means (of reproduction) and yet, still, our species can embrace and carry on, that a bonding still exists. It is so integrated into our culture that the divisions seem less clear. It is part of what is for us. It may seem strange to humans, naturally. For us, it is our own way and is simply what is.

Therapist:  I don’t find it strange. I find it logical, considering the level of knowledge that you possess.

Han:  It is what is required to live in our Universe, as we understand it.

Therapist:  Thank you for sharing your rather personal picture.

Han:  I almost feel humility in this.  Strange.

Therapist:  I think we are both quite happy to be alive and acknowledge that.

Zetas:  In our communication, we have talked before on a mature level. There is the intimate understanding between friends, which allows this frank communication along very naked veins. That is quite natural now. One can discuss anything between friends, and it is not awkward. It is just what is. We may find this important to humans. It is a matter of fact in our community, and it is the level at which we communicate. It is what is natural and good.

Therapist:  Yes. I think it is beautiful. Would you care to tell us how your species copes with stress? 

Zetas:  Stress is in the mind and in many things. It can be dispersed among ourselves. This release of energy that is not in harmony can be diffused. It is released somewhere. It does not grow and compound among ourselves, I am happy to say. We are connected, and it preserves our peace and serenity. There are times for necessary stress when it is called for in self-preservation. Often, much of human life is spent coping with stresses in a fast-paced world. At times, it is exaggerated beyond its correct proportion.

Therapist:  I think humans often carry unnecessary stress, but we need a little stress just to keep us physically moving. For us, there is positive stress and negative stress.

Han:  I am glad you made that distinction. I was also trying to express that distinction. If we did not have stress, we would not have evolved, nor would have you. Your species does not always know how to disperse the excess in a way that does not interfere with or harm others. It is important to recognize such stresses and to address them in a constructive way. Once understood, these stresses can be easily deflected. The ability to deflect and disperse stress comes from not only a community of mind, but also an inner strength. While the inner strength comes from the individual, at the same time, the individual is one of many, interconnected. This is our strength, hope, and reliance on each other as a family or community.

Therapist:  This is an excellent way of dealing with many things.

Zetas: Our mental health is of high concern. When one is not well, and this happens, it is of immediate concern to the others because it can be displayed so readily and is obvious to all. Its effects can be far reaching. Because of this, we address this in a more efficient manner than perhaps your species does. You would do the same if you had the same capacity. 

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli I by exploring the many interviews held with them. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetas by using a deeply-induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit. Full transcripts of these many sessions are recorded verbatim in two books:  Aliens Answer and Aliens Answer II which are available at

Today's very important blog gives us answers about healing places and the explanation of crop circles, their source and purpose. At last, the Zetas have disclosed that crop circles are just one of several ways of making contact in a gentle way with our world, and many others. Enjoy the unraveling of these two mysteries.

Therapist:  I am sure, in your many travels, that you have encountered places that we call ‘healing places’ that have to do with water sources. There is one at Lourdes. There is also one called the Chalice Well in England. These healing places exist all over. What is actually going on that these places have gained and hold the reputation for healing?

Zetas:  It is a mixture of culture and myth. In addition, there are some recuperative powers that existence. These recuperative powers are sometimes exaggerated, but also, it depends on the context that we should look at this. The recuperative power in the mind can be very powerful and can have an indirect effect on the physical body. Simply by holding the belief that one is being healed, one can, to some extent, be healed. It depends upon the ailment. Some such treatments would be insufficient for some ailments. It creates a sense of ease and wellbeing that come over a person if they reaffirm that the place is a healing one. These are places of peace, contentment, and wellbeing. We are not unfamiliar with this in our worlds. We have places of serenity, both in a physical sense and in a telepathic sense.

These are quiet corners where we can relax. These are havens for reflection and contemplation. It is reflection of an advanced higher being to require the need for relaxation. It is not a luxury, but it is really a necessity for all to have such access. These places fulfill this function. They are also very near where many crop circles are formed.

This is the area of England we have referred to as the ‘chalk board,’ to use a human concept of a classroom. The teacher will draw and erase, draw and erase, leaving new formulas, theorems and communication. For students who walk by the classroom, many crop circles perform this function. The farmers will till the soil for next season, erasing the chalkboard for the next lesson the following season. The teacher has many lessons to share. This area is near these ancient sites, which we have honored throughout time as a focal point for the intention of making contact.

Therapist:  Have you also used that mechanism on other worlds?

Zetas:  Yes.

Therapist:  I find it delightful.

Zetas:  It is one of several ways we use to educate. We find delight in it, too. It expresses both intellectual and artistic abilities. Sometimes hoaxers will create crop circles, mimicking us. At first we interpreted them as replies. They are often used as distractions to convince others to diminish the importance of our own communication. Recently, to further distinguish ourselves, we have counteracted this by increasing the complexity of our designs. We have even included mathematical theorems and even images of ourselves in these markings, which cannot be seen from on the ground, but can only been seen when one is high above. These are intentional, but ones which, due to the elaborate monitoring, are now easily detected. We are aware that cameras and other monitoring devices are present, and we enjoy confounding the skeptics who wish to continue the lie of denying our existence.

Humans have learned to distinguish between our messages and the messages of others who wish to diminish the importance of our messages. We do not prevent them. Instead, we make our designs more complex, as if to speak louder and clearer. This area of England is one that has long historical significance. We know that it is a society that is open to this. They have the means to easily communicate this (activity) to the rest of the world. We see this as an ideal place for this, if we were to select only one place. Multiple locations could be misconstrued as propriety or unique to one area. We have just focused on one area that we feel is ideal. We delight in raising the bar, in challenging new thoughts and perspectives.

Therapist:  It is done in a stunning and non-threatening way and is very beautiful.

Zetas:  Thank you for acknowledging that. That is our purpose. It is done with a child-like aspect, but with an adult and serious purpose.

Therapist:  We thought at first that it was the artwork of, let’s just say done by the children of an alien species, because of its playfulness, which many people recognize.

Zetas:  The greater the intellect, the greater the need and ability for the simplicity of play in the range of our emotional makeup and the structure of our minds. It is a healthy thing to ‘finger paint’ once in a while to help remember, heal, and reflect on all the other things.

Therapist:  I hope it goes on for a long time.

Zetas:  It is difficult, perhaps, to conceive of crop circles in their complexity as ‘finger painting,’ but in some ways, this is a good analogy from our perspective. These are ‘finger paintings’ done deliberately to extend human intellect just beyond what we consider their capacity to grasp. We hold out a ‘carrot.’

Therapist:  When I first saw a video of these crop circles, I was so taken with them that I showed the video to an audience of mostly scientists. Although I was a little nervous about showing this to them, their reactions delighted me because they were silent and confounded. I could see their minds working feverishly, and I enjoyed that.

Zetas:  Crop circles are a learning tablet. It is not profound in larger sense, but it is profound in its own right, in a known way. The fact that it confounds, draws, and attracts intellectual thought pleases us. That is its intent. In an indirect way, it leaves a controlled calling card of our presence. Many crop circles are confounding, but those who understand and can distinguish between each can see through the hoaxers and recognize the genuine article. It is those people we wish to focus communicating with in the first place. The media and general public who discount the significance are probably not who we should be communicating with anyway. They are always welcome if they wish to change their perspective. Our messages will not continue forever but they will continue for some time. 

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC

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