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Meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli I and explore the interviews. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetas by using a deeply-induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit. Books are available on

Today's blog explores the effects of sound on the human body, the curious reference to a dream state in a nursery rhyme, and the much argued subject of whether the moon is an artificial construct. Most interesting for scientists is Han's comment that our moon was, in fact, two moons that merged together, creating a slight offset. Han also states that humans will learn that this is often the cause of a celestial body facing one way.

Therapist:  What can you tell us about the discoveries in sound as it affects our bodies and brains at the molecular level?

Zetas:  There are certain resonances that affect the physiology. They can be both harmful and beneficial. Sound has properties that can be directed and focused with great precision as well. This includes within a body or even to a person in a crowd. Often they hear voices, and they feel their mental health is in doubt. We often use this. It has been used by other species to leave a hint of other future contact, like slipping a note into someone’s pocket as they walk by. We can often be a pickpocket that leaves something instead of taking something. It is done discretely and appropriately, whatever the intent. I digress. Sound is part of a greater energy resonance. Sound has energy and can be used for many things.

Therapist:  Are there certain megahertz that are healthier for the human body?

Zetas:  Yes. They can be less harmful. If the frequency harmonics are controlled, in such a manner, it can create a pleasant harmonic that is sympathetic to the vibration of the individual experiencing it.

Therapist:  The individual molecules themselves, of course, have their own intelligence. When they sense a frequency that resonates with them, what is their reaction to that?

Zetas:  Molecules? The actual physical process?

Therapist:  Yes.

Zetas:  There is a vibration. For every action, there is a reaction.

Therapist:  Is this a sympathetic vibration getting in synch?

Han, the Zetan:   It is in synch. If out of synch, it can do damage. If the harmonics can be brought into synch they can have a beneficial and soothing effect. If amplified, the already preexisting soothing harmonic actually increases that process in a way that it is enhancing the existing biological process. The two interact. I think you understand the relationship. I did not feel the need to state it further.

Therapist:  I do understand. When I needed healing, I joined a choir to sing because I knew that singing would change the vibration in my body, and it did.

Han, the Zetan:  It is a two-step process. It is the harmonics of all the others in the group. At the same time, one does not require a group to change one’s harmonics because singing by oneself can also create the same harmonics. A shift changes the harmonics and focus of one that makes music special to a human condition. Sharing those same harmonics only increases the well-being of the group. They each share. An analogy would be that one can bathe alone, or one can swim in a swimming pool with others. Perhaps that is the best example. Each enjoys the experience and the sharing of this is also enjoyed as a group. It is a lovely concept, and I can feel the pleasant harmonics just from our exchanging thoughts. It gives me hope for my music, which is not adequate for the purpose. Thank you for the gift of what it can be. It is interesting.

Therapist:  Now, just for the fun of it, I would like to share the words of a nursery song that has an interesting, not-so-obvious depth.

            Row, row, row your boat,
            Gently down the stream.
            Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
            Life is but a dream.

I give that to you because ‘life being a dream’ is one of the possibilities of our reality. It is humorous to me to hear it sung by children.

Han, the Zetan:  It has been heard by me. Steve has sung this song also as a child, with others. I now see new meaning in these words. They are not childish words, but adult words as well. They apply to an experienced being, as well as a new being. To me, it is the pleasure of the journey through a reality that they experience and exist in, as they interpret it. It is the happiness of the trip and the effort it takes to travel wherever they wish to go. It is a good lesson for both young and old beings.

Therapist:  I heard on the radio the other day that the moon might be an artificial construct. Scientists are finding evidence that it may an internal engine.

Han, the Zetan:  Recently, two earth probes, to conduct surveys of the moon’s gravitational fields, have stabilized in orbit around this celestial body. They will learn that, very early in the your moon’s creation, it was actually two moons that merged together. The masses are a little off-set. This is not uncommon with similar moons in the Universe. When this occasionally occurs, this is an explanation of why one side of your moon always faces toward your planet. This is a clear indication of this, but one that you are only beginning to discover why this is so. This is not unusual in those circumstances. Once you understand this, in your further explorations of the Universe, when you encounter similar moons, you will understand that is why the orbital dynamics behave in such a way. The earth and the moon have a relationship. The moon’s tidal forces are large, due to the size relationship to your planet. It is a significant moon in size and mass, compared to others of similar proportions with their home planets. The moon and the earth were created about the same time from the same original materials. The engine you refer to, many of the gravity and orbital systems can act as an engine of some sort. Perhaps that can be considered. However, I feel your question is asking about a singular engine and one that is unique to the moon itself. This is true.

Therapist:  Has it been artificially made?

Han, the Zetan:  I will not give a qualitative answer only because I do not know an answer. I respectfully wish to discuss this with others and explore this possibility further before giving a qualitative answer. Your question deserves such an answer.

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC

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Sunday, August 14, 2016


Meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli I and explore the interviews. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetas by using a deeply-induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit. Books are available on

Today's blog addresses an encounter with a blended being, a family raising a hybrid child with full knowledge and participation of the off-planet parent, Steve experiencing the sensation of being in an Avatar-type body, and the curious field of ultra-terrestrials.

Therapist:  Have Steve or I ever encountered blended beings, in the definition we have discussed?

Zetas:  Steve has had one encounter. I perceive that you (Mary) have also encountered one of these blended beings, a ‘hybrid,’ as you colloquially call these splendid beings. It is one that, in your day-to-day life, you may unexpectedly encounter an awareness of someone in your presence.  Steve has had a familiar story where more was coming into his mind than he was expecting, and he was happily startled by this. He encountered a being when he was looking for a product in a store. He had the notion of alien abductions on his mind. This drew the attention of this person. This being  took on the form of an employee. Even though the product did not exist that he was looking for, Steve ultimately did find what he was looking for. I am sure in your life, Mary, you have perhaps encountered similar persons who are actually blended species from other places. You have encountered them in the other places that you have lived, like New Mexico. You have encountered such entities or the objects associated with those entities. It is wondrous, those times, and it is often interesting how human minds, based on their paradigm of reality, absorb such information. Sometimes it is with wonder. Sometimes it is with self-doubt about their sanity. I sense in you, and in Steve, and many others, that wonder has dominated the experience, which is as it should be. It makes for enjoyable and memorable impressions. You have gained new knowledge about life and reality. Please know that much more exists beyond your immediate perception.

Therapist:  Once in awhile, I have encountered children who seemed so advanced that it made me step back and look at them again. They seemed wise beyond the years of a child. I did not know if I was simply aware of their ancient soul or was seeing something else. Perhaps I may have been seeing something else.

Zetas:  In Steve’s memory, he encountered one person who claims to have been a hybrid, a blended person. She was introduced to him. Steve had already noticed this sense of awareness and knowledge leading him in the contact where the entity knew more about him. He was not threatened by this. He was just interested in knowing more. When he was told that this person could be a hybrid, which she was, it suddenly placed things in a more proper light. He has not seen this person again. It was a fleeting time since that day. The hybrid was a young lady in college. Her earth father or stepfather was a psychologist and a spiritual person. The mother is a human with awareness of this. The earth mother has been told that her daughter has two mothers, acknowledging her and another. There are times when entities are seen in their home. They have often commented about this, and they seem to be interacting with their daughter who seems quite liberated by this. It is an interesting relationship. The parents are accepting and understanding. They also know their role in a physical sense, and the entities understand and appreciate their role, too, in the process of this child’s development.

Therapist:  The mother was the one taken and impregnated?

Zetas:  Yes. She has had some experiences. There have been, at times, disagreements between the mothers over the proper raising of their shared child. There was a crib in which this young infant girl was placed. The entities felt that this was not a safe place for this child. They visited, as parents do, to check on their child. When the earth parents returned to the bedroom, their child was on the floor. The entities had come, disapproved of the crib, and dissembled it. So as not to seem like it was a random destruction of a material object, it was respectfully placed in an order on the floor as in a three-dimensional exploded view, with the child in the center. It was not done in a chaotic and random way. It was done in a pattern that the parents would recognize. The child, from that point on, was no longer placed in a crib.

Therapist:  I remember this case.

Zetas:  Yes. I took it from Steve’s mind, but the description given to him was an accurate one.

Therapist:  That is what made it so interesting. It was such a unique way of leaving a message.

Zetas:  Entities often do this. It was like a crop circle in a bedroom.

Therapist:  You read my mind on that one.

Zetas:  Yes. I read your mind. I do not wish to share that it is easy to read minds, but at the same time, it would be disruptive to the communication process. Therefore, I am perfectly comfortable with the means we use. Sometimes I pull back part of my abilities, which is perfectly fine.

Therapist:  I am aware, and okay either way. During this session, Steve was mentally placed in an Avatar-like body and released into an Avatar-like environment. It is time to close the session and the therapist asks Han, ‘Where is Steve now? What is he doing?’

Zetas:  Spiritually, he is very happy. I will not elaborate further.

Therapist:  Is he still in the body that I described to him, or is he in his human form? (This therapist gave Steve the suggestion, under hypnosis, that he was in an Avatar-type body.)

Zetas:  He is in his human body now. He was in his ‘Avatar’ one. He has transitioned to the bed. He senses and enjoys the comfort of another who is also asleep. I feel it is raining on the roof of the house, and they are in a setting where it is very peaceful. They are very happy while asleep. At the same time, he is also aware of our conversation. He is attentive, but keeping a respectful distance, as per your instructions.

Therapist:  Human beings do love the sound of the rain on our roofs when we are tucked warmly in bed. Is there anything you wish to tell us before I bring Steve back?

Zetas:  Our discussion of ultra-terrestrials, we will explore further.

Therapist:  Thank you. I would enjoy learning about it.  Farewell, until we meet again.

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Sunday, August 7, 2016


Meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli I and explore the interviews. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetas by using a deeply-induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit. Books are available on

Today's blog addresses three important questions:  1. How does language translate in telepathy, 2. Knowledge in the spiritual realm, and 3.  The policy of non-interference (which is not an absolute).

Therapist:  (I was wondering about spirits and native language. Han answered the question before I asked it.) You have answered a question for me that I have not yet asked through this discussion.

Zeta:  Perhaps I felt the question coming. I will be respectful.

Therapist:  My question has to do with spirits talking to people with different linguistic backgrounds. Do you need to speak to a spirit in their native language? The answer is that language is not an issue. They seem to understand any language. I would have to conclude that they are using the universal language of the mind.

Zetas:  The mechanism of language is replaced by thought. The voice, and the hearing of other voices, is one medium that sound waves and atmosphere facilitate. Communication, directly between minds, bypasses this. Using sound waves is a quaint old way.

The telepathic communication is mind-to-mind. This is difficult to explain. In our earlier talk about the Tower of Babel, the builders were circumvented and scattered throughout the world. In telepathy, communication has been recombined into one voice, with one understanding, one telepathic language. It can create bonds between species. It creates harmony of understanding, whatever value is placed on it morally. Humans will have the opportunity to look forward to this. It will change your world.

We have often talked about how a telepathic society functions with its relationships, differences, and similarities compared with non-telepathic species who have yet to achieve that plateau. It is always an interesting discussion. We have spent much time talking about this. It is a fundamental difference between humans and our species, but one that we understand. We see the glimmerings of its beginnings in humans. We look forward to the time when that will be part of a universal connection between humans and other life forms.

Therapist:  It is a very exciting prospect for us. Even beyond the spirit plane, we will enjoy seeing what unfolds.

Zetas:  This will happen. When that time comes for you, for Steve, and for me, too, to pass from the physical to the spiritual,  we will be part of a greater energy that has universal understanding. We will be released to a (state of) omnipresence. We will enjoy the pleasure of swimming in that ocean of consciousness that will be like a moonlight swim on your world, among the stars. Perhaps we will swim in full knowledge of everything.

Therapist:  I don’t need to know everything because I love the process of exploring mysteries. Eventually, I will know more.

Zetas:  Even in the spiritual world, there will be more questions. I should have qualified that. Know that there will be wisdom at that time that you will enjoy and know that happiness and pleasures will be experienced. This is what we imagine in our perceptions of what that would be like.

Therapist:  I understand the general concept of non-interference in allowing each species to evolve, as they should, pretty much on their own. It does seem that there is a small allowable margin for interaction that might create change. What overlying criteria would warrant minor interaction?

Zetas:  The concept of non-interference is one that you understand in your popular culture and science fiction. We are aware of these. It is not dissimilar. However, in the context of our experience and knowledge, we have interacted with many worlds and cultures. A total separation to observe is not always necessary. For example, at times, it is like adding yeast to bread to enable it to rise. Sometimes we can add, in an invisible way, our input that will help and encourage development of biological, intellectual, political, or social concepts that we feel is correct for them in our interpretation, at that moment. This may ultimately have an effect in the future that would be agreeable and of mutual benefit in any future contact. There are some planets that we do not interfere with. While there are others where we are very open and interact visibly, and both parties are well aware.

The earth is in a current situation where it is aware of contact but, at the same time, on an official level, it is denied to the public. The public is aware, on its own, at a grass roots level, due to the personal contacts. We prefer this, rather than contacting certain officials. Some officials are aware of our existence, but it is a careful, delicate process and one that takes some discussion and interaction at the proper place and time. Thoughts are placed with great precision, based on what we observe in humans.  When we feel it is appropriate, such disclosure will be made on a wider basis. Some of humanity, due to its non-telepathic status, is like one of your porridges, with lumps (of knowledge). The common knowledge and acceptance of off-planet life forms is not uniform. There are pockets of knowledge with acceptance and understanding, while the majority of humanity is not quite ready for full contact. This will occur. We wait patiently. These are examples of the discretion that we have to practice with great consideration for the species we choose to communicate with, as we are. We are a rich lump of porridge, the three of us, in our relationship.

(Therapist laughs.)

The other parts are mere milk, and are not quite ready. They will be folded in. Steve enjoys analogies, so I borrow his ability. It is useful in this conversation.

Therapist:  Useful and humorous to me.

Zeta (Han):  Yes. I sensed the same. It is a good tool and a tool also for expressing understanding.

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC

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