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Meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli I and explore the interviews. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetas by using a deeply-induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit. Books are available on

Today's blog explores the early period in Zeta history and the circumstances that led to developing telepathy. They also discussed their protective "clothing" that contains physical fibers with bio-psychic technological characteristics imprinted and woven into the fabric. The fabric provides a kind of stealth display of their body images, making them appear more generic.  Other technology is Imbedded in the fabric that enables the Zetas to reflect what is behind them to make themselves appear invisible. This is old technology to them. There are many other attributes that they did not share doing this exchange.
Therapist:  I wondered if your telepathy might have introduced itself when your species scattered to other planets, and there was little to no available communication between these planets in the early days. It seems that things develop as we need them. What circumstances would have occurred that created the need for telepathy?

Zetas:  In evolution, there is adaptability to the environment. It is true that, as our species moved to other planets and encountered other species, it was soon discovered that telepathic ability, even though many human skeptics believe it does not exist on Earth, is quite a universal form of communication between species. It eliminates the need for a translator in an organic way. It is what often unites many species. New avenues form when this plateau has been reached. There is a universal kind of communication that many abductees and contactees have surprisingly discovered in their ability to know the thoughts of these other off-world species when they are in their presence. How that is possible? There is a natural evolutionary plateau, and where there is a need, biology will then adapt to make that possible. So when they reach a certain level, the need to acquire telepathy somehow appears. They join the community of the cultures around the Universe.

Therapist:  Regarding the protective material that your species sometimes wear when exploring other planets, I know it is protective and also helps you explore hostile environments. Is the material a synthetic, chemical product or does it have natural fibers in it?

Zetas:  It is a combination. The natural physical fibers have bio-psychic technological characteristics imprinted and woven into the fabric, which interfaces with our bodies. It assists what our minds are paying attention to at the moment. It will focus and enhance that energy to see further, in a sense.  This is not necessarily visually because all the senses are engaged. The material also conceals many of our body’s characteristics in order to intentionally present a more generic form. Imagine wearing such a garment. In your world, I can see and feel who is present across the street in someone’s home and what they are doing at the moment, including reading their thoughts. I can sense the energy of the plants and living things, plants and animals. It is mainly to enhance the gathering information, which is stored in the garment we wear, along with our own telepathic memories and devices that we carry with us. At the same time, it also acts as an early warning of any possible unwanted attention, concern, or danger to our physical being. This anticipation and awareness gives us the ability to operate on a planet’s surface, away from our ships. It helps us to explore other worlds without being detected or being known in the vicinity. Simply, we can see others before they can see us. The garment serves us in many roles. It contains many bio-psychic technological devices that are woven into the fabric of the garment.

Therapist:  Is it partially plant based?

Zetas:  The garments are an artificial fabric. Long ago, our concept of garments was organically based in our ancient history. Now these are manufactured and fit very comfortably on us. They can also act as a form of invisibility. They can help conceal us, should the need arise. We can reflect and project what is behind us. The human military would enjoy such a device. It is for that reason they will not have this device.  It would make us vulnerable, and it is a form of cultural contamination (to share that kind of knowledge). It would not be acceptable to either humans or us in the end. This is just one of many features that we use.

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli I and explore the interviews. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetas by using a deeply-induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit. Books are available on

Today's blog talks about the time and influences of species before Genesis. the silence of monks, the HAR-1 molecule that increased human intelligence, Jane Goodall's pioneering work in gorilla intelligence, and the Anunnaki need for gold for their planetary atmosphere. (This need for gold for their atmosphere may be a misinterpretation of the Sumerian texts according to the Zetas.)

Therapist:  Does the book of Genesis actually take its material from Sumerian texts?

Zetas:  Some of what Genesis describes is based on many of the influences of the cultures that preceded it. The story of Genesis is actually, if you ignore the time reference, not an inaccurate description of the creation of the Universe from a singular event. That includes the formation of time, stars, planets, and life. The progression is not inconsistent with the biblical legend. Only the time, in human conception, is inappropriate, but the progression does follow a loosely accurate representation of the processes of the Universe.

Therapist:  The reference in Genesis to the firmament, is it an analogy that includes the planets?

Zetas:  Yes. It is a lovely and safe description.

Therapist:  I was watching a documentary on some monks living in the French Alps who have taken vows of silence. It was called ‘Into the Silence.’ How would your species react to that kind of lifestyle, which seems so foreign to your own, and why would a person choose that path?

Zetas:  It is a curious behavior. Many monks have a desire to be modest in their relationship to a higher being. In many cultures, aside from any religious edict, there exists a desire for a relationship with an advanced spiritual being to believe in. In considering the use of silence, I immediately had an impression of archaic lack of communication, but then I paused, and wondered if, by lack of verbal communication, they will, in an indirect way, develop other forms of communication. Perhaps in their mediations they are more connected than first impressions suggest. Perhaps they will form a kind of telepathic ability with each other. It could be pursuing a more advanced path that first might be misunderstood. It is one where a new curiosity should not be judged too hastily. We respect their belief as long as it fulfills their desire to achieve their goals.

Their goals do not seem inconsistent with other religious groups, but their approach is unusual. Perhaps it is as I stated, they may be indirectly developing a form of communication that does not reveal itself so physically, but maybe more telepathically. This is not different from, we believe, the archaeology of the history of our own species. We have often wondered what were the first steps toward our telepathic evolution. Perhaps these monks show us a glimpse into ourselves.

Therapist:  I don’t know if you had an opportunity to investigate the HAR-1 molecule, and if not, it is fine. We had talked about the HAR-1 molecule and how that seemed to be unique to human beings. Did you learn anything further on that?

Zetas:  It is a unique molecule, and it has helped to separate and increase the intellectual capacity of humans in relation to primates. This could be an influence from off world. It could be an evolutionary adaptation of your own world. It is a rational ability. I do not wish to give this information about humans to indicate that primates have diminished capacity from humans. They are much more intelligent than their human brothers and sisters are aware. They have many of the human instincts. There are many humans who are aware, and give them the respect they deserve.  Other humans, though, place themselves in primate habitats where the primates are more vulnerable. These are poachers who are a great threat to them. Jane Goodall has done a beautiful service in enlightening people. She would be a good ambassador for human-alien contact. She has demonstrated her interaction with other species. It would not be difficult for her to connect, in a beneficial way, with us.

Therapist:  I don’t see why she couldn’t connect with you now.

Zetas:  She is an example. The molecule is one thing that has made humans distinctive and unique. It is just another evolutionary step to move to a higher form, when it is appropriate.

Therapist:  Yes. I enjoyed the documentaries made about her life’s work, as I am sure others have also enjoyed.

Therapist:   If story of the Annunaki is true, that they came here to our planet for gold, why would they need gold? According to the Sumerian texts, they took the gold back to their planet to be used in atmospheric ways. Why would they need to do that?

Zetas:  Gold, as you know, has a certain purity. It has the ability to separate itself from other minerals. These properties are desirable to the Annunaki for their technology. The use for atmospheric purposes is an interesting interpretation. Perhaps humans saw technology in their craft, and their observation became the ancient human interpretation of how it would interact in an atmosphere. The Annunaki, and other species, often mine inhabited and uninhabited worlds, based on where the mineral deposits are and the convenience of the locations. With the Annunaki, a culture was developed around the basic need for this material. In a sense, it was much like the cultural effects of a California gold rush and the surrounding development to meet the basic need for the material. This need, and its production, produced a new culture, economy, and society. The Annunaki are a distant, ancient example of this, in an off-world sense. I use the 1849 example as an illustration of a more current reference. The Anunnaki left and have disappeared, as the ‘49ers have also left and disappeared. What remains still exists in a more obscure way that can be seen, if the attention was devoted to it.

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBC, CLC
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Sunday, July 17, 2016


Meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli I and explore the interviews. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetas by using a deeply-induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit. Books are available on

Today's blog gives us deeper understanding of the purpose and source of the crystal skulls. The Zetas also discuss science and its need to incorporate the spiritual and telepathic aspects for a fuller scientific view of reality.  History's description of genies is vetted and viewed against ultra-terrestrials.

Therapist:  You, know about the crystal skulls placed around this planet. Are there crystal skulls on other planets? What is the function of the skulls, either separately or together?

Zetas:  There are crystal skulls on other worlds. They are the psychic anchors, which provide one means to connect with those worlds. The shape of these skulls reflects the shape of the entities who placed them there. It is their unique way of leaving a signature that all will recognize by their shape so that others can understand who placed them there. These psychic anchors  provide a view and interconnection with the beings there, directly or indirectly. They also act as a kind of landmark, the way an astronaut places a flag on the moon. These are left as the signature of the visitor. They are not territorial in purpose. It is more merely leaving a cellular telephone behind for others to contact them, if they wish.

Therapist:  It is made out of an enduring material.

Zetas:  Yes. In a psychic, telepathic way, once the beings there learn the ability to use these skulls as communication devices on multiple levels, then their purpose is fulfilled. They are not sentinels, just a phone booth left behind for the appropriate time. It is an analogy that you can relate to in your world.

Therapist:  I definitely can.  Do you know the name Thales of Miletus, Greek Philosopher, Sixth Century BCE, an Ionian who was considered the Father of Science? He was a seafarer, an inventor and discovered that nature interrupts and controls life, not the gods. He was also the Father of Geometry, in his time.

Zetas:  Many on your planet have grown to follow this in science. It is a logical and correct path. One must ultimately understand that science, alone, will not explain the full understanding of the Universe, though science is a great part of it. There is always new information to absorb and to categorize. In this process, superstitions can form. As it was in his time, it is in our time. Beyond the physical world, there are spiritual and telepathic ones that current scientists are only beginning to understand. It is an example of how science and knowledge evolve.

Therapist:  In Oman, there is the tenth largest known cave in the world. The culture in that area believes that it was the meeting place of what they call the jinn or the genie spirit. Were men seeing ‘ultra- terrestrials’ or maybe ETs in that cave?

Zetas:  Caves are often used as temporary dwellings for many off-world beings. These temporary dwellings serve them until more direct interaction is deemed appropriate. Otherwise, we would use your oceans. We use the vastness of your oceans to conceal our presence, but we are deprived of direct interaction with humans at the same time. Caves serve this purpose in history. The ultra-terrestrials and extraterrestrials can possibly be a subcategory of the same thing. Much of extraterrestrial ability to travel is done interdimensionally. Interdimensional beings can be extraterrestrial and terrestrial at the same time. They can appear to be omnipresent. They can be misinterpreted by more primitive cultures as spiritual beings. Ultra-terrestrials can be extraterrestrials or they can be interdimensional. I hope I have expressed the differentiation correctly, that they can be one and the same, and also different at the same time, depending upon their nature and how they use their abilities. We are, in a sense, as ETs, time travelers and interdimensional beings because we use interdimensional abilities as a function of our travels. However, we are still physical beings. We are also time travelers as a function of our travels, too. The physical Universe, in a linear sense, is a traveler through time. Obviously, every being is a time traveler as they move through time, but when there is more time involved, there is time slipping in hopping from one time to another, and paradoxes can often result. We have talked about this before, how time travel is a necessary consideration of space travel. Ultra-terrestrials are familiar with this, too. It is one part of the dynamics of space travel.

Therapist:  Then my definition for ultra-terrestrials would mean that they would not have a physical body. Does that make sense to you?

Zetas:  Yes, it is possible. You once spoke of dreams having an energy without a physical presence. Pure energy without form. This is an interesting concept. It is possible that the definition of ultra-terrestrials could be incorporated in this.

Therapist:  That is an idea. I will have to give it some thought.

Zetas:  It may just be a new term for an old concept, or it could be a new discovery. It will require more investigation.

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC

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Meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli I and explore the interviews. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetas by using a deeply-induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit. Books are available on

Today's blog is about how parallel universes and dimensions maintain separation or occasionally displace one another temporarily. Han (the Zeta being) describes how equilibrium is maintained and hints at a Grand Designer. Additionally, he describes ancient Mars, answering the burning questions of scientists about life on Mars. Han indicates that Mars may be reborn in the distant future.

Therapist:  You and I are aware that there are parallel universes, and I assume that they have different vibrations. One scientist described the separation between these parallel universes as a ‘curtain of quantum noise.’ Do you think that might apply?

Han:  We have commented about the permeable membranes separating universes. The description as a ‘quantum noise barrier’ is not inconsistent with this. Many species in the universe, using quantum physics, pass through these barriers. There is a boundary between universes, and a quantum concept of a noise is not inconsistent. It is an observable barrier between universes. A noise provides a demarcation between them, which does not cause difficulty. It merely differentiates a frequency on one side with another frequency and resonance on the other side. This barrier prevents the two universes from merging so that the integrity of both universes can be maintained. However, they can be passed through. They are permeable. This is a type of barrier without being a barrier. As an analogy, it is much like the speed of sound and the accumulation of shock waves which, if correctly understood, can be passed through without difficulty.

Therapist:  How would you differentiate between different dimensions and their demarcation points as compared to the membranes that separate the universes?

Han:  They are not dissimilar. The Universe is not a ‘far away’ place. It is as close as a layer of skin. It is that close and that immediate. There can be other dimensions existing within a known universe and, correspondingly, other dimensions in other universes that share the same properties. Some can be crossed over. One determination of whether a universe has been crossed is through this ‘noise barrier’ of quantum physics. In addition, one dimension will have a different appearance from another dimension. Another universe will not look too dissimilar from an adjacent universe. However, dimensions can be differentiated due to their own physical properties that make them unique. This is what distinguishes between another dimension and another universe.

Therapist:  It is as though ‘nature’ has sought out every opportunity to exist in as many ways as possible.

Zetas:  It often acts as both a containment barrier and a release valve. When the dynamics of one dimension or universe reach a certain state, it can be allowed to momentarily displace another dimension or another universe. Nature has allowed for this in a very remarkable, accommodating way. The stresses, strains, and dynamics cohabitate and allow for each other.

Therapist:  I was not aware of these stresses. Thank you.

Han:  It is merely that sometimes the energies of one can displace the other, temporarily. It is more a kind of equilibrium between the dimensions.

Therapist:  I think we can see that in other systems as they attempt to return to equilibrium.

There is stability. Whoever created this was very comprehensive in allowing for these forces to intermingle.

Therapist:  Have we humans ever traveled to Mars in an alien spaceship?

Han:  Have humans?

Therapist: Well, they could also be hybrids.

Han:  Have they traveled there?

Therapist:  They could have just been orbiting.

Han:  In a number of abduction scenarios, it is easy for many craft to make such a trip or give a tour, as you say. It is a bit eye opening for humans. Many who consider themselves quite ordinary are now placed in the situation that they are way ahead of many of their own species who are trained for such travel. It is a demonstration of the accessibility and freedom that such technology provides that almost anyone can be transported to such places. They see much of Mars in a state that shows a planet that has passed its prime. Yet, with the introduction of humans, a new beginning for Mars will happen again. It is one that will eventually turn Mars into a garden, not as earth is, but in the same manner. Mars is both in its past and in its future. Its present state is almost a dormant one, waiting for visitors to bring life to this planet once again.

Therapist:  I imagine that would be a 100 years from now, or so.

Han:  Longer than this. More like a millennium. It is waiting for the time when it will flourish once more. If you could see into the past oceans on Mars, you would see oceans with life, not with the same diversity that earth has had, but still with life. Its future, touched by the hands of humans, shows bright promise, far into the future.

Therapist:  Did Mars ever have trees?

Han:  Not trees as you would imagine. In some respects, yes, they would be considered trees, but more like large shrubs. Yes. I am looking farther back. I was premature in my assessment. I can see a time when oceans were teeming with life and see shorelines with strange and wondrous trees and plants, filling the surface.

Therapist:  What a wonderful vision.

Han:  It is second fiddle to earth, but Mars made its claim as a living planet, also. It is still vibrant, merely dormant. Man will soon discover that there is life under its surface in the form of microbes and ancient bacteria, which have been in a dormant state waiting to be reborn.

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli I and explore the interviews. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetas by using a deeply-induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit. Books are available on

Today's blog describes the life of a female hybrid living in Berkeley, California.  Hybrids or transgenic beings infiltrate planets and blend into populations.  You will be fascinated with the description of this one hybrid female who uses her advanced knowledge while working in a health food store. She is able to analyze the health needs of her customers and direct them toward the supplements that would be helpful. It is child's play for this advanced transgenic being. 

Therapist:  Steve discussed a case with me where the human witnesses may have a close relationship with a female, which they have told Steve is a ‘hybrid’. Can you share more about this person? How does she live in our society? What is her purpose here?

Zetas:  The being described is a female ‘hybrid’ or transgenic being assigned to this world. She is much older than her youthful human appearance may show.  She lives modestly and is employed in a local health food store. She has exposed some of her human friends to her situation, due to frequent visits by others of her kind. Her telepathic abilities are able to create strong emotional links between herself and humans that they would not expect. As a result, they are very private and protective of her.

She is a very fast typist on your computers and is very useful in the office. Computers are no problem for her. Besides the bookkeeping, she is working on her customer skills. She is becoming very adept. She focuses on her efforts to blend in. It provides opportunities to learn. She also encounters many people in that working environment who have a lifestyle that would be more open to a being or person such as her. They are more and more accepting of her. This is why she has been placed in this work situation.

Therapist:  It also gives her something to talk about in that health and food create a good conversational base.

Zetas:  Yes. These things are mutually beneficial. There are moments when she could easily project thoughts and images into customers’ minds, even the desire to purchase products, but she is careful not to manipulate her human customers too much. She also can read their thoughts. In a sense, she is a perfect salesperson with insights that the human would not fully appreciate. She is quite comfortable, and in some ways the situation is easy for her with the computer and the interaction with customers. The health food store values her as an employee. She is quite comfortable, almost to the point of it being very easy for her. It is almost amusing. She is really quite clever.

Therapist:  I can see why she would not want to do something that would stand out too much, like becoming a doctor, because her work might create too much interest.

Zetas:  Her appearance is deceptive. She looks younger than she is by human standards. She is much more advanced in maturity and intellect, as one would expect with someone of her physicality. At present, she is an employee in a health food store. However, her life span is such that she could easily be a doctor in the future or explore any lifestyle of her choice. Other planets are also at her disposal in terms of other lifestyles. She would simply need to adjust to whatever social interaction to blend in. She has the ability to work with ease in many areas of human activity and careers paths.

Therapist:  She exists as a hybrid and works here on this planet. My thinking is that your species may have created hybrids out of others species that are not human, but with capabilities, such as on the planet we have discussed, Vestia or Kepler 22B. Have you created hybrids on other planets with other species?

Zetas:  'Hybrid' is an earth concept. On other worlds, we do not need to be covert. It is not necessary.

Therapist:  Does the term ‘co-mingling’ work better?

Zetas:  They are accepted and, much like a diversified society, many live together in harmony. Humans have certain things they need to understand first. They need to catch up. In addition, because humans traumatize easily, the level of permeation of other cultures in this world is more prevalent than most here on your world realize. It is not something to be feared. It is already here and exists. The expectation is that it will remain so, interacting in harmony and peace. There is no concern. It is merely another place where others live who are not of this world.

Therapist:  I would think that the co-mingling happens because one must make continuous adjustments living on a new planet.

Zetas:  Such co-mingling is the result of indirect genetic manipulation of a world. There is no direct physical interaction. In the frightening scientific fiction futures many of your novelists create, it is not turning the world upside down. It is turning the visitors ‘right side up’ to adapt to the planet. It is not changing the planet to accommodate the incoming species, as many have speculated about conquering species forcing inhabitants to accommodate to the invader’s way of life. This is a human concept. It is not the way of the Universe. Many cultures can genetically adapt to the local environment. It is still life, and it brings great diversity.

Therapist:  I can understand that if we view bodies just as vessels.

Zetas:  The individual adapts to the planet. A force of an army does not come to change a planet to their needs. That is an archaic concept, and that is not actually how it is done. The hybrid is one of many on earth. She is a lovely human-hybrid person, not by appearance, but by her life. She is a life form engaging in the local culture and society. She both contributes to and benefits from it. You have an old phrase you use, which expresses the concept, ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do.’ Life is what you make it, and her assignment was to be placed here. She has done well.

Therapist:  What do you call species that we would call a hybrid, but you would have another name for them? How would you refer to them? 

Zetas:  A blended species.

Therapist:  That is a good term. I like that.

Zetas:  They have different heredities, but contain that which is needed to adapt. They carry their heritage with them, but they also must adjust physically and socially to the local culture and environment. We call them ‘blended species.’

Therapist:  There must be many types all over.

Zetas:  This blending does not create distinct, individual species. Of the many who visit this planet, humans have noticed that most are humanoid-like. The blending of species is the reason for this. There are no distinct species, but more a blended range of many life forms from many origins that create a form that is successful in living in that particular environment.

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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