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Today's post covers a request to experience Zetan music, the requirements of the hybrid diet, and the effects of a craft that created "tule nests" in the water in Queensland. 

Therapist:  Would it possible for you transmit about a minute of music that my recorder might be able to pick up? I know my recorder is picking up the sound of your voice, but is there a way to transmit music?

Zetan:  You wish me to transmit music to you?

Therapist:  Yes, so that I could record about a minute of it, if that is possible, the kind of music that you enjoy.

Zetan:  Our music is mainly tones, resonances of vibration. Then along comes a mood, and this is what I am feeling and now sharing. It is more thought than tones. The mind will associate a hum with different feelings of contentment and peace. It is a very simple tone set. It is a song of life that is the energy of all living forms. It is a celebration of our existence to comprehend all around us and to reflect upon it. It is what a young one would sing. It unites us. It reminds us of our unity to each other and the Universe. It hums with tones of hope for the future, a kind of optimism. It …hmmm (d) hmmmm (b, d) (d, c) (b, d) (b, d), (b, c) (b, c, d) (d, c, b). I can sing no more.

Therapist:  Thank you. I am getting a sense of it, and I can understand how vibration raises hope and affects all of the aspects of our life.

Zetan:  It is a song we sometimes sing about life.

Therapist:  Is it usually a single tone or is it sometimes a harmony?

Zetan:  There is harmony, but I am not musically inclined, though, music exists in all of us. It is a song repeated in many layers, which can be very beautiful in its resonance. I wish I could express it better. It is hard to translate. I am more expressive with thought projection to try to give a sense of richness of the tone. That is as it is.

Therapist:  It is sufficient for my question. Thank you very much. (Although this therapist attempted to translate the melody onto the piano, it fell far short of the multilayered harmonies that Han was attempting to express.)

 Of the hybrids that are here, do they filter their water and eat organic foods or are foods supplied by their own species?

Zetan:  They use a combination of sources. They use their own nutrients provided to them, which exist outside, separate from the biosphere of the Earth. These nutrients come from alien sources provided to them on a regular basis. Also, they can incorporate in their diet many earth-based foods, some of which have been carefully grown. Many food sources on earth are quite safe and of great benefit. I have spoken earlier how much fruit and other food sources have been transplanted to other planets. I do not wish to give the impression that organic or non-organic foods on earth are potentially harmful. It is only in their use by hybrids where the criteria or standards of quality are higher, based on the longevity of many hybrid beings.

The accumulation of certain toxins is a natural condition in life. Due to a hybrid’s longer life expectancy, the accumulation of toxins at the same rate as humans would cause premature death in hybrids. Therefore, the level of toxins and the need to avoid them in many earth foods is of a higher concern. I hope I am explaining this clearly. It is due to the long life expectancy that toxins, in a hybrid diet, require a higher degree of filtering in order to live longer.

Therapist:  There was something that occurred in Queensland, Australia at Horse Shoe Lagoon. Two large, I will call them UFOs, came out of this lagoon. These craft left evidence in their wake. Those events occurred, I believe, in 1961 and 1966. These craft left effects that stayed for several days that looked like circular wakes. They were named ‘tule nests.’ It lasted for days. Humans also called them ‘water nests.’ Some of the water tested positive for beta radiation. Could you describe anything you might know about that kind of effect?

Zetan:  We often see, and sometimes humans also see, ‘ice circles.’ This is a similar effect to when the liquid is frozen into solid forms. Some forms of energy leave trace effects as possible clues of their presence, in spite of visitor attempts to be discrete during any exploration. As interactions occur, off-world technology adapts to human knowledge. In general, we do not like to leave behind evidence. Certain beta and other radiation can leave residual traces. These traces are of very short duration. They are emitted from the craft’s propulsion, which uses a form of quantum field repulsive propulsion -- an anti-gravity from an anti-matter source. These whirlpools were probably one effect of this. Over time, the entities observed this and noted humans could also detect them. They will adapt their power plants for counter detection.

This is an on-going technical evolution. Off-world technology can very quickly adapt to whatever is efficient vs. what can be detected. The Queensland water effects provided a wake from these craft. What lingered from these craft was an interdimensional effect. The whirlpools created a temporary shadow of a portal, which the craft used to exit this reality to another reality. It lingered for a few days, much the way one of your ships creates a wake as it passes through the fluid of your oceans. The dynamic in this case is an interdimensional one related to these craft in Queensland. This is perhaps the best  simple explanation I can offer to describe these effects. I hope it is not too abstract.  

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Webpage link: to meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli and to explore the many questions and answers exchanged. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetans by using a deeply induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit.

Zetans discuss dealing with reality without toxins (drugs). Most importantly, they speak of wisdom only coming when one faces disappointments in life, rather than trying to avoid their effects. Humans feel their emotions in their hearts, whereas Zetans feel emotions in their minds. Of particular note in this session, Han expressed emotion, a rare event, and expressed his gratitude in gaining new understanding of humans through our exchanges. I was very surprised.  See full posting at   

Therapist:  In some of our more tribal societies, there is ceremonial drug use. People seem to honor that, rather than letting the drug be part of general population use.

Zetans:  Around the world, the social integration of certain toxic effects of the mind is often celebrated. It is used as an illusion, an artificial form of tricking the person into having greater insights about reality when, in reality, they are blinding themselves from reality and all the wonder and beauty of that reality. They create a screen from reality. It deprives one from a connection with others and with other life beyond this world and the wonders that ensue in the knowledge from that connection. It does not release. It confines. It deprives life of its full potential for growth, wisdom, and the pleasure of life, along with its many disappointments. Many use these drugs as an escape from disappointment. Maturity teaches us that disappointments are a part of life, as are the joys and the pleasures. Disconnecting the natural disappointments in life also disconnects one from wisdom. Therapist:  I had a brother who missed out on most of his life because of his addictions. However, on the spirit side, he seems to have gained some wisdom.

Zetans:  There is an untapped part of every person, a spiritual or ethereal part of the mind. We know, from our conversations here, through information and quantum mechanics, there is more to the spiritual side than is first perceived. Its growth should not be underestimated in what makes a sentient being worthy of comprehending the Universe. Our heart is in our minds (unlike humans) but the feeling is the same. I understand, from sensing you and Steve, and I have empathy for your brother and the difficulty he must have had. I feel this with others around your planet. The potential of the mind in humans has not yet been fully cultivated. These artificial toxins inhibit such potential.

Therapist:  Yes, but to me, this physical life is not the only one. For me, all is not lost.

Zetans:  This is true. Nothing goes to waste. We live in a society where it may appear the individual is diminished. In fact, our connectiveness only magnifies the importance of the individual because we are so connected. The loss of life or the rejoicing and celebration of life is increased tenfold. This is what we feel for our fellow entities. I am sure it is the same with you in your society, too.

Therapist:  It is true. I learned an interesting lesson about empathy. We need to have empathy and compassion. However, to be useful, rather than dwelling on that emotion, we need to transmute it into a sense of loving concern that promotes well-being so that the sorrow is not perpetuated.

Zetans:  The motivation for taking such toxins is the same desire for those qualities of well-being that you illustrate. It is the method and route taken that is a false one (referring to drug addiction). There is well-being that can be found by other means. If it is a condition where one has also experienced similar conditions and can relate on that level, we value the presence of our minds. Our minds take on added importance as not only vehicles of thought, but also provide sensory perception that is shared collectively in our species. We put a high value on this. It creates our intellect and our connectiveness with our own species in a form of collective knowledge and consciousness. To have certain toxins intrude on this, what would be lost would be greater than even what humans would experience. It would be isolating oneself from the consciousness of the community. It would be a loneliness that would be a form of death and would be too much to bear. It takes on greater consequences. We would fear such a disconnect. Perhaps this is the empathy I feel in trying to connect your species with mine.

Therapist:  Yes. I see the difference because you are impacted differently and in a greater manner. This is profound.

Zetans:  Yes.

Therapist:  My thought was in a one-to-one connection.

Zetans:  Thank you, too, for helping me understand more about you. This, I have not considered before, and, I see the effects of such toxins, not only in a physical sense, but also its social damage that could incur from it in a way that I never considered before. Thank you.

In these sessions, know that as much as you learn from me, I, too, am learning from you. It is with a sense of gratitude and warmth that I enjoy this interaction. It is very helpful in understanding you better. It also helps us to understand your social conditions. There is goodness in this that is difficult to express. I am feeling a bit moved by this. These are levels of emotion we do not often experience. We do not permit. this, but I am indulging this emotion because, in every contact, everyone is changed. I am feeling changed now. Excuse my sharing.

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Type in Aliens Answer or Aliens Answer II.  

Webpage link: to meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli and to explore the many questions and answers exchanged. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetans by using a deeply induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit.

The critical issues of the effects of radiation from the Fukushima reactor failure still persist. The Zetans, and other species, are intervening to provide some protection for their own programs. Humans simply benefit from this as a side effect. Addiction is another form of biological contamination. The Zetans offer their viewpoint on human addictions. See full posting at     

Therapist:  Here on the West Coast, we know there has been some contamination from Japan, from their nuclear event. It seems like there is a potential for higher levels of nuclear contamination in children.

Zetans:  This is a sad consequence of your early nuclear power practices. Nuclear energy is actually a very efficient and beneficial source of energy that could, weighing other factors, be an excellent source for energy for your near-future needs. However, it requires more thorough precautions and safeguards. It holds the best promise as a future energy source, if you can ever learn to handle it properly. The reactors in Japan required electric power for their circulation pumps to maintain the cooling of their reactors. This was a fault in the fundamental design when the auxiliary power also failed. Wisely, some nuclear reactors are built near mountainsides where sources of cooling water can be provided simply by using gravity because water resources are stored at higher elevations than the power plant. They do not require electrical power for cooling in an emergency. This can be a very simple emergency method to maintain cooling and avoid the crisis that occurred in Japan and other places. Many nuclear power plants incorporate this feature. We have intensely scanned and studied many of your nuclear power plants. Humans have noticed that UFOs, as you call them, frequent such sites. It is your site designs and operations that we find of interest. This has implications for my earlier comments about toxic effects that could affect genomes that affect humans and hybrid programs. These are considerations that, in a comprehensive picture, we follow closely.

Therapist:  Yes. I now realize how intricately it is all connected. Thank you for that insight.

Zetans:  There are several, intricate, as you say, alien agendas being conducted. These are simultaneously layered agendas framed in such a fashion to conceal their alien origins from most humans. Humans also endeavor to resolve environmental contamination issues. There are also efforts by off-world beings to solve these issues. Humans are receiving hidden assistance by these beings. This is occurring whether the human parties involved acknowledge or are even aware of the existence of the ‘other parties.’ I am sure you can now appreciate why this is of interest.

Therapist:  Thank you. I had temporarily overlooked the differences in the life spans, but this clarifies it.

Zetans:  Hopefully, human life expectancy will continue to be extended. It is not wished to exclude humans from these same benefits, but these conditions have to be initially established for hybrids to exist on Earth. In time, maybe, such standards for humans will enable them to enjoy the same benefits.

Therapist:  The next question has to do with a medical/social issue that we have not been able to solve. It is the problem of addiction, specifically, drug addiction. We consider illicit drug sales to be crimes. The criminal elements (drug sales) are driven by profit. How can we, as a nation, effectively help those who are addicted, and stop the cycle of crime?

Zetans: Your population’s addiction is a very deeply rooted social problem. It is dangerous, particularly from our viewpoint, where the importance for clarity of mind and rational thought connected by our telepathic abilities, puts such quality of life issues at a high premium. In our society, the foolish individual indulgence of one can, to a large extent, affect the broader population. Someone, affected by toxic chemicals or mental illness, would have a farther-reaching effect on the community of mind we enjoy that characterizes our species. Coming from such a viewpoint, drug abuse would be a great concern. It is exploitation by those who create profits for themselves on the weaknesses of others. The problem of drug addiction needs to be treated in a medical context, not a legal one. Your legal efforts, for the most part, have failed. The illegalization of certain drugs is very expensive way to attempt to hold back a flood of problems. The solution is to make these illegal substances freely available. This would devalue them to nothing. By making them available to all, this will destroy any profit motive and make treatment for these social diseases more freely available for curing/eliminating the desire to use such substances in the future. This practice would eliminate the misconceptions of illicit drugs being a benefit. They will only be seen as a liability. This also connects with the previous question about toxins and human reproduction and its effects on life and food sources. This is another form of toxic damage. The solution is a medical one and a social one, not a legal one.

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Webpage link: to meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli and to explore the many questions and answers exchanged. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetans by using a deeply induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit.

Today's post explains the real reasons for cattle mutilations and its usefulness to hybrid programs. Note that the more recent contamination by pharmaceutical drugs is a real issue. Also examined is the theory of meteorites as carriers of life and the effects on humans. The question of the inordinate number of late-term human miscarriages is examined in light of alien knowledge about us. Please read entire posting at

Therapist: Since we are learning that meteorites sometimes carry minuscule life forms with them, perhaps some of our diseases are carried through meteorite impacts, but I don’t know. 

Zetans: Some forms of life in the Universe transport themselves in this seemingly random manner. In your explorations of the oceans on your planet, you have learned that, amazingly, life exists in conditions that you did not think possible. This has provided a window for expanding your possibilities of conditions of where life can exist. This could incorporate concepts of meteorites as methods of transmitting life to other planets.

Therapist: There was a case of a meteorite landing, and the people around it became quite ill with sores. This rather surprised me.

Zetans: Is this a recent event?

Therapist: I think, perhaps, in the last 40 years.

Zetans: It is not inconceivable.

Therapist: My next question is about an issue that we humans have with premature births, as opposed to miscarriages. I am talking about the gestation period between six to nine months. Humans seem to have more than 500,000 premature births a year. One can talk about heredity or talk about nature’s mechanisms, which naturally abort nonviable life forms in advanced stages. Can you give us some insights as to why these premature births happened so often?

Zetans: We gained our understanding of human physiology through extensive visits and the admitted knowledge learned from early exploratory abductions. Our science allowed us to learn your human physiology very quickly. Having studied a great number of other species on many planets like yours, studying your physiology was well within the parameters of our technology and understanding. Our understanding of human physiology surpasses current human knowledge. We noticed that some genetic predispositions exist that do not become apparent until the late stage of the human gestation. Your medical knowledge has increased to an extent where this is a more common occurrence than you previously thought.

Certain unknown biological or environmental factors often damage a developing embryo. This results in a fetus aborting naturally. This can be compensated for in the hybrid programs. We have noticed a number of entities who will use a human female as a host in the early stages of hybrids. The embryos are often removed early, before the earth environmental effects can potentially cause damage. The entities use a means to artificially reproduce an environment where the human embryo, combined with alien DNA, can grow and develop in a more compatible, safer environment, with less potential risk than by a more natural gestation process. These entities are well aware of the toxic factors that could affect embryos. With early removal and incubation of these embryos, that potential pitfall is effectively bypassed.

Therapist: These toxic factors, I assume come in food, water, soil, and the air. What would be the best way to limit those that we could limit?     

Zetans: Many cattle mutilations are field tests of certain exposures of animal tissues to toxic environmental effects by chemical and, in some cases, even nuclear factors, that could damage healthy DNA and alter their genetic patterns. The food sources on your planet can be affected by these toxins, which, in turn, affect human bio-systems. In turn, this connected chain becomes an important issue when alien hybrid processes are being conducted.

This is the cause and reason for some 'so called' cattle mutilations. They are discarded carcasses of scientific samplings in the field by off-world beings to gauge exposure to earth toxins, which affect humans and, indirectly, affect any hybrid program. These earth toxins come from many sources. There are new forms of pharmaceutical agents in your ground water. In addition, there are industrial toxins and certain specific effects of nuclear energy. Human understanding, at the present time, says that these levels are benign. Human science does not yet recognize certain harmful effects that lie just beneath the surface that more scientifically advanced beings can plainly see. Cattle mutilations are just part of one remedying step necessary to compensate for interfacing with a less than biologically hospitable environment to achieve a successful hybrid program on this planet. Consistent selection of the same organs to be surgically removed from your cattle is also consistent with good laboratory science practice. 

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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