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Meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli I and explore the interviews. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetas by using a deeply-induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit. Aliens Answer and Aliens Answer II are available at

Today's blog examines where consciousness begins in the physical world. More specifically, when does one become self-aware? It looks at mankind's desire to find his image repeated in the Universe. We wish to see ourselves reflected in life elsewhere. The Zetas note that these exchanges have matured beyond the teacher/student phase to a more comfortable friendly exchange between friends.

Therapist:  At what point does a particle achieve consciousness in the physical world? The slot test indicates that particles can make choices concerning what slot to enter. I assume that these particles have an awareness of themselves and their environment to be able to make such decisions. Is that the case?

Zetas:  In a physical sense, not a spiritual sense, as you qualified your question, the forces of nature can be misinterpreted as having consciousness. It reaches some level where energy will follow the physics in a predicted pattern. Sometimes this can be misinterpreted as consciousness. At a certain level, certain physical connections will be made. Molecules form into life at a primitive level and ultimately can join, in a fashion, to create very primitive involuntary instinctive actions. At another level, it will increase to create consciousness with instinctual actions. This, in time, will form a consciousness that can contemplate its own self. It becomes self-aware.

Therapist:  Yes. That is the concept I was looking for. When does ‘self-awareness’ occur?

Zetas:  It occurs in a very advanced, later state. It becomes one where self-awareness will begin to ask questions and form intellectual concepts, thoughts. It is very primitive, but a process of rational reasoning begins. It could be for very simple notions that might seem instinctual. First there would be very basic ones of survival and rationalizing how one could improve its ability to survive. In time, this will be expanded to where excess capacity is available for more abstract concepts about its environment, including the planets, the stars, and the sky. With its understanding of its relationship to those things, the thinking process begins to accelerate. It often begins to expand exponentially at this stage to form an intellect.

Therapist:  Does self-awareness occur with animals? Does it occur earlier than that? At what point in earth life forms, could we say a life form becomes self-aware? What would be an example of an early self-aware life form?

Zetas:  Upon reaching a certain size brain capacity, primates, dolphins, whales, dogs, and cats, have self-awareness. In some cases, the inability to conceptualize or create advanced technology or have ideas of existence beyond themselves does not exist. A primate cannot conceive of an automobile, nor does it need to. This is an example. We enjoy and exist in many inter-dimensional planes. Human intellectual capacity would find this difficult to grasp. We use quantum concepts for mental connections, telepathically, without limits to distance. This is one example. The primates might be a good example of the beginning of such self-awareness in determining its place in a larger universe and its relationship to it. It is the ability to compare and engage itself in the Universe. This is the first step to the stars.

Therapist:  We often use the ‘reflection in the water’ test -- when a being first sees himself in the water and discovers the reflection is of himself.

Zetas:  This is a good example. In a simple context, in looking at themselves in the water and realizing it is they, the fear goes away, and the mind takes over and permits curiosity to prevail. We have noticed in the human a great desire to make contact with many species beyond your world. They wish to understand. It is not so much the desire to meet other species from other worlds as much as the great desire to look again in a mirror to compare themselves to other species to help understand who they are. Often, the desire to make contact is merely wishing to hold a mirror to compare. It creates great evolutionary incentive. It accelerates evolutionary growth.

Therapist:  Is there anything you wish to add before I bring this session to a close or anything your compatriots wish to comment upon?

Zetas:  We are discussing very complex issues at a depth that is unprecedented. I imagine our first conversations. We have achieved a maturity and depth that is meaningful, and I am impressed with our communications that we  have conducted between us over time. My colleagues who are present with me agree. In a sense, we are learning as much about you, as well. We enjoy this. We have entered into a mature relationship.  It is now one that is less a curiosity, but one that is more meaningful and mature in our framed conversations. We are pleased with this, as I am sensing you are also. That is about all I have to say today.

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Sunday, September 18, 2016


Meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli I and explore the interviews. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetas by using a deeply-induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit. Aliens Answer and Aliens Answer II are available on

Today's blog examines the complex subject of multiple personalities in Zetas, what memories are preserved after death, spiritual visits vs. spiritual possession, the integration of one's soul with other souls, and the danger of erratic energies.  Please keep in mind that many Zeta concepts are not shared with us simply because we lack the capacity to understand them at this time. Enjoy these beautiful and reassuring views of the afterlife offered by the Zetas.

Therapist:  Does your species encounter multiple personalities in one individual?

Zetas:  There is a multi-part answer to this. Multiple personalities are, to a certain extent, a natural part of our personalities. When they become acute, it can be interpreted as a form of illness. At the same time, we also can, in our interaction and through what you call hypnosis, induce different personalities or characters. This is not uncommon with us. Our minds, compared to humans, have a brain structure on an evolutionary scale, which, at present, possesses greater capacity. A human brain, compared to our brain at your present level of development, is as if a chimpanzee was trying to understand the concept of an automobile. At present, our intellectual capacity is capable of exploring higher concepts. Such complexity in our brain structures enables us to access other concepts. It also makes our minds more vulnerable to conditions that may not be healthy in our telepathically connected larger community. Such unusual behavior will become very apparent in a telepathic society. This is sometimes of greater concern to us because it is more apparent and infectious, the thoughts that are transmitted. It is not the thoughts themselves that are of concern. A personality may sometimes emit erratic energies. The effect of these erratic energies on others around them is more noticeable. The multiple personality is, in our brain structures, due to a chemical imbalance. In our world, mental illness is a genetic fault that has been, for the most part, greatly diminished, due to genetic engineering to prevent such conditions. However, no such endeavor is perfect and mental illness can occur even in our society.

Therapist:  How do you distinguish between that and perhaps having an intermittent spiritual possession, creating a secondary personality?

Zetas:  We interpret certain spiritual visits as temporary and part of the normal condition. However, it is probably more frequent and pervasive in all the thoughts and energies that pass through our minds. We are more acquainted with this. It is not a concern. It is part of a broader spectrum of experiences that we enjoy. It would be of concern only when this aspect becomes a dominant one and begins changing the original condition to the extent that it begins to conflict with the whole bodies of many other minds that are interconnected. However, we would not judge this hastily. Perhaps it is a new concept.

Many humans often encounter new realities, particular in their contacts with us. In a mind, new experiences can challenge to an extent as to question their sanity. It could also be a newly discovered reality. We are open to such a possibility. We do not wish to discourage change. Perhaps something new and revolutionary has been introduced, if I understand your question correctly.

Therapist:  When you pass to spirit, of course you no longer have the use of your organic brain. When I pass to spirit, the same condition will apply. As different species pass to the spiritual state, does their ability to learn or their intelligence vary a great deal from when they had an organic brain or are they simply a much larger, freer being in the spiritual realm?

Zetas:  Their thoughts, experiences, memories, and patience are preserved. When transitioning to a spiritual plane, the soul is released from its body, and those imprinted thoughts and energies continue and are expanded greatly by the new scope of dimensions they enjoy. The unfettered soul is an energy form with its moral capacity, which is continued and expanded. It merges with other energies, linking up. It is like a telepathic society, but on a new order of magnitude, exponential in concept. This release of the soul is not just one of intellectual expansion. It includes everything that we interpret as a soul. It includes all that makes a unique individual and intellectual. All of this is expanded. The energies of that plane carry those life experiences and begin to integrate those experiences with many others on a level that is more intimate in sharing thoughts and impressions of others. It is a marvelous concept, and it is ultimately the concept of a soul that makes us who we are. It is moving from one organic vessel to another.

Therapist:  I look forward to the time when I am unshackled. I also deeply respect the opportunity to be in the physical form.

Zetas:  When physical life ends, all that has accumulated in its physical life carries with it to the beyond. It is not lost. All the thoughts and impressions of its reality, its feelings, its emotions, carry on. Many earth religions imagine this. I am happy to relate that this is true. Each belief system has its own concept of how this will take place, but it is essentially the same here, as it is on many worlds. It (the soul) joins into a force or energy on another dimension or plane where one finds familiar existences and where new existences form. It is not confined to certain physical characteristics that make one being different from another. Souls have a universal connection. 
Therapist:  Thank you for that. How exciting for all of us.

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC

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Sunday, September 11, 2016


Meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli I and explore the interviews. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetas by using a deeply-induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit. Aliens Answer and Aliens Answer II are available on

From the Zeta perspective, today's blog discusses the effects of the Russian  Czar bomb that exploded in our atmosphere in the 1960s. It caused an electromagnetic pulse. Zeta technology was affected by this EMP. It also caused technical disruptions on Earth.  The Zetas also discuss the  US economy, Fort Knox gold, and the  the benefit of deep indebtedness to another country. Enjoy these controversial insights.

Therapist:  You know about the Van Allen Radiation Belt around the Earth. In the early 1960s, the Russians exploded an atomic bomb in the atmosphere, breaking a treaty.

Zetas:  The Czar bomb.

Therapist:  Yes.  They exploded an H-bomb.

Zetas:  The ‘Emperor’ bomb in the Russian language. A 50-megaton device by your measurement.

Therapist:  Yes. When this happened, it created an electromagnetic pulse and disrupted some of the Earth’s electronic technology.

Zetas:  It disrupted our communications, too.

Therapist:  I imagine that must have been a very disturbing time for you, as well as for us.

Zetas:  There was a degree of disruption to humans on the surface. We did notice this. It was disruptive to us, to say the least, but it was not to the same degree. Our technology is hardened against such due to exposures to many things on many worlds and in space. Human technology was not prepared for such pulses and the unprecedented size of this detonation. It caused a greater effect around the world, which eventually faded away.

Therapist:  Did your species intervene, not with explosives, but with thought projection in this folly?

Zetas:  I was about to use that same word, ‘folly.’ I searched for ego, but folly is more accurate. It was a political and technological demonstration.  It was done to frighten what the Soviet Union believed were its enemies who wished to destroy it. In fact, it was other countries that wished not to be destroyed themselves. This builds a fear that is prevalent today, but it was much more acute in that dangerous time in human history. It created a fear, which was intended to deter enemies, but it also created, in the human condition, a pessimistic view about humans. Actually, this may have been a sobering experience causing humans to face an honest reappraisal of themselves.  Their wishes for destruction of much of the human race could easily have been achieved. It came upon humans so quickly that they did not fully appreciate the implications in a larger sense. Many forward thinking people did, but it took time for many governments to understand. Eventually, they came to understood the threat of nuclear war. It still exists, but the precipice has been pushed back to some degree. Many countries are now destroying their nuclear weapons. Such technology creates high demands for safety and precision. The shelf life for these weapons is not unlimited. Due to many factors, political and economic, it has been found that it is no longer practical to continue the existence of these weapons. Many of these weapons are being dismantled. We just wish that the moral motivations had taken precedence earlier, but, in time, practical forces have made these weapons no longer necessary or practical. A desire for other priorities is now taking precedence.

With the easing of tensions, other domestic concerns that benefit populations can be pursued instead. The human insecurity of that time exists today, but it has been redirected and focused. It is one where certain flash points have been diminished. We have often monitored your weapons in many areas where these weapons exist. We have monitored and tested them without causing an accidental war. We have explored the capacities and systems to prevent such actions. This is in the background, if that should ever occur. We have that ability to render such weapons harmless. It would be a day that could announce, in a very dramatic fashion, our presence, in a very beneficial way. Many in the human population would misinterpret it as divine intervention. In our earlier conversations, we have expressed embarrassment by the notion that beings might see us as divine. We are not divine. We are merely practical and realistic. We see inefficiency and waste in war, along with the tragedy of the loss of lives. It is a needless exercise and, with a tacit force, we would deprive and render such political/military forces unarmed. We would not harm the humans. We would merely deprive them of their weapons in the old classic science fiction cliché.

Therapist:  Yes. I do remember some of those clichés, but we are very glad that you will intervene, if necessary, for your own reasons, of course.

Zetas:  We do not wish to, but at some point, we would have to do this, if it ever reached that stage. So far, we have only tested our ability to do so, and we occasionally repeat our experiments to ensure our ability has not been diminished by any change in human technology.

Therapist:  I look forward to so many things. We, I mean the United States, and other countries, are looking at a financial Armageddon. We discussed, at one time, when the situation might stabilize. I think we talked about 2015 or 2019. I don’t remember. Will the US dollar survive this process, and when will other countries stop loaning us money?

Zetas:  The United States will improve when it has a more realistic appraisal of its current situation. It is trying to be everything to everybody. In its greatness, after the Second World War, the US experienced an artificial bubble, flush with economic and technological growth, that created an artificial expectation that this would go on forever. Other countries have caught up in their recovery, respectively. The United States is very dominating in many ways. We take interest in this. Many of our visits are in this area of your planet, but it is a reflection of many things. The United States, in some ways, needs to expend less in certain military and other areas to create a budget, which can once again benefit its people. However, the United States’ image and role may change in the future and may diminish, as other powers increase and become a new dominating force on your planet. This is most likely China, and behind it, India, and other economic forces.  The role of the United States as the world police may need to be reappraised, as it is exhausting itself. It may need to reevaluate its position in the world. It will not change, nor should it change, in its intention, but merely the capacity of its intentions may need to be reduced to a more realistic level. It may no longer have the powers to control its own destiny as it once had.

Therapist:  Do you see, in the next 10 or 15 years, a change in the currency that we are using?

Zetas:  The proportion of rich and poor will widen. It can create great political stresses between those who have much and the many that have little. This will ultimately cause the forces of economics, if left unbridled, to accelerate. This could ultimately change the concept of what many in the United States conceive of as a free country. Political hope may become dominated by economic hope, where the national distinction between the United States and other countries will become blurred. When this occurs, it could be that day for many. This will not happen in the next 15 years but in the next 100 years.

Therapist:  You know about our Fort Knox?

Zetas:  Yes. You store gold there.

Therapist:  Is that gold reserve sufficient to make payment to get us out of our tremendous national debt?

Zetas:  No. The amount and value of gold in your current situation is not sufficient. The quantities of gold there will increase in value.  Gold has great psychological value in your minds.

Therapist:  I am curious why countries who loan us money don’t ask for gold in repayment right now.

Zetas:  It would create a dangerous economic crisis on your world. The American national debt is about 17 trillion of your dollars. To pay that off with gold at $1,700 an ounce would require 14 billion ounces of gold.  The total amount of gold in the world is only about 5 billion ounces. The amount in Fort Knox is only about 140 million ounces, 2.5 per cent of the world total. If you sold all the gold in your Fort Knox, it would be sufficient to pay off about 1.2 percent of your country’s national debt. That large a sale would depress your gold values, so it would pay off even less.  It would not change anything. You would have lower debt, but equally lower assets.

A big national debt can be a wonderful thing, too. It means the people  and countries that have loaned money to your country have a very strong interest in helping keep your dollar strong and healthy. These are powerful incentives against starting a war against your country. Other countries, like China, would be one example. Their welfare is now strongly tied to yours, which can be interpreted as a very good thing. So paying off your national debt in gold would not improve your economic situation at all. It would strongly destabilize the world economic and political situation. To pay such a debt, you would have to triple your accessible world supply of gold, but that would also collapse the value of your gold in your mind and economic systems. It would be a hazardous trade, if it were ever to happen. Ultimately things always change, but the United States will never return to the economics of a half century ago. Hopefully, in that distant future, change will be peaceful.

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Sunday, September 4, 2016


Meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli I and explore the interviews. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetas by using a deeply-induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit. Aliens Answer and Aliens Answer II are available on

Today's blog is about magnificent beings who are tasked to be of service, often known as angels. Enjoy the perceptions of the Zetas as they describe their experiences with angels. 

Therapist:  You are familiar with the human concept of angels. There are famous ones. One is named Michael. Who are these angelic beings, and are they actually ‘angelic’ beings?

Zetas:  There is Michael, and there are other beings that are addressed as angels. They are a combination of things. In the biblical sense, they are viewed in one context and, at the same time, they are advanced spiritual beings, separate from us. It is as if we have two views of this. There is the legend and mythology and their actual presence, which is very real in the Universe. They are a presence and a very benign and loving presence. It is one that is very powerful. We expect this. In our earth visits, we have often been labeled as angels or demons by earth religious leaders. This is inappropriate. This is frequently the case that some religious leaders utter inappropriate remarks. However, these remarks are both inaccurate and embarrassing, in light of these spiritual supreme beings, which exist separately. They are on a different plane, but still quite interactive with the physical worlds.

They are not to be confused with us. They exist on a plane where they are not omnipresent. They carry out their roles with a servant’s attitude in relation to a master, which is less clear, but very present at the same time. They perform the wishes as an agent of a higher power. They are very reassuring for us as well as they can also be reassuring for human kind. They encompass all of us. This is my impression. There are several of these, given assigned names to distinguish between them. They have certain specific tasks, yet they are all together in a unified purpose.  Each just carries out different roles.

There are Gabriel and Michael. There is a third. The name is less clear. A sense of peace and reassurance comes into my mind that I am sharing back with you. These entities that you call angels we refer to as spiritual agents. It is the same meaning, and these beings also encompass our civilization and touch our worlds as well as yours. They are without boundaries and go wherever they wish to go to accomplish whatever task they are assigned to perform. They are comforting beings.

Therapist:  Do think there may be  countless numbers of angels, but perhaps some may be less powerful?

Zetas:  In a different dimension, there are as many as there are stars. The number is unknown, but there are many. They are just on another plane of spiritual existence, but one that can often interact with the physical plane. They are not remote or detached from a physical existence, but they dwell in another place, yet just as close and just as far away.

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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