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Webpage link: to meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli and to explore the many questions and answers exchanged. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetans by using a deeply induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit. Books are available on

Today's blog shares information about the 18 minutes of missing data on Richard Nixon's tape, the danger of asteroid Apophis and its trajectory toward earth, and how the Zetans view our questions and our relationship with them. Surprisingly, they tell me that they receive our questions with joy and sometimes with wonder. 

Therapist: You are familiar with a human named Richard Nixon? He has already passed.

Zetans: Yes. He is in your history and was a political figure, a very complex individual.

Therapist: Why did he have 18 minutes of a tape deleted? We call it the Watergate incident. Do you know what it was that he needed to keep from the public?

Zetans: He had originally recorded his conversations for historical purposes, as other Presidents had also done. Lyndon Johnson recorded his conversations, but not to the same extent. He had a suspicious nature, a part of this human’s personality. He felt very comfortable with recording conversations of everything. There were some 18 minutes, which could have been very incriminating, which he withheld regarding the re-election campaign. Ironically, as a result, this also contributed to his political downfall and the instability in the United States government at the time. There were many political forces at work. Some were threatening. Some were comforting to the United States people in that the political system they trusted in worked. We observed that even a supreme leader, including a President, has to be accountable. This was an interesting situation to observe. The 18 minutes were not related to any off-world secrets, though they do exist and are sequestered with great secrecy in a far place.

The day-to-day antics of politics in Washington are separate from these secrets and the 18 minutes contained material that reflected Nixon’s obsession to be re-elected. He determined that it was very critical and necessary to the history of the United States to be re-elected. He ruthlessly pursued, in an illegal way, some things that were ethically incorrect where the end justified the means, a phrase you often use. This is what we have observed anyway.

Therapist: It primarily had to do with getting himself re-elected, I assume.

Zetans: This is what we interpret.

Therapist: I believe there is an asteroid called Apophis, which is nearing the earth. They expect it to come near the earth in 2029. The astronomers believe that if it passes through a certain area in space called a ‘keyhole’ that it will send it into the earth in 2036. Will Jupiter pull it away from an earth trajectory?

Zetans: The asteroid you mentioned is a significant one. Apophis, as you named it, is not a very large asteroid in relative size, but significant enough that if an impact with earth was to occur, it might do serious damage. Other earth-impact events have occurred that have caused near extinctions. At times, these impacts have combined with periods of ice ages.

Your species has survived in ways that perhaps you presently cannot imagine. These events have been recorded in your geologic records. The orbital dynamics in approaching a field, a keyhole, does not necessarily mean a change in orbital trajectory to create a collision. Jupiter and other bodies can also affect it. The primary mitigation effect on its orbit will be due to your sun’s solar wind and how it affects the non-uniform tumbling shape of Apophis. Altering the objects reflectivity by a mere percent can change its orbital path by one earth diameter over several of Apophis’ orbits. We do not see it as a cause for alarm. If it should be, we can make this object, in effect, disappear. We have too much invested in your world to see it come into harm’s way. I am sure our motives, if seeming selfish, would be for our mutual benefit.

Therapist: We appreciate your telling us.

Zetans: Rest assured.

Therapist: That answered my next question, which was, ‘How does your species deal with asteroids about to endanger your own planet?’ It seems you are quite capable of handling them.

Zetans: Asteroids are a fact of space. They are the leftover debris of planet and solar system formation. The ‘scraps,’ you might say. There are thousands of objects orbiting in your solar system in various orbits. In our situation around our stars and many other stars, such asteroids also exist. Your solar system is not unique in this. Our science has the ability to dispose of these by altering their orbits, either rendering them harmless or directing their orbits to eventually cause them to collide with the star they orbit, with no consequence to that star.

Therapist: A permanent solution.

Zetans: It is a permanent solution, as you say. This takes care of the problem quite nicely.

Therapist: Thank you for sharing that.

Zetans: You and Steve have both tasted the knowledge of the Universe, and it pleases you. You are hungry for more, as it should be. We celebrate this in you and the Hubble, which has provided that.

Therapist: Thank you. It is getting time for me to bring Steve back (from his deeply induced state of hypnosis). I apologize for having so many questions, but I don’t seem to have an end in sight. Thank you for your patience.

Zetans: It is not patience that is needed. It is joy in receiving the questions. I cannot tire of them. It is your time, and you will see it and apportion it to your needs. I am here to answer what I can. Know that some of the questions are considered by our species, too. We take home with us, you might say, some questions to ponder further. You have challenged our thoughts, too. It is not a need for patience, but one of anticipation in looking forward to further questions.

Therapist: Sometimes I feel like the child who never stops asking, ‘Why?’

Zetans: This is why children grow so rapidly and why humanity is growing so rapidly. We understand this. We are not the parents. We are an ally in sharing with you. We embrace and hold your hand, as we show you wonders around the Universe. We show you these things as a teacher, but also as a student. It is with this that we take you by the hand through a doorway, not as a parent or teacher, but as a fellow being in sharing in all that we also endeavor to comprehend.

The stars are coming out at your location, and it is with that harkening that I return to my star. We will meet again.

Therapist: (The Zetans often have a poetic and philosophical way of expression their thoughts.)

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC

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Sunday, April 17, 2016


Webpage link: to meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli and to explore the many questions and answers exchanged. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetans by using a deeply induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit. Books are available on

Today's blog explores the planet "Vestia" found by the Kepler telescope and given the designation of 22B. The Zetans describe this planet as a regular stop for them. They share the characteristics of the planet, their skies, their oceans, their moons and how they affect gravity, the physical bodies of the inhabitants, their attitudes about their planet, and their technology.  Life on other planets exists in many forms. Enjoy learning about Vestia.

Therapist: Han, you know this place where I have mentally taken Steve, this recently discovered Kepler 22B planet?

Zetans: Six hundred light years from Earth. Our usual destination (for Zetans).

Therapist: Yes. I have suggested to Steve that he is lying down in a catamaran, and you are next to him. Would you describe the sky to us?

Zetans: Steve is lying on a broad canvas, stretched between two boat hulls on a catamaran that has a mast with an aerodynamic sleek airfoil for a sail. He is looking up at wispy clouds and a blue sky. It could very easily be mistaken for earth. The stars are different. The temperature is a little warmer than the earth’s Caribbean area in the South Pacific.

Therapist: What time of day is it?

Zetans: The sun is present. It is low, like late afternoon, but the stars are beginning to peek in as the glare of the sun diminishes. The Super Earth rotates in the same direction as earth so the sun is also setting toward the west. In the east, the stars are more prevalent. In the distance, I can see a coastline. There are white cliffs and, beyond it, a green horizon. The breeze is blowing us toward the shore, which is still quite a distance away. The water looks blue and turquoise. You can see down into a dark, deep blue where the depth begins to swallow up the light. There is a gentle breeze, and I am just gazing up at the sky. The waves are gently rocking us, not too choppy.

Therapist: What is the most recognizable star constellation in their sky?

Zetans: They have, from their perspective, a group of stars that form a diagonal ‘eight.’ It is like an infinity symbol. The stars are bright, and they form this shape, like a bow tie. It has the same stars (as earth) but they are seen from a different vantage point. That is the most predominate star group. There are others, too. Some are distant, and from the same perspective, you can see toward earth, also groups of stars. The stars like Sol, Sirius, Zeti, and Tau, which are clustered near each other and form a letter ‘Z’ that I see. It looks sort of like a ‘Z.’ It is a constellation that humanity is a part of from 600 Light Years away. It is where earth is. This is lower to the horizon. There are also beautiful planets in the sky, one yellow, and one red in light tints of those colors. There are nearby planets in this solar system. One or two are closer to the sun and several are in outer orbit compared to the Super Earth.

Therapist: Do they have moons or something than enables them to have a stable rotation and tides?

Zetans: Yes. They have two moons, which are quite substantial. They look very similar to the humans’ Earth moon. They are quite large in proportion to Super Earth. Tau Kepler 22B is a large planet. In relation to this planet, the two moons appear smaller, but in proportion, they are about the same size as earth’s moon. They travel on the same orbital plane at different distances. These were probably formed when the planet was created long ago. The same materials exist on the moons as are on the planet. One has a partial atmosphere, and the other does not. They rise and fall with the planet’s spin. The Super Earth’s daytime and nighttime are actually not dissimilar to earth in rotation. Its rotation is faster, but the mass is larger. Viewed from a perspective of its surface, despite the planet being 2.5 times larger (than earth) in diameter, it has roughly a 25 hour day, by earth time.

Therapist: You said there was some technology, not a lot. Do they have or use electricity?

Zetans: Yes. They use these energy forms. Their technology may be seen from space.

Therapist: What else do they use for fuel?

Zetans: They are, in comparison to earth’s technology, more advanced than human technology, but only by a small amount. They have forms of fusion energy, and this is replacing other forms, which are not as efficient. They do not have a global warming issue because of the atmosphere being much larger in proportion, and the degree of global warming, due to technology, is not an issue, yet. However, they are space-faring cultures there, not as advanced as our culture. Our craft have visited there, too. It is one of many places we explore. We respect and maintain a certain degree of discrete reconnaissance so as not to affect their culture. They have made contact with other life forms on other planets. They are adapting to this new reality. They are capable of interplanetary travel, quite successfully. They are beginning interstellar travel, but they have not reached that full threshold, yet. Their energies reflect a more advanced form of fusion energy now, which is beginning to replace their forms of solar and nuclear energy.

Therapist: What is their specific gravity?

Zetans: The gravity is greater, approximately 1.4 Gs of Earth. About 1.4 times Earth’s gravity.

Therapist: How has it affected their physical bodies in terms of growth, height, and characteristics?

Zetans: Their bodies are slightly smaller. They are humanoid. I see humanoid figures. They are not dissimilar. They also have other forms of life there. There is an element of human development. They have life forms in all areas of the planet -- in the oceans, land, and sky. The humanoid species had the ability to develop technology. This species of humanoids has created a pathway to the stars.

Therapist: Are they good shepherds?

Zetans: They are learning to be stewards of their planet. They have a respect for their world, having visited others and having been contacted by other species. This creates a perspective and a new appreciation for their planet, one which humanity will also learn with increased vigor. This is a natural psychological process that affects planetary societies. We often see this pattern where they form a new appreciation for their planet by becoming aware of what their planet provides them. They have other planets to compare with now. Many planets exist, but not all are abundant in the elements needed to create gardens or life in a sense that can easily spawn life.

Therapist: Can you tell me what other species call the ‘Super Earth?

Zetans: The Kepler 22B planet is called Vestia. That is the best human translation. This just came to Steve’s mind. He does not know where it came from, but it came from me. There are other worlds with other names. 

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Sunday, April 10, 2016


Webpage link: to meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli and to explore the many questions and answers exchanged. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetans by using a deeply induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit. Books are available on

The spiritual perceptions of the Zetas continue: The concept of spirits finishing their life's work in the bodies of others, the ramifications of the "unfinished symphony," the startling frequency of "walk-ins," and a wounded soldier's spirit briefly stepping into this therapist's body. This are truly expansive concepts.

Therapist: We have found that some musicians from the past, who had not quite finished their musical works, have stepped into the bodies of others to continue on with their work.

Zetas: Yes. I was thinking of artists, but musicians, too. Musicians would be excellent an example, so we were thinking the same thing.

Therapist: It seems that the "Unfinished Symphony" may, in fact, get finished through this kind of process.

Zetas: The "Unfinished Symphony" is an unfinished allegory for many things. Life is often too short for the full expression of ambitions and gifts that may have longer gestation periods than life. Life can often interrupt this process. I wonder where humanity, without war, would be. There were many young people, the geniuses and the artists, who never had the opportunity to express their abilities. It would be understandable for these souls to wish to correct the misfortune of their early deaths that resulted in cutting off their flowering thoughts and creativity. It is not surprising they would wish to borrow others to express life through them. This is not a selfish act. It is correcting an injustice.

Therapist: In that same vein, there are people who sense that they are going to pass away, and they are relatively young. Sometimes there is an agreement between souls that, when one soul passes out of its body, another soul steps into that already adult body and takes over that life from that point on. It does create some really large changes in personality and often the end of a marriage, if there is one.

Zetas: These are concepts that are true and not well understood, yet. The body is merely a vessel that contains the soul and energies. Some religious books have touched on this. Humans do not fully comprehend the potential for this kind of occurrence, and it occurs often.

Therapist: Perhaps this happens a great deal during wartime. We do not know.

Zetas: Your perception is true.

Therapist: Once, I did have the energy of a soldier step into my physical body for a moment. I knew immediately that he was wandering and lost, and I sensed that half of his brain was gone from some war incident. I just acknowledged him, but I did not invite him to stay. I know they wander about.

Zetas: In a sense, I am probably influencing Steve in a similar way. It is not dissimilar, though I am a physical being in a distant place. My soul may form a different path in this connection, but the concept is the same. I am not surprised if Steve has seen things in a different light. Steve is seeing himself in a different light now since our communication began, and I would imagine that the same would be true with you and me. We have all been touched to one degree or another. It is a natural thing with communication that all who are involved are changed. A soul can, and often does, occupy a new fully adult vessel. This is a reality that exists. I am trying to make the distinction between each and having difficulty doing this. I am sorry. I think you understand what I mean.

Therapist: It is all right. I understand the comparison. 

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC

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Sunday, April 3, 2016


Webpage link: to meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli and to explore the many questions and answers exchanged. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetans by using a deeply induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit. Books are available on

In today's blog, the Zetas share some of their knowledge about the behavior of spirits. Examine how some souls with unfinished work can attach to and influence incarnated beings to fulfill their own needs. Spirits can attach themselves to inhabited life forms just for the experience. These uninvited influences may explain some forms of mental illness, excessive lifestyles, and changes in personality. Humans are not always in control of their own thoughts or actions. Examine this original perspective offered to us by the beings from Zeta Reticuli.

Therapist: I would like to run a concept by you that really comes from a spiritual entity. This being's work was channeled through a woman whose name was Jane Roberts. She is now on the spirit side. This being talked about there being an original life force for each of us with the following capabilities, ‘Life force has the capability of incarnating into the physical form into several bodies at once, and across multiple dimensions. That is the soul’s way of exploring.’ Have you ever met an alternate version of yourself in your travels?

Zetas: We have, in our culture, several myths, much like your myth of the ‘changeling.’ These are cultural myths that have a basis in fact. You have touched upon much of this. Spiritual beings and souls can occupy several other beings. They do not control or dominate, but they definitely influence the character of those beings. Often, these originating beings (hosts) are unaware of their presence. They ‘piggy-back’ along. They ride, enjoying the energy of the soul of their host. Some of these are positive. Some are negative. Some are exploiting, and do not wish to be released to move on to a higher dimension.

Therapist: You also ran into that in your culture?

Zetas: Yes.

Therapist: I have seen it here.

Zetas: There is probably an opposite of me somewhere. I hope we balance each other in a beneficial way. If my concepts of moral goodness or evil are valid, I hope that, if I am one kind of being, it makes the other kind of being not so unpleasant.

Therapist: I think it is just a matter of where everyone is on the evolutionary scale. I think that, maybe in the beginning, there may be what you call the ‘evil twin,’ but over much time and much growth, even the ‘evil twin’ has to mature. At least that is my outlook on that.

Zetas: It is often predetermined that they are one or the other. It is merely how they are perceived. They are the result of the circumstances of their existence where they may be perceived as one thing in relation to another. They probably all share the same soul source, in different proportions.

Therapist: That would make sense, coming from the original source.

Zetas: It would. The original source is a pure light, and in time, like an exponential number, it expands at a rapid rate and takes on new complexity from its original simplicity.

Therapist: Do you think we will have a ‘family reunion’ with all of these other selves?

Zetas: We will move on to those dimensions, to those places of existence, where we will become acquainted again. We will be reintroduced to many things in ourselves and other beings that have existed, we have been touched by, and have come in contact with in our life spans.

Therapist: It is quite complex because we are not only ourselves, but we are part of others, and we are influenced by so many of those around us, though some  influences can be uninvited. For example, a person here may find himself unexpectedly drinking heavily. In fact, the excessive drinking may be caused by an errant spirit who was taking advantage of a situation.

Zetas: That is one example of a curious, unexpected influence by such spirit beings.

Therapist: The only way around them is to know that it can happen and to know that we do not have to put up with it.

Zetas: Awareness of these influences is important. It is necessary to facilitate a remedying step or countermeasure to prevent any negative influences. Some of these influences can be positive. Often, new abilities flourish in beings where, heretofore, such abilities never existed.

Sometimes it is the will of these spirits to fulfill in others unfulfilled ambitions or dreams or abilities. They wish to express them through other beings.

Mary Barr,B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC

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