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Excerpts from Alien Game Changer at Amazon:


Are you familiar with Lake Vostok at the South Pole where the Russians have been drilling for about 20 years?

It is an area that is being geologically explored by the Russians, among many other scientific camps that exist there, each exploring their own area in this land of nonlocal life. (Curious term.)

We are concerned about the drilling because, apparently, they have finally penetrated the roughly 2.5 miles and have reached this pristine lake, which we believe has been untouched for many millions of years. Is there a danger of anything in the lake coming to the surface that might be an unknown biohazard?  Conversely, are the Russians contaminating the lake in a way that might create long-term problems for the lake?

The Russian conception of environmental husbandry, or sensitivity for preservation of the natural environment, has been less than others of your culture. Yet this exploration will be of minor consequence. It should not damage, at present, the natural setting that has been preserved for millions of years under the ice there. The Russian drilling plan will be successful, with no negative consequence to its environment. It should give them a glimpse into a far earlier time, a preserved living-time-capsule of a prehistoric microbial period on your planet. The tremendous pressures of this freshwater lake will, in a hydrodynamic fashion, prevent any damage that some have feared. The lake water pressure will surge, to a small degree, back up the Russian borehole.

Are there any larger-than-microbe life forms in that lake?

There is microbial life and even larger small life existing there. It is yet to be discovered, which is millions of years old. Large diverse communities of life will be discovered there in the very oxygen-rich water environment living by chemo-synthesis. The smoking vents in your oceans, which you have discovered, will provide examples of a very rich form of life existing on chemo-synthesis, which will demonstrate to your species a broader perspective of how life exists in the Universe off-planet. Lake Vostok will be a laboratory on your planet for the study of other off-world environments, like the moon you call Europa. There are areas where life exists that you previously thought impossible.

This is a good lesson for humans to know that.

Using your present technology, exploration of Lake Vostok, will not spoil it.

Thank you. I appreciate that.

Zeta Reticuli History

How does your current leader serve your species?

I suppose we do have a leader. Our society and biology permit us a kind of confederation, by your definition. It is more a group than a single leader. They are not separate from the population. Our biology makes this impossible. Yet they focus and specialize on the concerns, leadership, and welfare of our society, as well as the interaction with other species and societies of many planets. There are the politics of understanding and knowing. This is hard to define. Often the practice of politics is a bargaining game in the human society of politics, based on what is not known. Like your game called poker, there is the “bluff.” We understand the bluff from interacting with other species. In our own biological interactions, we see all the cards are on the table within our species. All parties see clearly the issues involved in their proper proportion. It makes communication more literal and quick. This often creates a form of telepathic confederation where society is fully engaged as well as the leadership. Leadership, in our society, is one of specialization of roles. I am, for instance, more a communicator and serve more in a diplomatic role. Others form leadership roles. Others are concerned with the physical welfare or medical welfare. So we do have a blending where it is difficult to discern one person’s role in a society from another. Yet there are specific tasks. Even in our minds, there is a necessary need for prioritizing in role playing, each preserving the good of the whole.

The same intention.

It is just that there is a wash of knowledge that is shared by all. Your Founding Fathers of your United States knew this, as well as many other countries. Within the limits of human biology, knowledge must be shared among the population through the exchange of ideas, in news, current events, and education. We have taken that several orders of magnitude higher to a level, through biology, that would astonish these Founding Fathers of past Earth. This would be the idyllic situation in their minds, but due to the inability to be telepathic, they must use other means of sharing knowledge. Still, the intent and desire are the same. It is a good model, which we also follow, just taken to its ultimate extent. Our many discussions are about the social dynamics that telepathic communication can facilitate and the differences between us. However, this has been one of the few real differences between your species and mine. Though I wish to emphasize that we have much in common in intent. We look at it through different lenses.

You have been able to avoid so much trauma and so many difficulties.

There are misunderstandings, but less so. There can still be misunderstandings between species. Even within our species, too. We hope this has been minimized.

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Excerpts from Alien Game Changer at Amazon:


Will we (humans) eventually recognize that there are such things as past lives and life after death?

Yes. These are the things that we commonly talk about. This is what makes me laugh. Here they are. They are all around us (spirits). This is the very thing that we are speaking about.

I think, with him, that it depends upon who is telling him these things.

I, Han, am telling him this, with assurance. I touch his forehead in this. Yes. All of this is here, and he has so much joy to look forward to.

He wants to keep on helping children, of course.

And he will, with his transcending soul, not only help the children on Earth, but also the children on many worlds. His energies have so much to look forward to that he has not conceived of yet.

I am excited for him.

I am merely reflecting on all that he has to look forward to along with the rest of us. This is also true for Mary, Steve, and even Charlene. I see this little child that is released. It will give happiness and uncluttered freedom. As we let go, all souls will travel in the same direction.

Thank you for that. I wanted to talk to you about what we discussed earlier, the great truths, and put ideas out there for discussion. We humans see truth a little differently. We have what we call personal truths, social truths, and universal truths. To give you an example, a common expression is: ‘This, too, shall pass.’ I would put that thought in the category of being a universal truth.

Do you see that phrase as a universal truth, or would you say it needs qualification?

I don’t understand. I am sorry. Life? This, too, shall pass?

It means, in essence, everything changes.

Such is life.

For example, does an atom change its structure over time?

There is an ultimate life that transcends, and life transforms from one version to another to a higher self, in time. This is the only thing I can add.

Perhaps we could say, for example, ‘All life transitions.’ That might be a more accurate statement.

Yes. We are in our thought sharing the same meaning, both in the question and the answer. I am only struggling to express this in a language we share, too. All things transition and elevate us, too. It does not regress. This is one hope we all share. I am respectful of that.

Yes. I can share several with you. Mathematics is one universal truth. It is also a universal language. Another universal truth is physics, with which mathematics is closely allied. There is always an impulse for unification to its extreme that seeks a theory of everything. We seek one universal, single, generative equation for all we see and understand in nature. However, this becomes universally less clear whether such a theory would be a simplification, given the proliferation of dimensions and universes it might entail. Nonetheless, unification, in all its forms, remains a major preoccupation with all the sentient inhabitants of the Universe. The universal engine that propels this desire for unification comes simply when the highest compliment one can give another is to express that you made them think.

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(Excerpts from Alien Game Changer at Amazon:

Continuation of interview with Zetas by Dr. Gene Lipson:

Gene: In the next 20 years, what can we hypothesize the average human life expectancy to be?

Life expectancy will continue to improve as knowledge increases in health and technology. The limiting factors will be economic, not due to any current condition. The limiting factor is in the economic systems not having the ability to create social patterns where the benefits can be distributed equally among its population. It is what you call socialism. Humans have natural instincts to create a moral equality where there will be equality of access to health and good nutrition. This should not be suppressed. There will be elite who think that they know best, but they will only create divisions, which will only stifle the eventual good that will reach everyone. Those who ‘know best’ will actually be in the way. Eventually, this will come to a head, which will need to be reconciled. Ultimately, this will be good news for everyone.

Gene: We already know about the human papilloma virus and the type of cancer it causes. Is cancer caused by a virus?

There are many causes of cancer. Some can be triggered by viruses. There are preexisting conditions that make this possible.

Gene: Do we not already have that capacity to have cancer?

Yes. It is an anomaly where triggers can be activated, and then the cells tend to expand rapidly. This is caused by environmental concerns and certain preexisting genetic conditions. It is one that is complex and has many forms and many triggers. It is like juggling many balls in the air. It is one that can be addressed. It can be conquered in time.

Gene: Does that including one of the triggers being bacteria?

Not directly. They can create conditions that affect the immune system, and the immune system will weaken and make itself more vulnerable to those conditions that foster cancer growth. I hope I have explained this in a meaningful way.

Gene: I certainly understand it.


Gene: Are dreams representative of events of the past or of things to come in the future?

Dreams often represent the past. They also represent fantasies, ‘what if’ scenarios of what might have occurred. The future can be plans of what can be. They can also be reflections of past thoughts forming dreams of what could happen. They represent what could have been and what could be at the same time.

Gene: Is it possible that we keep meeting the same souls over and over again (in physical form)? Does the same soul exist in many forms in different lives?

Rephrased: Is reincarnation true and, if so, do we kind of stay in a group so that when we return, we are really meeting the same old souls, but in new bodies and new lifetimes?

Often this is the case across the same time span and span of life. Life transforms. Souls continue, sometimes in ‘flocks’ gauged in natural physical life cycles. There can be the same life mates who will naturally associate with other souls based on whom we are repelled from or attracted to. This will continue to facilitate resolving unfinished business that most souls are unaware of consciously. In the human mind, I can see an analogy. The actor, Orson Wells, and his same actors on the radio who often would appear together  with other actors. This association at the Mercury Theatre continued from radio to film with the same actors in other artistic media. This is an analogy for the soul encountering groups to which it is naturally attracted. For various reasons, energies and compatibilities of attractiveness seem to coalesce as the beings that they are, souls in purpose, intellect, and in emotion. You may refer to it by adapting your word phrase as ‘spiritual chemistry.’

Gene: Do we contaminate our bodies with preservatives and manufactured medicines?

I am smiling. ‘Doc’ is the ice cream of life. His flavor is yet to be determined. This is said with humor and affection. I can see what concerns him. Sometimes these concerns are rather amusing in their confined perspectives. I wish I could help him let go of the things that close him off and release him to fly like the Peter Pan in your fables that he wishes to be. I think that the things that concern him should be released. In time, this will happen. He is a good soul and one that has done much human good. With his skill, love, and humanity, he has enabled others who have suffered to ease their troubles. He has brought so much life into the world in his role as a pediatrician. Not only is his intelligence bright, but his energy will glow brightly in many humans in the future. It is a bright star that he inhabits. He need have no worries concerning his worldly issues. Still, he holds onto them. It is his confounding affectionate Jewish questions that make me laugh with love that he does not need to worry about. It is hard to explain. He will happily be released from this. I hope I have expressed this appropriately. My comments are meant with the utmost respect and affection for him. He is less aware of us than we are of him.

Thank you. He is bright enough. He will get it. He has been a good contributor.

He will get it, and he will catch up with us. He is not far behind. At times, he is also, in a reflective awesome way, ahead of even me (Han).

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(Excerpts from Alien Game Changer at Amazon:

Remember my question from last time? It was whether or not, to your knowledge, a society has ever chosen to transition en masse into a spiritual existence. We talked a bit about how some societies have purposefully made a partial transition, but we never really addressed whether an entire culture or planet chose to do this.

We have spoken about species or life forms that have elevated to a more advanced state that are intriguing to us. You once asked about what we find interesting. The concept of an entire population can be viewed from several perspectives. Are we released from our physical limitations? In a sense, each life form passes to that state. In a sense, the energy is passed on. Then at the same time, there could be a natural evolutionary path to another plane of existence. It seems that we all inevitably wish to follow to that eventual goal. I would imagine a vast population of energy that has coalesced together to form some greater purpose, individually or collectively. I envision all focused with one purpose in mind: to exist in that plane, together, in peace.

Thank you. Are you familiar with a galaxy known as M83?

M83 is the human reference. It is a galaxy dissimilar from our galaxy in which humans and our species exist. It is a galaxy many light years away by your measurement. What is it that you wish to know?

There is an indication that there may be a species there that we call the Verdants. Where is their source galaxy?
The Verdants are a lesser evolutionary form. Sometimes they have been known as the ‘greys.’ They are a species that is very arrogant in some ways. They are a pervasive species in that galaxy and wish to be pervasive in this galaxy, if they can.

Do they overpopulate themselves intentionally?

They do. I understand the species you are referencing.

Do you know about our friend whom we call Doc? His name is Dr. Gene Lipson.


He submitted questions for discussion today. May I present them?

Yes, I will answer them as best I can.

Gene: Will our economic climate improve or deteriorate after the next Presidential election?

It will continue to improve, regardless of whoever is elected.

Gene: Is there such a concept that past lives influence present lives in obvious ways, for instance, the carryover of fears/phobias or life choices?

Past fates (lives) are influences that can have unconscious effects on one’s present life. Much is shed, released. I am happy to say that there is a sense of good as we improve. Many of the old pathways are replaced with good and improved ways. There is a mix of wishing to improve one’s life and memories of bad things that tend to be forgotten. The good, beneficial memories that have a practical use are prioritized. Life wishes to become more efficient and less hindered, if possible. Lingering energies can restrain and hold us back. These need to be released and forgotten. As we take on new lives, new ways are found to focus on what is good and practical.

Gene: That is very good news.

Yes. We share the same. Life has a way of creating new challenges. Whenever possible, old, bad energies need to be left behind.

Gene: Yes. Thank you.