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You, of course, know about neutrinos. Are they from an alternate reality? What is their purpose? 

Neutrinos are a byproduct of some physical processes in this reality. Also, they interact in other realities. 

They are a part of a linking process between realities? 

They can be. It is part of the quantum consciousness to create a nonlocality of communication that can permit contact across vast differences. This is part of the medium in which much of this quantum nonlocality can exist through neutrinos.  

Thank you. There were some nice surprises in your answer. Does the Universe become conscious of its beauty and wonder through the consciousness of sentient beings? 

The Universe has become aware of itself and its surroundings. Eventually, this consciousness transcends physics and physical time and space. Such consciousness does recognize the same values and appreciation that often unite life forms. It is like a tapestry or painting of creation that each species, with its differences, can unite in that level of beauty. Art can be appreciated from many viewpoints.

The Universe does not need sentient beings to appreciate it. What I am hearing is that it is self-appreciating. 

The elements of the Universe have formed chains of molecules that become complex and begin to form simple life, which eventually grow into more complex life. This life becomes self-aware. It can then ultimately connect that self-awareness with others of similar self-awareness. It is the ultimate conclusion of the creation in the Universe. These are not the largest things in the Universe, nor the smallest, but they are the most essential. As a result of many processes within stars and galaxies, life will then create the forces that ultimately create sentient self-awareness. It is as a result of this that awareness can exist throughout the Universe. 

My guess is that you have probably already visited the rings of Saturn. They are delicate. They move very fast, and they are icy. By studying the rings of Saturn, will it help us to develop a good model for understanding the formation of our own solar system?

You have discovered that there are many rings around multiple planets in your system. Other planets exist, such as Uranus and other worlds. These are part of the processes in the formation of moons. These rings are the residue of moons that have formed. One of the great beauties, which we admire in visiting your system, has been Saturn and its beautiful and unique qualities.

 This phenomenon is not unique to your solar system. There are other planets with similar rings. Many of these planets tend to be large gaseous planets, not with solid cores, like the inner planets of your solar system. It is rare for solid planets to exist with rings, though some do exist with life. However, they live within a very narrow band of what we would call life. There is much life in the Universe that exists in unexpected places that you have yet to discover. Yet there is a term that you humans have called convergent evolution, which would justify much of why, in contact with other species that are associated with craft, these are often humanoid in form. This is a common evolutionary trait of space travel. It is a necessary development of technology for life to transport itself to other planets. This travel requires the ability to create tools and the need for having opposing digits to create technology to transport itself. These are examples of convergent evolution and, as a result, it is not by accident that many encounters with aliens are often with species with shapes that have a humanoid form. Still, on other planets, in the background, there exists a larger bandwidth of life that can exist in many places. Such are the planets we have discussed. Saturn is a wondrous system unto itself, and it is not unique in the Universe. There are many solar systems with similar planets, but it is not to diminish the importance and beauty of your own ringed planet Saturn. 

I am surprised at the speed of the material that travels around Saturn, up to 50,000 mph.

 This is a large velocity, yet these rings are very delicate, and care is taken with our craft with our gravity-based propulsion systems. Care is taken to not disturb the rings, both for ecological planetary reasons and also to not betray our presence. Our propulsion systems might leave a trace, an anomaly, which eventually might be understood.

Saturday, December 21, 2019



Does your body require physical exercise?

Yes. It is part of metabolizing our nutrients. We burn energy as an engine, much like a human being would. Our bodies are, in some ways, more efficient and simplified in their essential tasks of metabolism. We do not store fats as efficiently as you do. The need for this passed long ago. We are very efficient in burning energy. If we were to use the analogy of flight and carrying excess cargo, our bodies would need to be leaner to facilitate that. 

Do you use something like isometrics to exercise or some other means?

We attempt to do that. Yes. We do physical work. We often have instrumentalities to help with this. There is the ease of technology, which can make exercise necessary in a conscious way to maintain oneself. Technology can make physical exertion easier. Exercise is physical exertion for its own sake, rather than what is necessary to perform a task. Also, our mental abilities can be so developed that our physical bodies can potentially be ignored. A proper balance of knowledge and physical exercise is important for overall health for the individual and for the culture. Our diets are low in many fats or carbohydrates, which I have mentioned. We use fruits and vegetables that make this more likely.

Can you assimilate avocados?

There is much vegetable fat in these. It is one species of plant that we can enjoy, but are less likely to for that reason.

I thought it might be a little on the rich side.

It is, but the term ‘rich’ is in our diet. It is one that we have sampled, and it is in our diet, but to a very small degree. It is something that would probably be, if appealing to the senses, would probably not be appealing for our overall physical health. I hope you are not offended by this. I do not wish to diminish the value you may place on such nutrition.

(Therapist laughs.) I am not at all offended. I don’t have those expectations of others.

I am just the diplomat.

 (Therapist laughs.) I know, and I am not easily offended.

 I know this, and it is appreciated.

Dr. Joseph Penzien, Steve’s Father-In-Law, has passed over recently.

This is so.

Do you have any sense of his presence, or is he not yet available?

Yes. I feel, at times, a consciousness that moves fleetingly. It is sometimes checking on Charlene, Steve and others. I feel that there is a consciousness that is preoccupied with many things. I feel it is learning about its new capacity to explore and travel. It does not dwell in any one space for very long. It is his nature to travel often. It does come and surround parts of Joseph’s family from time-to-time. It is learning a new way, a new reality. He is in another place now that he is content with and at peace. His inquisitive mind is exploring. This is the impression I have. It is like him having a new set of clothes that he is growing accustomed to and enjoying. He remembers the past, but there is much to see in the future. He cares for those whom he loves and is loved by, but time permits only a brief visit as there are many other places to experience as well. This is the impression I have.

Thank you for your perceptions. I know they will appreciate it.

Sunday, December 15, 2019




Excerpts from Alien Game Changer at Amazon:


If I use the term ‘hallmark,’ I hope the meaning comes across to you. What are a couple of hallmarks of your life? For us, hallmark means a significant event or departure from the ordinary, a noteworthy point. Could you share a couple of events in your life that are especially gratifying or important to you?

I think, as a new ‘born’ in my species, the joining into the community minds was one such hallmark. Another was my first visit to other worlds in exploring the wonders of the Universe and becoming an explorer, crossing time and space and visiting your world. It was a new experience, which we often have available to us. The opportunity to access space and travel is much freer and more open. In a way, you are a prisoner of your own planet, but not a prisoner in your mind, imagination, and your desire to travel to the stars. That we share deeply. Soon you will be freer to explore these things, in time. Another hallmark was interacting with the species I mentioned before on another spiritual plane. In our exploration for new species, we discovered a number of species more advanced than ourselves. This helped us to see one possible future for ourselves as well. These were hallmarks of new realities, which, for each, broadens our perceptions of what reality may be.

Those are some wonderful hallmarks.

The ability to travel gives us views of physics and the dynamic workings of the Universe and a greater appreciation. It is something we enjoy, much like many humans who are well traveled having a perspective of your world that others may not have. It gives them a perspective to know what is important and what is not important.

I wish travel were a part of the early educational system for human beings.

Yes, travel is part of our education as well. We interact with other species, and we can link telepathically with many of them and see their reality through their eyes, as well as them seeing our reality. We have exercised this during visits to your Earth. This makes understanding between species better than with nontelepathic species. It requires more time and patience, such as our interactions with your species. It means taking more care when creating a nurturing contact, which will eventually fully bloom.

I know I won’t be around  at those times of coming into full bloom, but I can conceptualize them and appreciate knowing that they are coming.

It may not be in my time either, but it will happen.

We will be able to observe even if we are in an energy form.

On another plane, you and I will be together to enjoy this, to witness it.

We can smile together.

These are personal hallmarks that our species also share. There are few personal hallmarks because so much is shared with our species, but they are no less significant. The discoveries of the processes of a star, the dynamics of a galaxy and its workings are some of the many ‘hallmarks.” Some questions are for the moment, but physics is usually more concerned with the infinite. The infinite things can transcend. Even if our minds seem in the clouds, as you say, we are also very practical in what is immediate in the day-to-day. Our attention is also focused on living our day-to-day lives, in gathering food, and allowing time for peace and contentment, which is our form of meditation. These are also concerns in our day-to-day lives. Many ultimate concepts are discussed, but we also keep a grasp of our immediate surroundings.

Sunday, December 8, 2019




Excerpts from Alien Game Changer at Amazon:


Are you familiar with Lake Vostok at the South Pole where the Russians have been drilling for about 20 years?

It is an area that is being geologically explored by the Russians, among many other scientific camps that exist there, each exploring their own area in this land of nonlocal life. (Curious term.)

We are concerned about the drilling because, apparently, they have finally penetrated the roughly 2.5 miles and have reached this pristine lake, which we believe has been untouched for many millions of years. Is there a danger of anything in the lake coming to the surface that might be an unknown biohazard?  Conversely, are the Russians contaminating the lake in a way that might create long-term problems for the lake?

The Russian conception of environmental husbandry, or sensitivity for preservation of the natural environment, has been less than others of your culture. Yet this exploration will be of minor consequence. It should not damage, at present, the natural setting that has been preserved for millions of years under the ice there. The Russian drilling plan will be successful, with no negative consequence to its environment. It should give them a glimpse into a far earlier time, a preserved living-time-capsule of a prehistoric microbial period on your planet. The tremendous pressures of this freshwater lake will, in a hydrodynamic fashion, prevent any damage that some have feared. The lake water pressure will surge, to a small degree, back up the Russian borehole.

Are there any larger-than-microbe life forms in that lake?

There is microbial life and even larger small life existing there. It is yet to be discovered, which is millions of years old. Large diverse communities of life will be discovered there in the very oxygen-rich water environment living by chemo-synthesis. The smoking vents in your oceans, which you have discovered, will provide examples of a very rich form of life existing on chemo-synthesis, which will demonstrate to your species a broader perspective of how life exists in the Universe off-planet. Lake Vostok will be a laboratory on your planet for the study of other off-world environments, like the moon you call Europa. There are areas where life exists that you previously thought impossible.

This is a good lesson for humans to know that.

Using your present technology, exploration of Lake Vostok, will not spoil it.

Thank you. I appreciate that.

Zeta Reticuli History

How does your current leader serve your species?

I suppose we do have a leader. Our society and biology permit us a kind of confederation, by your definition. It is more a group than a single leader. They are not separate from the population. Our biology makes this impossible. Yet they focus and specialize on the concerns, leadership, and welfare of our society, as well as the interaction with other species and societies of many planets. There are the politics of understanding and knowing. This is hard to define. Often the practice of politics is a bargaining game in the human society of politics, based on what is not known. Like your game called poker, there is the “bluff.” We understand the bluff from interacting with other species. In our own biological interactions, we see all the cards are on the table within our species. All parties see clearly the issues involved in their proper proportion. It makes communication more literal and quick. This often creates a form of telepathic confederation where society is fully engaged as well as the leadership. Leadership, in our society, is one of specialization of roles. I am, for instance, more a communicator and serve more in a diplomatic role. Others form leadership roles. Others are concerned with the physical welfare or medical welfare. So we do have a blending where it is difficult to discern one person’s role in a society from another. Yet there are specific tasks. Even in our minds, there is a necessary need for prioritizing in role playing, each preserving the good of the whole.

The same intention.

It is just that there is a wash of knowledge that is shared by all. Your Founding Fathers of your United States knew this, as well as many other countries. Within the limits of human biology, knowledge must be shared among the population through the exchange of ideas, in news, current events, and education. We have taken that several orders of magnitude higher to a level, through biology, that would astonish these Founding Fathers of past Earth. This would be the idyllic situation in their minds, but due to the inability to be telepathic, they must use other means of sharing knowledge. Still, the intent and desire are the same. It is a good model, which we also follow, just taken to its ultimate extent. Our many discussions are about the social dynamics that telepathic communication can facilitate and the differences between us. However, this has been one of the few real differences between your species and mine. Though I wish to emphasize that we have much in common in intent. We look at it through different lenses.

You have been able to avoid so much trauma and so many difficulties.

There are misunderstandings, but less so. There can still be misunderstandings between species. Even within our species, too. We hope this has been minimized.