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Webpage link: to meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli and to explore the many questions and answers exchanged. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetans by using a deeply induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit.

Please enjoy reading how the power of thought can literally change DNA. In addition, ponder over the life lesson offered to us by the Zetans as they reveal  planetary civilizations that have massive imbalances between technologies and nature. The Zetans live underground, choosing to respect the surface of their planet(s).

Therapist:  This next question has to do with programming DNA. I know it is programmed by environmental conditions. If I hypnotize someone and work with their subconscious mind, can I enable them to see their environment in a different way that would have the effect of altering their DNA?

Zetans: We are here. Han is working on the question. 

Therapist rewords question. The question is, 'If I give a suggestion to someone’s subconscious mind about their environment to perceive that environment in a different way, will that, in turn, affect or change their DNA?'

Zetans:  If the mind perceives its reality in one way, that perception can influence DNA. Another thought can be suggested that can create a variant form of DNA, due to the mechanism of the thought projected toward that aim. The power of a thought is of greater consequence than many realize, particularly for a telepathic species. It can influence other physical forms, such as DNA. Yes. It can be done.

Therapist:  Is it possible for us to take a short journey to another planet to see another civilization and the way that they live? Could it be a little different from ours so that we might learn something?

Han:  I am searching. I have wished to present a pleasant picture. However, there are also places that are less pleasant. These should be shared, too. There are many planets that have species that can be oppressive and confining, almost suffocating in the misuse of their planets. A species may follow one line of technology and before it is noticed, take it to excess. It can become very oppressive. I see planets with entire surfaces filled with lights and cities, like a planet that presents an ugly clue where life, technology, and nature are out of balance. These planets contain civilizations that are like a bright light, burning brightest before it burns out. I do not wish this for your planet. There can be inefficient uses of energies that are selfish and only benefit a few, forming an economic system that only rewards the few and not the many. There are places like this that we respect for their own path of choice, but we are happy we did not follow such a path.

Our advanced technology is a servant of our organic needs. We have never forgotten who we are, and that, ultimately, it is the well-being of all of the inhabitants of the community that is important. There are places of ugliness that offend my senses, but which you must know exist, too. I do not wish to present a totally ‘rosy picture,’ as you might call it.

Know that these are anomalies and that the species that survive are ones that see beyond themselves and have a sense of well-being that is one with the planets they live on and with the Universe. These are ones who respect their origins and how they ultimately became sentient beings, much like your Native Americans and the Aborigine culture in Australia where they live simply and in balance with the land. They see their source of life and strength. They live their lives, respecting the planet on which they live. Some species overbuild or overpopulate and, in their own selfishness, destroy themselves.  We do not wish to  emulate these  places. The Universe is a big place and not all habitats are like this. I tell you this to make you aware.

Therapist:  We appreciate that. All learning is not necessarily beautiful. I envision something like Hong Kong that covers an entire planet. When I see a city that does not allow trees along its streets, then I worry that they have lost touch with the planet.

Zetans:  They refuse either symbolically or in actuality to see the cycle of life. They do not see how a planet’s life can provide the needs of others who depend upon oxygen while plant life depends upon carbon dioxide for life. When populations become so out of balance to the point of oppression, even to their own lives, they destroy, in a larger sense, what their planet can offer back. There is no longer a balance and a symbiotic relationship. We have understood this. We almost came to that precipice. Instead, we reformed our planet so that its surface provides a beautiful and vital environment.

Therapist:  I admire the way that you did it by building underground and allowing the surface to be a continuous green zone.

Zetans:  We live in harmony with our world now, with abundance for both. There is ample exchange between the organic, and the technology and this creates a heightened spirituality as well.

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC
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Type in Aliens Answer or Aliens Answer II.  

Webpage link: to meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli and to explore the many questions and answers exchanged. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetans by using a deeply induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit.

Please enjoy advanced astronomical concepts from the perspective of beings from Zeta Reticuli. Did our Universe come into being from a single thought? The Zetans provide intriguing references to the Dyson sphere concept, invisible forces that affect us, and categories of sentient life development in a solar system. 

Therapist: I wanted to talk to you about a concept known as ‘quantum resurrection,’ that is the idea that a particle might spring out of nothing if one has infinite time. Does that create the possibility of the resurrection of the Universe if there were nothing? Could, in fact, a particle spring from nothing?

Zetans: At the most fundamental level, this is how the Universe was partially created. Something was created from nothing. Quantum theory permits the existence of other universes to provide matter, which can issue forth, departing one universe to be transformed to create a second universe through the membranes that exist between universes at certain key intersections. It is immense to think that all matter in the Universe can come from one horizon event, but this is often how many universes are formed. However, the question still exists. Where did the first universe begin, and where did the matter from the first universe come from? That ultimate origin lives and sleeps within the strange mysteries of quantum physics.

Therapist: Could it have come from thought, a thought without any physical form?

Zetans: It is very conceivable. We have often discussed the ability of thought to manipulate matter and move matter. There is a connection between thought and matter in the Universe, in a quantum way, where one can transport oneself to a distant place by merely focusing thought. Such quantum physics toss out all concepts of linear time and space. This matter and form from thought would have to be a consciousness of almost omnipresent wisdom and ability. We can refer to it as many things, a superior being, or God, but maybe it is, as are many things in the Universe, a natural process that is just beyond our ability to conceptualize. In time, more wisdom and knowledge will permit an understanding of these concepts. This is another mystery that you touch on.

Therapist: I had the thought that we human beings give too much validity to the physical aspect of being and keep searching for that invisible-to-visible link. I have to think that the invisible has just as much validity. Perhaps it is not necessary to be searching so hard for the transition point. This is just a thought.

Zetans: When you consider the Universe and all that it encompasses, there is always more to be discovered that is not yet perceived. Your Shakespeare in his story about Hamlet stated it well, that there is more to heaven and Earth than we realize. Hamlet may teach you that science is a tool and not an answer. It evolves and changes as your understanding changes and your knowledge grows. As we attempt understanding of this consciousness, there is much more influencing what we do not see surrounding us. There are invisible forces, energies and resonances that touch us in ways that we do not always comprehend or may even be aware of. It is partly that connection that facilitates our quantum communication we are experiencing here and now. For everything we learn, there are more questions that, if answered, can give a fuller picture of the seemingly incomprehensible. I hope my words do not seem too vague.

Therapist: No. I have no difficulty following you.

Zetans: Good.

Therapist: Are you familiar with the term ‘Dyson sphere?’

Zetans: Yes.

Therapist: The way it was explained to me was it was like placing concentric circles or something like an intermittent sphere, around a star to collect energy. Is that your understanding of it?

Zetans: Yes. It is a space with a structural shell surrounding this space, containing  and  harnessing, in  a  very  efficient  manner,  all energy radiating from a star.  This Dyson sphere can contain much area for  life.  These are very advanced concepts for very advanced civilizations. The Dyson sphere is one method. There are not many Dyson spheres, but they do exist. This is a theory that some Earth theorists have correctly surmised. Some Dyson spheres, as you refer to them, can be difficult to detect in the Universe.

Therapist: Well, it makes sense, on the surface. There are so many stars and tremendous energy available.

Zetans: Your Russian astronomer, Nikolai Kardashev, created different categories or levels of sentient intelligence develop-ment on a scale of a solar system. A Dyson sphere represents a very advanced civilization. We have similar classifications. Earth, at present, does not even register on these scales. It has yet to focus and harness energies efficiently and cooperatively on a planetary scale. The next order of magnitude could encompass such concepts as a Dyson sphere.

Therapist: I am glad to hear about the Russian astronomer’s work and his interesting way of measuring societal advancements. This makes sense to me.

Zetans: Our concepts are not dissimilar. Humans are beginning to conceive of advanced concepts beyond Earth that are happily not totally Earth-centered in concept.

Therapist: Yes. That seems to be one of our weaknesses. We have to learn to think way outside of ourselves.

Zetans: Have patience. You are advancing quickly. Humans need to be less confined in thought, use imagination freely, and give themselves permission to conceive far beyond their present concepts. This is the beauty of knowledge and imagination in harmony to conceive those thoughts. If humans could see for themselves, they would marvel how their concepts, in some places of the Universe, are expressed in various forms of reality. 

Mary Barr,  B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC

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Sunday, November 15, 2015


You are invited to enjoy a shocking case study in which a protective shield failed in an alien encounter causing injury and chaos. Note the use of a sound emitted by the craft to calm everyone on the ground. The second subject matter concerns water and some shared knowledge about it on Earth and other planets.  Han is one of the primary beings from Zeta Reticuli who chose to share this knowledge with us. This session was recorded November 2011.

Therapist:  I regressed a woman named Cindy (pseudonym). It was difficult for her, but she finally managed to complete the process. She seems happier now.

Han:  I can assure you that she is very happy and a great weight was lifted from her.

Therapist:  I am so glad.

Han:  She is relieved about herself and her son. She has a sense of completeness now. She understands more of the situation in which she was involved.

Therapist:  I ask you about the noise that she heard, and also ask about how the entity may have been injured, if you know.

Han:  Cindy discovered the entity. The scene was one of great confusion and fear. Several dogs had injured the entity. The being was holding them at a distance with its mind, trying to pacify the dogs. It was focusing its mind to protect itself, telepathically holding the dogs at bay, while suppressing its own pain and fear. This requires great focus and mental discipline in a chaotic situation.

Therapist:  Were they neighbor dogs or Cindy’s dogs?

Han:  I don’t know this. There were three dogs, a pack. They were being protective and, at the same time, afraid, too, I sense.

Therapist: Had the being been bitten?

Han:  Yes. It was mauled.

Therapist:  Oh. That would have been quite severe.

Han:  Something went wrong. An invisible energy barrier that usually envelopes such entities from human bullets, weapons, or harm had failed, and the dogs noticed the being. The being felt invulnerable, but something went wrong. The dogs attacked. The dog sounds attracted Cindy. The entity suddenly realized the passive field protecting it had become ineffective. The entity was able to save himself from further damage, but was injured and unable to move well enough to escape. He was using his mind to call out for help and to push the dogs back.

Therapist:  Cindy felt compassion and sorrow for his injuries.

Han:  She was horrified, stunned, compassionate, and confused, and she did not know how to help. I think the entity sensed this, too. It was a scene of much energy. Almost a panic situation, but a craft quickly came and enveloped the whole scene to regain control. The rescue required retrieving the being, subduing the dogs, and taking everyone away who was conscious of the situation so there would be no memory trace. The entities did not do an effective job with this.  Sounds were used to accomplish control. The sounds of a craft are mesmerizing. This is often used to pacify and take control of all of the parties being visited. The entities use this as a protection to help control anything they may not anticipate.

Therapist:  There were two sounds. One, I would say, was to create a state of hypnosis. It was kind of a ‘whoooom, whooom, whooom’ sound. The second sound was like an old truck idling, making a fair amount of noise. Was that also part of the operation?

Han:  The ‘thrum’ is a hypnotic effect. It affects the mind and consciousness of all the living forms within a specific area. It acts as a soothing device to pacify or sedate where people are often conscious, but they do not seem to mind what is happening. This makes them pliable, to be controlled telepathically and responsive to instructions. This is often what occurs during ‘abductions.’ They are conscious, but there is a certain level of unconsciousness. This ‘thrum’ has a limited range and within this range it enables those away from the ship to carry out their duties in relative safety. A tragedy was barely prevented.

Therapist: And the second sound?

Han:  The second sound was a secondary effect of the craft. It was a growling, low, soft sound with a rhythmic pattern of higher frequency. Sound cancellation was used. This technology is not that advanced. It is basic technology for us. Even humans are learning the ability to direct sounds at specific targets. We have mastered this and so have the species who were involved with Cindy.

Therapist:  Thank you.  On another subject, where did the water on Earth come from?

Han:  The oceans are composed of the basic elements of oxygen, hydrogen, and compounds known as salts, creating a natural salinity. They originated from the very primitive atmosphere as it slowly evolved and the planet’s development formed these elements and linked up to form compounds. This does not evolve overnight. Water is an abundant and common compound in the Universe, in various gaseous, solid, and liquid states. It is even on nearby planets and moons, such as Europa around Saturn. Mars has such water. There is water on many planets, including oceans. Ours, too, is an ocean planet. In the proportion of land to sea, we have more land than sea, but we do have enough to create a good balance and maintain an atmosphere quite suitable for life. Water came from these basic elements. They combined to form the water that you understand today.

Water on the young Earth came from two sources: out-gassing from within the Earth and bombardment by comets. Out gassing is the process whereby gases are released from molten rock in the mantle of the planet by volcanic activity. This was probably the primary source of gases for your early atmosphere. Comets and meteorites also bring gases with them, which contributed to the Earth's atmosphere. Some of the gases in this new atmosphere were methane, ammonia, water vapor, and carbon dioxide. The water on Earth stayed in gaseous form  until  the planet's surface  cooled.  About  three-
and-a-half-billion years ago, conditions were right for water to condense into rain and poured onto the land. Water collected in low-lying areas, which gradually became the primitive oceans.

Therapist:  Water has many wonderful qualities, but my favorite is that water is clear and leaves no perceptible residue.

Han:  The ocean waters also provide a nursery for early life in its most primitive state. Such a large ocean is necessary. It is hard to imagine an ocean without life in its beginning. It just existed as liquid in a neutral state, but, in time, these oceans created the optimum situation for compounds to form into complex cellular life. The process of life began on this planet, as it has on others. It is a beautiful concept. This did not occur artificially. This occurred naturally and independently on its own. Even we could not create on such an extensive scale. We can terraform and transplant, but there are certain processes that we respectfully leave untouched.

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Webpage link: to meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli and to explore the many questions and answers exchanged. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetans by using a deeply induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit.

You are invited to explore insights about the afterlife from the perspective of beings from Zeta Reticuli. They address how spirit operates in its own dimensional state, its expansive and exploratory aspect, how it is connected to everything, and its ability to create at astonishing levels.  It is beyond what any human might anticipate.

Therapist:  What would your spiritual leaders/counselors tell us about the afterlife that would surprise and comfort us?

Zetans:  In the afterlife, there would be an added connection with all things and the great energies that can be harnessed in that dimension that is almost difficult to comprehend. The spiritual aspect knows every falling leaf and, at the same time, can harness the energies of a black hole or a sun. This expansive consciousness that is harnessed is profound.  That would be the quantum leap that characterizes the afterlife that would astonish and give one solace at the same time. It is the security of everything being connected to everything that lives forever.

First, know that there is an afterlife. Logically, that would be the first question. I have answered that. There is another dimension, a higher one of heightened spiritual and moral purpose. It is the natural inter-dimensional, inter-universal step. There are regions where the soul, as a ‘vessel,’ explores these seas of heightened spiritual consciousness. There is a more diffuse sense of energy where it permeates to an even deeper level of consciousness with all things and all beings. In our present physical world, the main difference would be the connection with other life forms.

Therapist:  Thank you. I did know that, in the spirit world, souls could create. I did not know that they could do so at such a great level. I assumed that they would go through various layers of learning before they reached the stage that you mentioned to create with such great capacity. Although I know about the existence of the afterlife, I am still astonished that we and other species have been given such a gift. That is what is beyond my understanding.

Zetans:  There is a force that is greater than the previous dimension it left. It is like a hand that reaches down, takes hold, and lifts the soul to the higher level, which it cannot attain by itself. It is with this force from beyond that makes this possible. It reaches to the soul, lifts it up, and brings it to the afterlife. Why that energy is greater than the previous level and how it increases in a physical universe where entropy is the norm is a great mystery to us. Instead of decreasing, the spiritual energy seems to increase.

Mary Barr,  B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC

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Type in Aliens Answer or Aliens Answer II.  

Webpage link: to meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli and to explore the many questions and answers exchanged. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetans by using a deeply induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit.

Please enjoy this not-be-be missed exchange with beings from Zeta Reticuli. Today's exchange covers illness and how the telepathic mind responds. The next question addresses how Zetans use psychotronics to levitate and manipulate material objects with their minds. They commend humans when we work together to bring about rain through our efforts to use our minds as a focused collective.

Therapist:  If you had a guest become ill, would you call in a physician or would you take that person to a place that would be akin to a hospital?

Zetans:  In your society, in such a situation, you may take someone to such a facility earlier than we would. Much of the knowledge and healing energy can be imparted to us remotely and collectively to deal with that situation for ourselves. We can transform our minds to become doctors on the spot for healing or whatever soothing or skills are needed. These are transferable. There are, however, certain physical skills that require manual dexterity and experience, which certain others have practiced. For example, we can transfer the knowledge of music and apply an appreciation of it, but to play certain music, to use that analogy, would require certain skills. In a medical emergency we would apply many treatments. After that, if necessary, the sick individual would be taken to a certain facility where they would continue treatment from there. The need and number of doctors, as you would refer to them, are fewer, but medical knowledge, healing, and certain skills can be imparted upon the general public, freely and ostensibly, to remedy most ailments.  Some of the more acute ailments require special skills and dexterity, which, at that point, the public remedies would step aside and the specialists would step in.

Therapist:  If you do not mind my asking, to what extent does your species use its mind to move material objects?

Zetans:  There are several levels to the answer to your question. There is a psychotronic ability, which we have. In the craft that humans sometimes see that we are associated with, this is an example of technology where our minds and the spacecraft or time craft (they are synonymous) can be an extension of the mind. Humans have known this. When humans fly aircraft, we can sense in their minds when the machine becomes an extension of the human body. This occurs with craft that has well-constructed and designed physical apparatus. In a real physical sense, the psychotronic ability is how we very commonly operate our own craft or our technology on our worlds.

There is also another layer where there are no psychotronic connections at the receiving end. The human or alien mind can manipulate matter to transform it to levitate or manipulate a change. This is done through the powerful abilities of some minds to focus energies and resonating forces. We cannot move mountains, but we can move many stones and similar objects.

Therapist:  Is this primarily in a group situation?

Zetans:  No. Certain individuals of our species can do this. With more minds, they can create even more. This is true.

Therapist:  Yes. We do have a few people who can move objects with their minds.

Zetans:  There are many ways both our species and the human species can move things and touch others, physically, mentally and emotionally. We often send out waves, which affect others, that can ultimately extend into infinity.

Therapist:  We have learned to use mass thought to bring rain.

Zetans:  I encourage you as students to take stock in the progress you have made. You are further along than maybe you realize.

Therapist:  As you said, for every question that is answered, at least two more questions form. I see how this process is beginning to open us up, both Steve and myself.

Zetans:  You are a philosopher.

Therapist:  I had a mother who taught me to be curious and to love life.

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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