Sunday, March 17, 2019



Does your home planet have a molten core?

Yes, it does. We have, at times, shifts in our continents, including earthquakes to expand this process. To an extent, it can be minimized, but the forces are very great. Our technology and our structures are designed to flow with the geology. These energy releases provide give and take with the stresses that are released. It is a planet that is larger than earth, but very similar in other ways. It is what you might call a ‘super earth’ from your context and the information you have recently discovered. That is a new term often expressed by humans. We have oceans and continents. We have continents that shift.

Do you have electromagnetic poles?


Do they stay more or less in the same regions as a ‘true’ north and south?

Yes. We also have electromagnetic storms on our star that create what you call auroras. The position of our planet, with its high iron content, makes a pronounced magnetic field. The solar energies that are released from our star react in a similar manner to your star. This is not uncommon. We do not have large magnetic storms, but they exist as part of the natural activity that occurs.

Are your north and south poles covered with snow and ice?

Yes. Our polar regions. This is a natural consequence. Our planet is slightly tilted. This creates a temperate climate with fewer extremes. We have noticed this on other planets. This creates climate that is conducive to life, one where there are no radical temperature changes. There are seasons. The earth could move into a situation where there would be more radical ice ages and warmer temperatures that would be too warm for agriculture. These are concerns, but this is a bit off into the future, if it should occur. The earth goes through cycles. Its poles and tilt are similar to our own planet. We have moderate temperatures. We have tropical regions near the equator and polar ice at the poles.

Do you have more land mass?

We have less land mass in proportion. Our world is about twice the size of your world in diameter. However, the land mass surface areas are about the same as earth’s land masses. This means that the oceans are more predominant in proportion to the land, but this has been a blessing, providing a richer atmosphere for protecting us from solar rays. A robust ozone layer exists. Our magnetic poles provide astonishing solar activity.

It must be beautiful.

Imagine an earth, only larger, with more resources. Our planet’s population has been controlled to an extent where there are no stresses from overpopulation. The economic and social stresses have been moderated sufficiently to allow us to live with the planet in peace. We live in harmony with our planet. We are blessed with large oceans that provide the oxygen and nitrogen combination along with carbon dioxide, similar to your earth. We have a larger water volume and surface area to maintain this, with a reduced population, so that each is in balance.

I can well imagine having that extra space to breathe and nature having the space to fully express itself.

We have a larger ‘backyard,’ I would say. Yet we still have our underground dwellings and technology. I have spoken of this. It is just under the surface. 

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