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On-going telepathic conversations with beings from Zeta Reticuli:

Therapist:  What can you tell us about crop circles?

Zetan:  Most of them are not of our making.  We enjoy using the English countryside.  We are often imitated. Our purpose is to show humans that they are not alone in the Universe.  It is not the complex symbols, but the statement itself that is our meaning.  Crop circles are the maze "maize" of the mind (a little humor).  We love to dazzle you with symmetry and to say hello.

Therapist:  In the United States, individualism is admired and helps to promote creativity.  How do you view the concept of individualism?

Zetan:  We see your need for individualism as being tied to fear of death, the human ego, and your inability to have real trust that allows interdependent living.  Our species does not have the same kind of ego. However, we often feel the need for individuality to some (lesser) extent.

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Therapist:  Can you see into the future?

Zetan:  To some extent, but not very far.

Therapist:  What is your home planet like?

Zetan:  It has two suns, one farther away (Zeta Reticuli).  On our planet there is a purpose for everyone -- all interconnected in spirit.   There are oceans.  We also evolved from the oceans.  There are many animals. We have animals that fly, live on the land, and in the oceans.  As with you, salinity is part of our metabolism and other growing things, too.  Our planet almost suffered extinction, but we stabilized our planet.

See for this nonfiction book entitled Aliens Answer  by Mary Barr and Steven Reichmuth.  See for further information on this exchange.

Mary Barr, Certified Hypnotherapist

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

REPOSTING May 20, 2014 (readability improved)

Therapist:  The next question has to do with a medical/social issue that we have not been able to solve.  It is the problem of addiction, specifically, drug addiction.  We consider illicit drug sales to be crimes.  The criminal elements (drug sales) are driven by profit.  How can we, as a nation, effectively help those who are addicted and, stop the cycle of crime?

Zetan:  Your population’s addiction concern is a very deeply rooted social problem.  It is dangerous, particularly from our viewpoint, where the importance for clarity of mind and rational thought connected by our telepathic abilities, puts such quality of life issues at a high premium.  In our society, the foolish individual indulgence of one can, to a large extent, affect the broader population.  Someone, affected by toxic chemicals or mental illness, would have a farther-reaching effect on the community of mind we enjoy that characterizes our species. Coming from such a viewpoint, drug abuse would be a great concern.  It is exploitation by those who create profits for themselves on the weaknesses of others.  The problem of drug addiction needs to be treated in a medical context, not a legal one.  Your legal efforts, for the most part, have failed.  The illegalization of certain drugs is very expensive in attempting to hold back a flood of problems. 

The solution is to make these illegal substances freely available. This would devalue them to nothing.  By making them available to all, this will destroy any profit motive and make treatment for these social diseases more freely available for curing/eliminating the desire or motive to use such substances in the future.  This practice would eliminate the misconceptions of illicit drugs being a benefit.  They will only be seen as a liability.

I scan Steve’s mind and I notice that his parents would often serve wine to him and his sisters at a young age.  This is part of their social structure from Steve’s father who came from where this was not considered improper.  The wine that was served was often diluted with water.  This created, in his social unit, a  learned  social  pattern  where  consumption  of  such
wines was not a form of escape.  When it is freely available, there is no desire to abuse it.  It is, again, a strange psychological manifestation in humans, manifested as rebellion and underscoring the illusion that, if a known quantity is good than a larger quantity should be better.  The debilitating effects are forgotten and the physiological trap closes.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday, May 11, 2014

On-going communication with beings from Zeta Reticuli.
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Therapist:  What medium carries thought?

Zetan:  It is an energy that we can see, but you cannot.  You need to understand how much you touch your environment, even with thought.  Processes for thought work much faster than you can imagine.

Therapist:  What is on the reverse side or our moon?

Zetan: It is like two moons.  The other side is more topographically complex.  We park there.  We can pass through solid objects and go underground so you cannot see our ships there, unless we want you to see them.


Mary Barr, Hypnotherapist and Behavioral Therapist

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Mary Barr, Certified Hypnotherapist and Behavioral Therapist

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Aliens Answer

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Continuing interviews with aliens from Zeta Reticuli (excerpts from hypnotherapy session).

Therapist:  Han, I invite you to share with us the relationship that your species has with animals.

Han, the Zetan:  We are a form of animal, as are all living things.  It is not the context that humans often place on the word "animal."  We are a higher being, much beyond our material selves at a spiritual and intellectual level that has advanced.  We have joined into the community of sentient beings and (it is) a delightful place.


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