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Webpage link: to meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli and to explore the many questions and answers exchanged. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetans by using a deeply induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit. Books are available on

Today's blog investigates the world of autism in children. The Zetas see autistic children as gifted. This therapist also asked about the effects of the moon on plants and the tradition of planting during a full moon. The Zetas provided insights to studies they have done on the effects of planets with moons as opposed to planets without moons.  There are many effects including subtle gravitational energies. 

Therapist: We talked a little bit before about children with autism. I don’t know if you can answer this question or, perhaps, your spiritual leaders might have an answer: When children here are profoundly autistic and not really interacting with their environment, are they in contact with either spiritual beings or with other telepathic beings?

Zetas: Are you referring to abductees?

Therapist: No. Children with autism.

Zetas: I understand. Autistic children are distinctive. They have a different set of mental patterns. They are not the general balanced intellectual form. They have great advanced abilities and, at the same time, are diminished in other capacities. They have special abilities in terms of human intellectual development. They have certain gifts and certain handicaps.

Therapist: They are certainly living in their own world. I can see them interacting with someone or something.

Zetas: Some of these gifts provide them with a broader door that is more receptive to energies and influences, both spiritual and physical. In their minds, they are very receptive to the broader reality that is often beyond the comprehension of most humans. In that sense, we could call our own species autistic, in the sense that we are more receptive to those spiritual and telepathically directed thoughts. They have the ability to listen to these and be affected by them in ways that most human perception does not fully understand or appreciate. Yet, we understand, to a degree, because of our own telepathic form of communication and social structure.

Therapist: I thought they must be more receptive because they certainly appear to be engaged.

Zetas: They are very receptive, as you observed, in another world.

Therapist: I couldn’t imagine them having nothing to react to.

Zetas: It is another place, where they sometimes exist. Their eyes seem to be somewhere else, and this would be an accurate observation. Their minds are active, but their minds function in different ways.

Therapist: They often reject being touched. I don’t know if their skin is unusually sensitive, or they are simply startled.

Zetas: They are distracted and startled.

Therapist: You are probably familiar with the concept of planting gardens and tying that planting to certain phases of the moon. Both Steve and I would like to learn whether that is simply mythology or whether it has some benefit.

Zetas: The moon has other influences beyond mythological and spiritual. The gravity of the moon affects the tides, and in subtle ways, it affects the migrations of many species on your planet, particularly birds. It is not the sole source for such migrations in navigation, but it is just one of several. It does provide a repetitive pattern by which to navigate by creating a fixed source, in a sense, a position point. The moon can also influence plants in subtle ways. It is the way that plants and all living things are affected by gravitational influences and other things that affect planets. In some sense, what is considered mythology will one day, when it is more fully understood, have a basis in scientific fact.

A study of different cultures on different planets with moons is often a fascinating field of study. This is the study of the sociology of different off-world cultures. We compare cultures that have moons orbiting their worlds versus those worlds without moons. Many who have moons seem to have flourished and have an outward interest in the stars, more so than those without moons. It could be that the moon provides a small, achievable leap and allows the first baby steps to the stars. Many cultures without moons do not often develop this instinct so soon. Fortunately, most planets in the Universe possess moons around them.

Therapist: Perhaps the farmers have learned by experimentation that their plants may flourish or come up sooner and stronger when planted by the full moon. I am not sure about the gravitation effects during the full moon. Is it stronger at that time?

Zetas: It is part of a resonance in reality. It is not so much the moon itself, but the way the moon affects the whole planet and the resonating energies that emanate from the whole planet that affect its plant life. The moon does not have a direct effect, but an indirect effect. It is resonances that not only affect the plants when they begin to grow, but also when they are harvested. On our planet we have seen similar patterns.

Therapist: I believe that seeds have tremendous knowledge packed in small spaces, They have knowledge for survival. When the proper conditions exist to emerge, they are able to sense those conditions. I marvel at seeds and plants and their ability to survive. Perhaps we humans underestimate them.

Zetas: Their strength lies in diversification and adaptation. Their life cycles are very rapid, and this facilitates their adaptation. The cycle of life is much quicker for plants. At the same time, this is just a spectrum. You have, as on other planets, redwood trees whose lifespans are much more extended. There is a great, constantly changing energy that is exchanged in plant life to make them adaptable to grow in places not considered possible before. 

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Sunday, March 20, 2016


Webpage link: to meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli and to explore the many questions and answers exchanged. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetans by using a deeply induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit. Books are available on

Curious about life on other planets?  In today's blog, the Zetans respond to a request to describe life on Kepler 22B, the recently found planet that resides in a Goldilocks zone. The Therapist asked about whether life forms were transferred to Kepler 22B from Earth or other planets. The Zetans gave a surprising and detailed response. The Zetans described themselves as rather like bees, in the sense of "pollinating" life on other planets.  Also, the Zetans offer an easy way to visualize string theory. You will find that the Zetans possess a sparkling sense of humor.

Therapist: I recently talked to a gentleman, and we touched on the subject of string theory. He wanted to know how one could define the ‘string’ in string theory. I don’t know how valid the theory is. Do you have any comments on this?

Han, the Zetan: Knowledge is discovered and theories are revised. Science is transitory. It is constantly evolving. String theory is one such example. It is one of a combination of parts that you will one day understand in the unified theory, which eluded your Albert Einstein. We have affection for him. He was a remarkable human. His spirit can now pass the speed of light, where he can observe once forbidden laws in action. I digress from your question, and I apologize. The question is string theory. It is one evolutionary step toward the unified theory.

Therapist: When they use the term ‘string,’ is it like looking at something that unfolds, like fractals?

Han: It unfolds. It envelopes and curves reality, bends in on itself and then releases to fold in on itself again. It is the convection of reality. Convection is the word for which I was searching. It is a release and containment at the same time, the bending and convection of reality.

Therapist: It almost sounds like it breathing.

Han: I see in Steve’s mind that he is mixing cornmeal and liquid in a bowl, using a mixer. The semi-solid liquid curls, is drawn into the bottom of the bowl, circulates to the top, and it is drawn in through the center again, through a whirlpool. That whirlpool is how I am trying to express the string theory. I had to borrow that image from Steve to share. He was making cornmeal the other night. I plucked that off of his mind’s shelf and tossed it in your lap.

Therapist: (Therapist laughs.) Thank you for that. That was lovely. 
Are you familiar with Kepler 22B and its host star?

Zetans: Yes. We are familiar with its star and its planet, the one you (humans) have been excited about recently. It is all that you imagine it to be. It is a beautiful, blue world of ocean and life.

Therapist: That is so exciting to hear. Can you tell me how old the planet is?

Han: It is a much older planet. Primarily, its star is older. It is smaller than your sun you call ‘Sol.’ it is a cooler star. The planet exists in a climate zone in a very optimal orbital position.

Therapist: The Goldilocks zone.

Zetans: Yes. We are familiar with the three bears. (Burst of laughter from Therapist.) This planet exists where the porridge is just right, not too hot or too cold. This super earth, as you refer to it, is not called super earth by other species, of course. Your awareness of the Universe seems to be expanding lately, almost exponentially.

Therapist: Is the life there tribal in nature?

Han: Life there has intelligence and technology. It is primarily a world where much of its life exists in the oceans, but there is technology on the land also. The land areas are about the same as earth land surfaces, which proportionally means that the oceans are much larger in proportion since this planet is almost 2.5 times the size of your planet. There are vast ocean areas. It has pleasant climates by human standards. It is teaming with life in the oceans, on its surface and in its skies. I see many forms of life that are intelligent, living in a simple manner. In some ways, they are a very early technological society. They are roughly comparable to your species in technological development, at present. They are evolving in their own way. We give them the same protections from more selfish and ambitions species who wish to dominate. The same umbrella protects their planet too.

Therapist: Have you transferred any of our species to that planet?

Han: I am smiling. If you were to visit there, you would be surprised at what has been planted there.

Therapist: It delights me.

Han: Some of the fruit that I have spoken of is planted there. These are some of the garden havens, shall we say, containing various botanical gardens that we have located there to preserve many species from your planet. Should your planet run into environmental changes that cannot sustain your existing species, we can transplant them on this new planet. Many planets share a lot of the same characteristics. This is not by accident. Diversification, I think, is the correct word. It is the spreading out the risk among many planets so that plant species can be replaced from other gardens.

Therapist: I love the diversity.

Han: Humans think your planet is unique. You are wrong and, at the same time, you are right. I will just leave it at that and ask you to know that there are ways that nature, in a universal sense, is at work doing its good purpose. Even our species, in transplanting forms, may be performing a larger service, like bringing pollinating insects or birds. In that analogy, we are probably unconsciously performing a higher function role called for by an ultimate force that we here romantically refer to as God. Perhaps this is the part we are destined to play in a larger context.

Therapist: I remember, as a child, a story called Johnny Apple Seed.

(Han chuckles.)

Therapist: It stayed with me. I am sure you understand.

Han: Yes.

Sunday, March 13, 2016


Webpage link: to meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli and to explore the many questions and answers exchanged. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetans by using a deeply induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit.

Today's blog explores the experiences of Dr. David Jacobs and the threat of hybrids. You will find both sides of the hybrid reality discussed. Also considered is how various species migrant to other occupied planets. There is a common, non-violent immigration that some will find exciting and others will find disturbing.  Additionally, the Zetans discuss the ghost rockets that were seen in Denmark and Sweden since 1947.  Aliens conducted a systematic survey of our Earth at that time.

Therapist: May I speak to you about someone named David M. Jacobs?

Zetan: I know this gentleman.

Therapist: I am a little concerned about his conclusions in a book that he wrote called The Threat. Due to the various people that he has worked with and their stories, he is now fearful when he speaks of the aliens. He talks about aliens having an agenda of taking humans, breeding them, and creating and maintaining a hybrid program. He speaks about an integration program to ultimately assume control over the human species. Some or all of this may be true, but my concern is that he is probably referring to one particular species, and, secondly, that he may be forgetting that there have been interventions.

Zetan: Dr. Jacobs’ perspective is both an astute one and a limited one. He has penetrated, making small holes of light in a wall of understanding. He wishes to penetrate through to have a greater picture. In the many people he treats, he begins to understand the nature of the contacts that have been made. There are some benign contacts by our species with no intent of harm. There are other species who are less benign and have more selfish aims. They use humans as a harvesting species for their needs and do so in an arrogant fashion, which, even by our species’ standards, we consider wrong and arrogant. They show no respect for lesser species who are not yet at a level where, if interacted with, they can achieve a level similar to us. They forget that at one time they were once in a similar position.

To a large degree, Dr. Jacobs is right about the hybrid program. He is seeing brief glimpses through his clients. These clients provide him with only a limited perspective and, to a degree, a slightly distorted view. He sees the exploitation and the fear that naturally would occur as they come to him for help and solace. He sees mostly a darker side, much like a doctor, seeing only the injury done in an emergency room in your hospitals. This would naturally develop an outlook about your species that is a very pessimistic one. Dr. Jacobs would be in a similar position, providing psychological and emotional support for these people while, at the same time, gathering intelligence.

There is a species, along with many of their larger species, which we know. You know them as ‘greys.’ They are familiar to us, but they are in a different camp. There is a program to create integration and to infiltrate human activities. If they attempt to conquer, this will not be permitted by our species. We feel that the ultimate aim that Doctor Jacobs fears is not correct. Even if the motives of these darker species are that, they will be prevented by us from accomplishing that aim. However, they can be permitted to live and integrate into human society, but they will never conquer it.

Therapist: I wish he knew that.

Zetan: His fears are natural and correct, based on the limited information he has. However, the greys will not be allowed to do this and fulfill their ultimate aims. We have means at work that you do not see so that they are confined to only a limited degree of activity. Beyond that, an ultimate invasion or conquering will not be permitted to happen. Rest assured in this. There are powers at work, which keep everything in check. The human species deserves its right to stand under the stars with others around the Universe. Humanity is to be given that chance to develop and evolve as unfettered and as undisturbed as possible. We do interact and influence human society. I have mentioned this in the past. This will continue. This mutual relationship will be of benefit for both humanity and our species. Humanity will have its chance, as we have had.

Therapist: That is very reassuring. I thank you for permitting me to learn that.

Zetan: We are not angels, by any means. We are not perfect, and we have many bad beings in our species, too. Please do not misunderstand. We have reached a level of civilization and consciousness as sentient beings. Because of this, we wish for other species to inherit the same kind of richness that we have acquired.

Therapist: Can you tell us something about the ‘ghost rockets’ that were seen falling into the lakes in Denmark and Sweden?

Zetan: This was a vanguard of new exploration and was heralded with the development of atomic energy on your planet. These were the visits of 1947 on. It was important to understand as soon as possible this new degree of technological development, both for your species and for other species who were concerned with the development of both rockets and atomic energy. The concern was that the tribal instincts of your world could be expanded beyond your world. At that time, the logistical ability of our species was limited. We only had so many craft to perform these assessments.

Logically, the United States was  surveyed first, and then other areas needed to be examined. Some of these areas were the Scandinavian countries. To do an intensive survey it was decided to divide the planet into zones for examination, which constantly revolved or changed as new developments occurred. I am basically stating that we could not be everywhere at once due to our limited logistics in exploring the new developments. Scandinavia was one area, after the United States. Other areas were Europe and Asia. It was part of a systematic survey of your planet, heralding a new era.

Therapist: Would you call them light probes?

Zetans: We had technology that included physical craft. Some were of a more advanced nature in the form of light energy where consciousness controlled remote drones. They were small enough to not be noticed. They had the ability to enter into confined areas of physical space to explore and satisfy our curiosity. Some ships were of a sufficiently physical size to allow the physical transport of beings, both for interaction and contact. We had smaller ones for remote reconnaissance and surveillance. Reconnaissance is an offensive word. Surveillance is a defensive word. Reconnaissance is to penetrate and probe, while surveillance is to passively observe.

Therapist: Thank you. I had no reaction to either word, but thank you for defining them.

Zetans: The Scandinavian countries have advanced technological development. This was one area of interest to us. There are many areas of your world with advanced technology.

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Sunday, March 6, 2016


Webpage link: to meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli and to explore the many questions and answers exchanged. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetans by using a deeply induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit.

Today's blog is a truly poignant exchange that describes how Zetans (and humans) experience spiritual contact. It will resonate with your very soul. The Zetans discuss their outer limits of evolution. 

Therapist: I wish I could give you the experience of what it is like to have a spirit or soul rush through your physical being. Some of them are rather dark, but there are some who have such a lightness-of-being that I cannot really put it into words except to say it is as if a loving intention has just flowed through you, probably much like your telepathy when a ripple of affection runs through the whole species.

Zetans: A feeling of luxuriousness.

Therapist: Yes. That is the feeling of spirit I sometimes get with some of them.

Zetans: It is transitory. It comes and goes like a gust of a wind. Each has their own signature. I can begin, I think, to understand. There is a wave of energy that passes through you, a distinct heightened awareness. A fleeting embrace of energy that passes through you, with another following soon after. It is like a light that passes through you.

Therapist: Light energy, yes. There is also that "passing through" sensation.

Zetans: I can understand this. Our telepathic abilities can give us a heightened, let’s say, a better parabolic mirror to collect and focus these energies and transmit them back. We transmit and receive a broader wavelength. There are energies that perhaps your species and my species could share. This added sense may seem very elusive, just beyond your present consciousness. You are near that threshold, which you have yet to enjoy. You have that to look forward to.

Therapist: I would like to offer a thought. Remember that we had discussed a species that you came across that appears as points of light and sometimes as clusters. They can quickly travel anywhere, but they are not physical. Because your species lives quite a long time, perhaps your evolution is slowing down. What do you think would need to occur if your species wanted to evolve to the next step and become nonphysical beings? Do you think that would entail shortening your life span to encourage faster evolution? Perhaps there would be a change in needs or philosophies?

Zetans: I understand the concepts you are discussing. In a physical sense, the need for shorter life spans would accelerate the evolutionary process of an entire species. The human Darwin recognized this where the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and the advantages come to the forefront. In our desire to strive to be like these star points of energy that travel throughout the Universe that we admire, revere and respect, we feel that any evolutionary step will perhaps require a different direction. Perhaps only our telepathic abilities might enable this. Eventually, we may not be able to reach that far. Our minds may have to extend at that point to achieve that higher level. We may have to leave our bodies behind, in a literal sense, to intellectually and spiritually enhance ourselves for the rest of any evolutionary journey. Those will be the tools that may be required to achieve that evolutionary perfection.

Therapist: Let us consider a harder question. What kind of senses would that type of being have?

Zetans: They would possess omnipresence, an awareness of everything that we can only wish for, projecting a focus of concentrated thought in one direction. In the species of an advanced nature, such as we are talking about, there would be omnipresence, an awareness that would seem almost unheard of, and it would create a consciousness that would be in one place and everywhere at the same time. It is what we wish to strive for in a spiritual sense. It is a mountain top for us. It would be one of final perfection. Your authors wrote the story of Zarathustra (Fredrich Netzsche) who wished to strive to become the super being. This would even surpass that. I guess we have our Zarathustras, too. It is not one to be superior, just for the sake of superiority, but to be one with all that we hold dear, of all that exists in the Universe around us. A love affair with the Universe means being a part of everything. When we expire, our souls are released and we join the great host of all consciousness in the Universe, all energy. These are deeply spiritual things. It is difficult to express the emotions. Our emotions have been confined and our intellect can only strive so much. Often we fail to remember that our emotions are necessary, too. This is why we admire the human species in their heightened emotional abilities to enjoy reality. We, in our intellectual capacity, must often wait for our emotions to catch up. We would no longer need to fear our emotions. We would reach that heightened attainment.

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC

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