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Webpage link: to meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli and to explore the many questions and answers exchanged. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetans by using a deeply induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit.

This session covers how other species (Zetans) experience other lives, why certain aliens examined Betty and Barney Hill, how certain entities payed their respect at Barney's funeral, and the intentional and successful implantation of ideas, which began a carefully designed public awareness program to introduce humans to the idea of aliens.

Therapist: You, personally, do you have memories of other lives that you may have lived?

Zetan:  I see a green place, very rich, warm, and pleasant. I feel sometimes, maybe, this was a past time in my earlier life. I see a place of beauty that I have often speculated was a time when life was simpler and my role as a facilitator and communicator with other species was not so. I imagine being in another role in our society, in our world. I often see myself as a caretaker of the land instead of as a representative. Humans would define this as a caretaker, perhaps like a farmer. This amuses me and pleases me, too. These fleeting thoughts have often been on my mind.

Therapist:  Those are very beautiful thoughts. Humans have similar kinds of recollections.

Zetans:  The chemistry of our brains is carbon-based and we have similar chemistries. Perhaps our sharing  of such  concepts  is not so different. Perhaps our minds are more developed, but there are species that are more developed than we are. Each has respect for each other. We share many things that would not surprise someone who is also well traveled. That knowledge brings a feeling of warmth and satisfaction that our communication and communication with other species, too, has that same fundamental bond.

Therapist:  May I ask you some questions about the Barney and Betty event? I will call them abductions.

Zetan:  Yes. I understand the term and its meaning.

Therapist:  Do you understand that when I use the term ‘abduction’ that is not necessarily with the same meaning that someone else might intend? You know, of course, the case of Betty and Barney Hill. The question is about an incident where she found her missing earrings in a pile of leaves on a table. She thinks those earrings disappeared during the first time she was taken. Do you have any information on the recovery of the earrings?

Zetans:  The entities involved were very interested in Betty and Barney. They would be considered, in a way, good aliens by your definition. They were attracted to Betty for several reasons: Her biology and her social attitudes. One reflection of this was her marriage to Barney and the curious racial situation in which she defied the conventional norm. We found this very interesting. Sometimes entities will take certain artifacts and examine them. Her earrings were one such item. Barney’s dentures were another. These earrings were returned to them while they were absent from their home, many days later. It was done in a fashion like a friend might leave behind certain calling cards that only they would recognize. This calling card was a pile of leaves and a peculiar setting which Betty and Barney would recognize  immediately and understand the significance. In consideration to them, her property was returned.

She was monitored throughout her life and the entities had affection for her. Their relationship was of a broader significance than she realized.  Many of   their   memories were   effectively blocked, but there was more than one visit to her and Barney. There was the suggestion in the Stanton Friedman and Kathleen Marden book, of which we are aware, that perhaps Barney was being punished for revealing their experience. This is not the case. Unfortunately, Barney’s particular physiology was such that he suffered a stroke early in his life. This was more a consequence of his physiology and medical history than anything done by these entities. 

There was great sadness when Barney passed away, and there was a craft present, which Betty saw when she visited Barney’s grave. They stood in the background, the entities monitoring and paying their respects. Their contact was groundbreaking. Contact was then made with other humans, both in the past and in the future, after that initial contact. The Hills were one of the first. There have been earlier and later abductions by your linear timeline, but space travel, as we know it, is by its nature, also travel through time. From that first contact, all parties involved gained much experience and knowledge. Memories and suggestions implanted then were successful in beginning a carefully designed new public awareness. We wished for public awareness in the secret 1960 Holloman Air Force Base meeting, but it was denied. 

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Type in Aliens Answer or Aliens Answer II.  

Webpage link: to meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli and to explore the many questions and answers exchanged. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetans by using a deeply induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit.

This session covers how the Zetans approach the unknown, the dynamics of how a telepathic society deals with memories and traumatic events, and how Zetans avoid war.

Therapist:  I know your species travels extensively.

Zetans:  We love to travel.

Therapist:  What are you thinking when you come across something that is entirely unknown? What are the initial thoughts when you encounter something interesting and unknown?

Zetans:  We approach cautiously, as would any species in coming in contact with the unknown. We weigh the risk versus the benefit. We have learned that risk is necessary to acquire knowledge. At times, it may result in loss of life. It is dependent upon what price we are willing to pay for the potential benefits, whether that would be knowledge or survival. In travel to your distant moon, you learned to work as one toward a goal and accepted the risks. You knew that the benefits would be worth the risk, both for your science and for your instinctual spirituality. This also applies to us in exploring many worlds.  We can martial many more resources to expand an area of exploration. Sometimes we encounter situations that confound us. With time, we learn.

Therapist:  We humans color our memories and change our memories to maintain our self-esteem. Does your species also do this?

Zetans:  This is a complex question. It is more complex than perhaps realized. There are memories that humans sometimes feel are best not remembered. Our species tends to remember the accumulative memories rather than certain points in memory quality. We look at the quantity of memories and look at the quantity in proportion to the whole. Some memories are interlaced with the memories of others of our species, as we relate to each other through our minds. In communication by thoughts, many perspectives and many viewpoints are intermixed telepathically. What one individual remembers, locked inside the human mind, can be released and shared among others in the same species where there is such a mixture of different viewpoints. When the individual viewpoint is viewed by others, it creates a different perspective. What may be a terrible memory for one may be seen differently when viewed by multiple minds. Often, a memory in a human is locked inside in its own isolated pocket, either to fester or to flourish. The dynamics are different in a telepathic world, and there is a natural supportive healing that comes within the community where the need to repress unpleasant memories is less necessary. I hope this is understood.

You have emotional support groups. Imagine a support group of an entirely aware society. Perhaps humans would look at our telepathic society as a loss of individuality, but it also has many great strengths.

Therapist:  Yes. I am beginning to appreciate this. If we look at the overall picture of a society, I would think the goal would be to bring individuals into a state of harmony, with room for some deviations. Viewing memories with different perspectives and support would certainly be a good thing.

Zetans:  There is a harmony and universality. There is a sense of group consciousness where, if the individual seems diminished, each individual also grows in strength from the whole, often creating the illusion of a sum greater than its parts. This is often what makes the individual entity feel more buoyant and supported. The greater of the whole creates this feeling, yet the individual can still have his own thoughts, emotions, and feelings. These are not diminished. These are only magnified in the context of the others, which creates a deep and lasting bond between individuals in our society. This creates a peace and harmony. This is why our worlds lack war. There is understanding and a feeling that any problem encountered will be overcome because everyone understands and works toward the same solution. Each contributes. No one is deprived of this contribution. Each gives the other a sense of well-being.

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Type in Aliens Answer or Aliens Answer II.  

Webpage link: to meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli and to explore the many questions and answers exchanged. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetans by using a deeply induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit.

This is a discussion of how long a Zetan could remain dead and still be successfully resuscitated. It includes how their physicians, with great spiritual insight, assist in educating the individuals about the afterlife. The subject of limb regeneration is also discussed.

Therapist:  If one of your species dies young, what is the outside resuscitation time that you would have before you would no longer want to resuscitate that individual?

Zetans:  Life and death, in physical terms, is a very broad and undefined situation. I spoke earlier of how we can control our autonomic reflexes to slow down our metabolic rates. We do this for many reasons, some for survival. Perhaps this can be interpreted as hibernation, or a near death experience. The energy of life still radiates softly from such individuals. A point will come when the mind no longer functions and ceases to exist.

Therapist:  Are you speaking of the mind or the brain?

Zetans:  The brain. In our beliefs, the mind continues on in another form, along with the soul. When the physical brain ceases to function, that is our definition of when life ceases.

Therapist:  That is also the same definition we use, when the brain no longer functions.

Zetans:  We are not dissimilar in this. The suffering is not in the being whose life is departed, but in the survivors and the loved ones who remain behind. It is often they who feel the most pain.

Therapist:  After brain death, if the soul in one of your species has already departed to another dimension, can you still revive the body and call the soul back?

Zetans:  Yes. This is possible, within certain parameters. Our medical sciences make this possible.

Therapist:  Are you speaking of hours or days?

Zetans:  A human day. In human time, usually hours, but it is not unprecedented for a day to pass. The telepathic abilities of our species can discern very clearly the separation point to beyond. Some have this specialty to communicate with souls in the other dimensions. At times, it is discerned and interpreted that these souls no longer wish to return. We respect these wishes, even though, physically, our science has the ability, to a degree, to restore them.

Our scientists are also spiritually telepathic and they realize the soul no longer wishes to return and wishes to carry on its existence on a higher plane. Our physicians have great spiritual insights beyond their desire to preserve and save lives. They are great mediators of the process of life. They see life in extraordinary terms, which they often share with the community of mind and our society. This creates a great and deep sense of contentment and peace with less fear of death, when that time eventually comes for all living things.

Therapist:  If your species were to lose a hand or foot would you regenerate that limb?

Zetans:  Yes. This is well-accepted procedure and has been a medical ability we have had for some time.

Therapist:  Is that a medical ability rather than a genetic ability?

Zetans:  It is a combination of both, genetics stimulated by the medical ability. We know the switches to turn on and off to activate the existing natural ability.

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Type in Aliens Answer or Aliens Answer II.  

Webpage link: to meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli and to explore the many questions and answers exchanged. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetans by using a deeply induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit.

This is a continuation of contact with Berkeley hybrids on Earth. Also discussed are terraforming, a cube device that opens doorways into other timelines and dimensions, deceptive species, genetic sampling, and the Holloman AFB contact.

Therapist:  Would you please thank them for allowing us to get a little glimpse of their world and a deeper appreciation for their difficulties?

Zetans: They are in different locations. The female is with a human male. Two others are studying in their home and the other is in a market place, observing. Yet, they are aware of our conversation. They are very touched by being contacted by an entity similar to themselves that understands and appreciates their presence and understands the kinship. They are moving on and continuing with their duality.

Therapist:  Has your species ever terraformed anything on this Earth?

Zetans: Not directly. You could consider, in a very rudimentary, superficial way, the consciousness planted in human society as a kind of ‘terraforming.' They refer to it as the environmental movement done mainly for conservation, rather than transformation. In a very superficial form, it might be considered as such in that context. In a direct way, however, no, but in an indirect way, yes.

Therapist: I had a question about a cube device at S-4. You discussed the uses of some devices at S-4 (near Area 51) and the cube device was one of them.

Zetans: We talked about the cube device and the tilting device that we had concerns about. The cube device was our concern. It facilitates a doorway to other dimensions and other timelines. It has been used as a bargaining tool by other species in exchange for permission by certain governmental authorities to permit their species to clandestinely abduct certain humans for their specie’s own needs or curiosity. This was a deception by this species because the cube can be taken back at any time. It is like giving a child a toy to preoccupy their attention while the thief ransacks the house. I feel this species is deceptive about its own agendas, which we watch very carefully. We often stand in between to see that certain boundaries are not abused.

Therapist: That might be the answer to the question I was about to ask, Why haven't non-Earth interests destroyed the human species already? It sounds like your sentinel stance prevents this.

Zetans: We are here to protect. Also, in the context of other worlds, this is part of our political posture in relation to these other entities. The Earth has reason to stand up and exist on its own accord, but, at the same time, there are entities that see the Earth as very valuable for harvesting. There is no apparent wish to take over the Earth or control it. If they did, we would stop them before the Earth would even be aware of it.

Therapist: I find it ironic that humans are so upset about being genetically sampled and harvested when, in fact, we do the same thing to other human beings and animals for research.

Zetans: This is true. Like in many human relations we have known, it is all a question of context in how humans see themselves. In a larger context, they are one of many. Within their context, they see themselves as isolated. It is their human, Earth-based view, perhaps combined with a sense of pride that determines how they relate to other life forms. This is understandable in the context of their very limited perspective. Others species do not see that, but that is because they enjoy a much broader perspective that their evolution and technology makes possible. Humans do not yet have this broader perspective.

Therapist: Was there ever a landing at the Holloman Air Force Base where a large number of personnel were aware of the landing?

Zetans: In the 1960s there was a contact made at Holloman Air Force Base. It was very secret. It was the initial step that created many of the activities between humans and aliens now at S-4. It provided the pathway for these activities. Some political arrangements were made. Humans really had very little to nothing with which to bargain. The aliens were very much restrained by outside pressures. We were observing and were very aware of their advanced capabilities. The initial contacts were made to establish an understanding. The initial contacts to prepare for this meeting were done through a number of government contacts through hybrids and through telepathic contact. These initial contacts were not readily accepted or understood. Eventually, they were gathered together to form a convention between humans and some species. This involved meeting face-to-face at Holloman, in great secrecy.

Therapist: We are aware that it was quickly covered up. Did you ever receive any information from scientific advisers to our presidents? Some are very much interested in the possibility of life on other planets.

Zetans: There are a number of scientists who are retained as advisers to the presidents. Some presidents are fully aware of Holloman and Roswell. Some are not. It depends on the compartmentalization and the secrecy that humans often use in controlling their secrets. Judd was one who was an adviser to the President, among others retained in case certain encounters were made where further government interests may require answers. Some presidents have been aware of alien contact. A few have deliberately not been informed. However, the information was there, if later the need were to arise where it was more efficient for the President to be informed. Some knew from the beginning before they even entered presidential office due to their access to very secret information. This has been kept from the public in the day-to-day activities of the President. This is not a major concern. It is usually knowledge that is held in the background. Many of the contacts exist in such a way that any government or military influence would be inconsequential. There is little they can do to stop the action or to prevent something. Still, the President often wishes to be aware of certain events and these advisers facilitate this.

Mary Barr, B.A, CCHT, CBT, CLC

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