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Webpage link: to meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli and to explore the many questions and answers exchanged. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetans by using a deeply induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit.

Today's session is a continuation from last week into how some hybrids live on planet Earth. These Berkeley hybrids are really studying humanity. Their home, social patterns, money, competition, dealing with new emotions, trying to establish relationships with humans, problems of living much longer, and duality are all discussed. Absolutely fascinating!

Therapist:  Of the group that we are currently with, the three males and the one female, I assume they are aware that to be part of the human culture they need to have hobbies, interests. Will they tell us about any of the interests that they display superficially, or perhaps they have some interests or hobbies that they actually enjoy?

Zetans:  The interest in cooking does not exist. Visitors, who regularly replenish their supplies of nutrients at home, supply their food to them. Because of this, they are rather tied to this location. Their interests in school are in studying the anthropology of the present human within the extent of their understanding of human science and comparing it to their own. There are the other off-world teachers who regularly instruct them as well. In a sense, they have two mothers and two sets of friends, both at home and on Earth. They are like many exchange students in  that  academic  environment,  but  in  a  way,  that  other exchange students could never comprehend. However, in social pattern, they are really quite similar, just from a place considerably farther away. Science and human sociology are of great interest. Hybrid social behavior, by comparison, would seem rather dry and sterile. Their home is rather sparse and empty. Certain posters of rock bands and others appear in the home, but this more to conceal themselves. The posters are not really of interest. It is more to put up the appearance of being human, creating camouflage.

Therapist:  Part of this process of integration would mean that, at least superficial, they would make friends with humans, maybe have them to their house, or go over the humans’ houses. How do they deal with this?

Zetans:  The female has certain male human callers. She is considered attractive to humans, if in some ways perhaps in a strange way. This elicits certain sexual curiosity from the male humans as well. Perhaps her natural distancing from others is interpreted as aloofness, which attracts further. The landlord is very happy with these hybrids as tenants. They do not cause trouble and the house is always immaculate. The landlord does not seem to be of much concern about them, as long as he is paid regularly. How he is being paid seems to be a mystery. They seem to have a certain account where they can draw money from regularly that seems to be readily available to them so they can pay such necessary things in human society and economy.

Therapist:  An average human, especially at that young age, would have a sense of competition that they express through sports or they might compete in earning grades, or compete for attention from the opposite sex. I believe that competition is not a part of your culture. How do they deal with that?

Zetans:  They recognize the instinctual reproductive behavior in their study of human society. They try to mimic this and at the same time, they feel it unnecessary. Sometimes the human response to this  is  curious.  The more they  may appear cold and distant, the more attractive they might inadvertently appear to humans. This is a curious human behavior that perplexes hybrids. Answers come so easily for them. Their main focus is social integration. That is their challenge. There is an added stress involved. How to integrate into human culture without becoming too human. The challenge is in not denying the other part of their heritage, which is off-world. This is part of the challenge of the whole hybrid program. It is what I would call having dual identities.

Therapist:  Yes. Dual identities exist for some humans, but not to the same extent. For instance, if one was an American Indian, but also an American citizen, that would be a dual identity. In terms of aloofness and the young woman, when you combine aloofness with attractiveness, it spurs interest in competition. Her perception is correct that her aloofness can intensify interest from males.

Zetans:  They have noticed this. Also, the human part of them, biological and emotional, is not diminished. They are dealing with new emotions and drives. The human part cannot be denied in this duality. Their intelligence accepts this duality, but there is an emotional price that cannot be repressed. This causes conflicts dealing with the duality. They both know and enjoy their duty or purpose for integrating into society. At the same time, they also miss being with a society of ones like themselves and the comfort it brings. They also miss the home that they believe is their origin. They sometimes miss home. They do not feel a part of this Earth world.

Therapist:  Is it part of their assignment to remain here for a long, long time?

Zetans:  Their exposure is remembered, downloaded, and integrated into the larger context of the human contact picture.

Therapist:  Wouldn’t they live longer than the normal human would?

Zetans:  Because they do live much longer, a point comes where they have to move often and leave one society and begin again at a different location. This is because, in any long-term contact, or relationship, every human will be aging around them, and they will still look young. It will begin to betray their identity.

Therapist:  Because of that, does that preclude their ever having or creating families with humans?

Zetans:  They are experimenting with that as part of their human social studies. Some excel and some have difficulty. At some point, the human mind adapts and, in a loving way, becomes accepting of many relationships that form. Certain peculiarities are ignored because, in the process of fulfilling their own human needs, they compromise to accept the relationship. They know that one day they will grow older and the hybrid will still be relatively young. The hybrid’s health and diet create a certain detachment from other institutions, such as facilities for obtaining a driver’s license or health care. The health care is provided off-world, which means that there is a certain disconnect with keeping records of hybrids in human society, including a separation from legal systems and government. It is a very complex interrelationship.

Therapist:  Yes. I am beginning to see that.

Zetans:  It requires some time to accomplish this and it is not without difficulty. However, because humans are Earth-centered, humans do not consciously think in social relationships beyond their own world anyway. This helps the hybrids to blend into human society, too. Most human expectations of what an ‘alien’ may be are based on their own limited human cultural understanding.

Check back next week for the continuation of this interview.

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Webpage link: to meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli and to explore the many questions and answers exchanged. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetans by using a deeply induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit.

Today's session is a journey into how some hybrids live on planet Earth. At the request of the therapist, we are taken to visit some hybrids who live in Berkeley, California.  

Zetans: The hybrid world is available for us to visit. We can also visit hybrids here at this place you call Earth, if you choose.

Therapist:  Wherever there is a culture, we would be happy to visit. Please, let’s go ahead with that process,  if you would be kind enough to describe that for us. Yes, we would very much enjoy it, so, if you will be so kind, thank you.

Zetans:  We are on Earth, in a college setting, like a fraternity house. The students in this house are all hybrids. They are a little cell unto themselves. In the isolation of this house, they are comfortable among themselves. It is their ‘away’ place where they can feel solitude while taking steps to venture out into this planet’s society. It is their retreat where they live. There are four hybrids living here, one female and three males. They live together, each in their separate rooms. They communicate with each other telepathically and they can communicate with us. They are about college age in appearance. They often wear sunglasses and other disguises because their features, though human, still have a certain strange appearance. Their features are such that other students on the street and in the community might find them striking. They are trying to blend in.  They are not lonely. They have each other. This has been arranged this way so they can help assimilate themselves into the culture. They often have a pale complexion that is not too dissimilar  from  many  humans  of that  age  who  often  wear strange clothes and also display such a complexion. So, they can blend into this setting without much difficulty.

Outside of this community they might be a little more striking. They seem to be accepted. It is a Berkeley community setting with a lot of old rustic homes used as fraternity and sorority houses. They cannot wear tattoos or pierced jewelry. These are abhorrent in hybrid society. It would also quickly reveal their identity by having such local tribal cultural ornaments applied. I am not sure they are connected with the University. It is just a house in which they live. They seem to be getting nutrients and food from outside sources brought by frequent alien visitors. They also seem to be eating some human foods, fruit in particular, and other things that help them cross over. They are rather thin and they wear normal clothing – jeans, shirts, and blouses. They often wear sunglasses outside, not for protection, but to conceal their eyes that look a bit striking to humans. They are rather dark and slanted. The images of ‘aliens’ on book covers and other sources has permeated human culture to such an extent that they could be easily recognized. Perhaps they might be recognized as hybrids. They wear sunglasses to help conceal this.

Therapist:  Did they arrive at their destination as young adults?

Zetans:  They were created aboard a craft through genetic engineering. Then, as children, they were placed in a home where they could transition to be exposed to other humans. They looked similar to humans so the main sense is to learn the ways and actions of humans. Their behavior patterns, like language slang, and motivations seem awkward. It has often been commented that hybrids seem awkward in your society. In recent times, this has been the primary focus to help this awkwardness disappear. This added level of integration requires more time to blend in perfectly. It is a reflection of the hybrid program that integration is sufficiently successful when humans never seem to be aware of such a being in their midst. Yet, we still recognize each other.

With the hybrids that are there, I can communicate with them telepathically. They seem to be aware of us now and are not concerned because I am here as an intermediary, as a guest to telepathically assure them that their identities have not been exposed. They maintain a certain privacy and secrecy only for the alarm that it might cause to some humans surrounding them in the community. They seem to be working in some jobs. Some are attending school. The ones in school are doing very well. They learn very quickly. Their instructors regarded them as very gifted.

Therapist:  Is it not a concern that they might appear as too gifted?

Zetans:  I understand. They are conscious of this and try not to be scholastically perfectly. The knowledge is already known, but it is important to learn it in a human context, which can be slow, and in some ways they are impatient with this. They compensate by learning the social skills within the classroom and with the instructor. They avoid the cafeterias mainly because the food is not much to their liking and they are very selective. The social situations are less controlled in the cafeterias where they could appear less adaptable to unexpected events around them. The classroom is a setting, by contrast, that is somewhat controlled where the focus is very fundamental. They can easily accommodate this setting. They often read the thoughts of the students in class and the instructor. They are very discrete to not plant too many images of themselves that might betray them. Sometimes they do get some stares and looks from certain students.

Therapist:  Some human beings do pick up on unusual things. 

Zetans:  Humans are very intuitive about the unusual around them. They sometimes notice the 'unusual.' It depends on what is holding their focus at the time. Steve was in an electronics store looking for DVD movies and he encountered an entity that came to him that had certain striking physical features, which Steve noticed immediately. An image from the book cover of Communion was placed in his mind to make a psychic introduction to him. This association made it completely clear to Steve that the entity was a hybrid. Steve responded in kind with a friendly greeting, without fear, although his thoughts expressed astonishment. The hybrid appreciated the friendly greeting. Others around them were scarcely aware. He was a tall hybrid in a customer service employee uniform. He blended well into the store culture. The other employees, however, were not aware of him. He must have been able to project into these other employees (some) signals to accept him and that he was a part of them, which is not too difficult for hybrids. The hybrids use many telepathic abilities. Humans do not often consciously think of aliens. This is a great tool to manipulate their sense of reality around them. It is very effective in enabling hybrids to integrate in their midst without much human awareness of their presence.

Mary Barr
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Type in Aliens Answer or Aliens Answer II.  

Webpage link: to meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli and to explore the many questions and answers exchanged. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetans by using a deeply induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit.

Today's session discusses the interplay between music and mathematics as viewed by the Zetans.  See original concept regarding form and medium of music. (Note a little bit of mind reading on the part of the Zetans before I can pose the question.)   

Therapist:  Does your species contemplate music?

Zetans:  Yes. We do have music in our culture, and it is so in many other planetary cultures. Music is many things to many species. Music has a deep impact on our existence because our very origin is connected with sound. In a way, all objects in the Universe are created in a resonance of vibrations. Many of these vibrations are sound vibrations. Music is, in a way, a universal language.

Therapist:  You anticipated my next question. (I had planned a question on its effects throughout the Universe.)

Zetans:  If used intelligently, music can nourish and heal. There is a strange and unusual connection between mathematics and music. Music is the only art form where its unique form and the medium are the same.

Therapist:  Yes. We have noted the connection, but I do not know how to describe it. It has a balance and exploration seems to be a part of it.

Zetans:  Mathematics is the only science where the method and the subject are uniquely the same. Mathematics can only be studied by using mathematics.

Therapist:  Indeed.

Zetans:  Music is only created and experienced as music so there is a natural connection between mathematics and music. Both are experienced as pure objects of the brain by your species and by many other species of the Universe. Only through these artificial connections does the method of music and mathematics have meaning that extends beyond one mind to another mind.

Therapist:  It is very interesting how jazz musicians work with each other. In what might seem like chaos on the surface, they automatically, as a group, almost telepathically, synchronize and create a structure.

Zetans:  It is a beneficial exercise both to the music makers and for the listeners to enjoy. It is a celebration of this communication in a way that seems an alternate to normal  communications.  We
are not unfamiliar with this. Some of our musical instruments are different, and they create sounds with many unique properties. The music though, in patterns and rhythms, is not dissimilar to human music. I mentioned Mozart earlier, but there are many others, by your contemporary view, who reflect multiple layers of communication. In many ways, it is not dissimilar to telepathic thought where many rhythms of thought and emotions are expressed simultaneously, particularly in forms that you refer to as classical music. The great range of emotions (emoted by classical music) surpasses some other forms of human music, which are just as beautiful in their own right.

Therapist:  Music creates a sympathetic vibration and enhances our emotional vibration.

Zetans:  There is a strange interpretation by intelligent minds that enjoy that resonance. We, too, can enjoy these vibrations. Humorously, humans who do not enjoy mathematics often count while they are enjoying music. When humans enjoy music, they are unconsciously enjoying mathematics. Mathematics is a true universal language, but music follows very closely in spiritual harmony. It is not a surprise that the form and function of each are the same.

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Webpage link: to meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli and to explore the many questions and answers exchanged. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetans by using a deeply induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit.

Today's session discusses the autonomic system of the Zetans.  The very young Zetans play mischievously with their own autonomic systems.

Therapist:  I would like to talk to you about your autonomic system. Are you able to slow down your heart rate and respiration, not for sleep, but to go into a state of hibernation?

Zetans:  We often slow down our autonomic reflexes when we are telepathic. In human terms, it might be considered a form of meditation. At present, my abilities (autonomic responses) are slowed down already. This comes unconsciously. It is possible to slow down our autonomic rates. Frequently, young, teenager forms of our species, to use your term, use this ability as a game among themselves, slowing down their vital signs. They use it to frighten the older ones. It is just the young ones being challenging and rebellious. We have more in common than we first revealed. It is often used as a kind of game. However, it is also a game that ultimately has a useful purpose.

Therapist:  I call it mischievous. (Therapist laughs about the thought of alien children playing this game.)

Zetans:  Mischievous is a good word. At times, this can be a good survival trait in situations where, in order to survive until we can be rescued, it can be used as a form of survival technique. It is what children of our species use for mischief, when they slow their autonomic systems down to what might be considered near death. They always come back, but they learn a useful tool to perhaps use later on in life. Sometimes the concern with the young ones is their lack of discipline and experience that naturally occurs at that age. They learn that they do no harm to themselves when they dare to take their autonomic reflexes dangerously low. Many of our species are welcome to follow and explore new thoughts. Often, they will mediate and contemplate deep thoughts about many things in the Universe, science, mathematics and physics. 

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Sunday, August 2, 2015


Type in Aliens Answer or Aliens Answer II.  

Webpage link: to meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli and to explore the many questions and answers exchanged. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetans by using a deeply induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit.

Today's session discusses the afterlife beliefs of the Zetans.  This is remarkable and transformative information.

Therapist:  What could you tell us about the afterlife of your species? Is it something that is co-created?

Zetans:  Co-created?

Therapist:  Yes. That would be where your thought forms and thought forms from another source unite, creating a type of environment for an afterlife, if that, in fact, occurs.

Zetans:  We believe in an afterlife, in a spiritual context and in a physical sense. We have an understanding that there is an infinite variety of dimensions in the physical Universe. This is both a scientific fact and a belief. In many beliefs, these become facts. We know that in the community of mind among our species the interconnectiveness becomes more apparent when one passes on. Their identity leaves behind a lingering wake. Often, the loss is greater for those left behind than for the being that has passed on. This is true for you, too, is it not? They go to a higher place, a different place. With our telepathic abilities and the interconnectiveness, this facilitates a greater understanding of what could be beyond. It is part of our belief system that beings transcend and continue in another place, on a different level. Additionally, like all forms of energy in the Universe, it transforms, once again. What you call souls, we believe we have souls, too. We have not discussed souls much, but we have often mentioned it. It is natural to assume that we each share these concepts. Aliens, as you refer to us, have souls, too. The term alien is transitory, too, from the unknown to becoming the familiar. I hope I have expressed it in an understandable way.

Therapist:  There is a spiritual concept that when human adventurers or explorers reach out for more knowledge, a spiritual entourage attaches to them so that they, too, may learn. Are you familiar with this concept?

Zetans:  The spirit’s desire to explore is a desire to celebrate life. This celebration is to learn all that one can learn and to explore the unknown. We, as spacefarers, embrace this concept. We would spiritually die if we did not have this desire to reach out to the stars.  In  reaching out  to  the stars, we  reach out to other life, too. There are wonders to discover and learn about. In concert with this, to surround oneself with similar elements, in a spiritual way, would make much sense. For the bold, they take with them a spiritual protection against the unknown. This is a mysterious protection, not closed, but spiritually open to new ideas and concepts. The desire to explore and be in spiritual harmony makes sense.

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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