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Meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli I in the Constellation Reticulum. Contact has been made. Many interviews have been held with them. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between Hypnotherapist Mary Barr and Zetas (Han, Zestra, and Gen) by using a deeply-induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit. Full transcripts of these many sessions are recorded verbatim in two books: Aliens Answer  and Aliens Answer II.

This blog is for people who are already well-versed in the alien contact genre. The books, Aliens Answer and Aliens Answer II, are non-fiction chronicles of telepathic contact between my client and co-author Steve Reichmuth and sentient beings from Zeta Reticuli. These are very serious and educating communications that present many questions and answers beyond current human knowledge. Enjoy these weekly excerpts from these science-oriented chronicles for public education. Visit our webpage at 

FROM MY CASE FILES:  I am going to be taking a new case and her name is Cindy (pseudonym). She had an experience in August of 2003. She heard something, went outside into her backyard, and saw someone on the ground, trying to get up. Her memory is fragmented during the 40 minutes that she watched this entity. She said the entity made a chattering, cat-like sound. The most peculiar thing is that she talked about ‘lights’ coming out of the orifices and cracks of the entity, including the eyes. She said she heard a screeching sound. She wants me to regress her concerning this. She has had multiple sightings, including seeing a cigar-shaped craft. She thinks it might have been the same craft coming back, but this one was noisy. That was different. She said one of the events occurred the same time that there was a blackout on the East Coast. She complained about soreness in her nose that moved from one side to the other. The same condition also affected her son. Do you have any knowledge about these events?

 Zetas:  The entity was in an injured state. She perceived the radiating energy coming out of the entity as light. It was actually telepathy, manifesting in her mind the great distress this entity was feeling, vulnerable and in fear for its life. This is a normal reaction that telepathic beings use. The witness inadvertently discovered this. Much bioluminescent life in your oceans will emit light, instinctively sending out an alarm. This being was in distress. Having been discovered, it was emitting a telepathic scream for help. In such states of extreme stress, it can show up telepathically as light in the minds of others near them. The being feared for its life. Normally, a human would never notice or understand these kinds of energies that are emitted in extreme circumstances. It wasn’t actually light the witness saw, but her mind interpreted the extreme agitated energy from the being as light. This being had become injured, and in her curiosity, she approached. She felt compassion, fear, and confusion. We knew this from the resonance that permeates the wake of this event. The blackout may have been associated with this entities’ craft interceding in a rescue. The missing time the witness noticed could be due to a failure to completely erase her memory of the experience. In their haste, a full erasure was not effective. Many of the memories still exist in her consciously. This is evident just from your description.

Therapist:  Is she strong enough to permit a regression?

Zetas:  Yes. Many times the experiences in human minds will loom larger, over time, in their imagination, though the event itself is not to be diminished. It is the nature of human memory to often embellish memories.  Your  regression  will  help refocus clarity on what happened, and what did not happen. It will be one that  will  be successful and will  help  her  in coping with those memories. In the time since the event, she has been clouded with many other facts and circumstances surrounding it, which often magnify the context of the event itself. The event has caused some stress for her. Her other stresses have been from human interaction, and disappointment in failing to find the answers that she seeks.

Therapist:  Was her son also taken?

Zetas:  Yes. This was done in a comprehensive fashion. This is not unusual. I hope this knowledge will help you. Your contribution is part of the process.  We have talked about this earlier. You are an ally in this entire process. Your part is often collecting the emotional pieces where contact between species has not been fully successful. You are involved directly in the healing process of that encounter. We apologize for the damage that comes from human misunderstanding. The regression will put everything in its proper context. It will greatly reduce the anxiety this person may feel and for those who are concerned for her.

Therapist:  As you have learned, the human mind greatly magnifies something that is different, and the magnification is often way beyond the importance of the event.

Zetas:  Human memory has that ability, and we have noticed this. You have pinpointed exactly what I was ineffectively trying to convey. You have expressed my thought more efficiently. Thank you.

The Flow of Energy During Healing

Therapist:  As you are probably aware, I work a little bit with energy by pulling it in and sending it out to those in need of healing. Would there be any opportunity for me to learn to do this a little bit more effectively and wisely? (This therapist works with subtle energies to assist in the healing process.) 

Zetas:  Projecting healing energy?

Therapist:  Yes. Pulling it in and projecting it out. I know that ‘intention’ is the major factor for us.

Zetas:  Part of this is to focus on what is to be healed. At the same time, it is to draw energy from around you so you do not drain yourself. This will supplement your good gifts so that you do not deprive yourself of the same positive energies. It is like a funnel to draw in from surrounding energies and to adapt and focus these energies directed at a particular subject to be healed.

Therapist:  That is where the question lies because I will often pull energy and create an energy ball, but I do not direct it at a specific person or condition all the time. Rather, I ask that it be taken to where it is needed. Is this effective or am I diluting the process?

Zetas:  Part of it is your human nature. It does not fully understand the ailment to be healed. You understand it intellectually. This is not your fault. This is due to the typical patient being unable to express to the healer the full extent to provide a proper diagnosis and treatment. In spite of this, energy, in a physical and spiritual way, can be focused to remedy the ailment. I can sense in Steve, for example, where energy has been focused upon him and he has consciously noticed the many positive thoughts and energies that have made him buoyant and allowed him to be useful and enjoy life. He is aware of these focuses. I am sure others, too, would feel this from you. Your abilities are good. You will improve as you grow. 

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT-RT, CBT, CLC
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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