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Visit our webpage at Meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli I in the Constellation Reticulum. Contact has been made. Many interviews have been held with themTHESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between Hypnotherapist  Mary Barr and Zetas (Han, Zestra, and Gen) by using a deeply-induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit. Full transcripts of these many sessions are recorded verbatim in two books:   Aliens Answer and Aliens Answer II.

Therapist inducted the client and Han is invited to come in for a visit. Han steps forward.

Therapist:  I was listening to the radio the other evening and a caller was talking about a dark hole on his property which emitted a black light.  This was near Ellensburg, near Yakima, Washington.  It is also near a military base.  The hole was about 9 feet across and seemed to be bottomless.  Is that a military project or are there simply very deep holes in the Earth, hundreds of miles deep?

Zetas:  This is a natural phenomenon, a sinkhole.  The energy emitted is yet undetermined.

Therapist:  This could be hundreds of miles deep?

Zetas:  No.

Therapist:   found out recently that the human skull has grown larger in the last 150 years, taking on additional mass equal to about the size of an apple.  I assume this will continue.  I anticipate problems with future births.  Did this happen to you when you were still reproducing your species through the birth process?  Did growth of your skulls create a problem for natural births for you?

Zetas:  Our physical bodies were such that the newborns were very, very small.   They were small to the point where the size of the head was not an issue.  There was a longer period, due to the structure of our bodies, where there was a bonding time, we called it, where there was much physical growth outside of the original body and this permitted the facilitation of larger heads.  This happened after birth.

Therapist:  This happened hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Han, the Zeta:  Yes.  It is also happening currently, though we do not use that form of reproduction anymore.  Growth is controlled through an artificial means.  Such physical restriction, due to size, is inconsequential.  I understand your situation and why that would be a question.

Therapist:  Humans may consider a change in the reproductive process at some future point.  I do not see that being a major problem for at least another 500 years but, we might create a change and move to more artificial means.

Zetas:  The level of your medical knowledge would be sufficient to make such adjustments.  I am amused when I listen to your question regarding the size of the heads.  My thought was about the human egotistical size (having a big head) as compared to your physical size.

(Therapist laughs.) 

Zetas:  But, an infant does not share those emotional afflictions.

Therapist:  That was very humorous.

Han, the Zeta:  I hope this was not offensive.  This is just part of the many thoughts that we have and reflect upon.

Therapist:  It never hurts any of us to see ourselves as others see us.

Zetas:  Sometimes human contact with other entities has the effect of creating a psychological mirror, reflecting back to the humans a truer picture of themselves.  This is a good thing. It helps them to see things in themselves that they wish to improve and also helps them to see the strengths that they can take stock in. 

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBC, CLC
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist-RT

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