Sunday, February 28, 2016


Webpage link: to meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli and to explore the many questions and answers exchanged. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetans by using a deeply induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit.

Today's blog looks more deeply into the physical and mental abilities of Zetans. It covers their five senses and their additional telepathic ability. Their bodies register heightened sensory resonances and vibrations for sensing their environment and other life forms.

Therapist: How many senses do you have, including telepathy?

Zetans: We have approximately the same number of senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell, telepathy. Our telepathic ability dominates and sometimes displaces our other senses. In one sense, it is the organ that seems to be exercised the most. Though we do feel that physical exercise is important, we also strongly believe in mental exercise. Our hearing is less acute than your hearing. Our eyesight is keener. Our sense of smell is about the same. Our sense of touch is highly magnified. This is partially due to the heightened capacity of our minds.

Therapist: Your fingertips in particular?

Zetans: Yes, in particular. Also, with our bodies, like many other species, including your sharks, we can sense vibrations, sounds that touch nerve endings all across our bodies. In order to sense the presence of others and our environment, these are heightened abilities that we can artificially magnify by focusing our mental capacities to create a heightened state of awareness. These are mainly used to detect what is around us. In our earlier states, when we were in tribal societies where there was competition for food, we learned these abilities for hunting. Later on, as our society changed and our telepathic abilities became more enhanced, these sensory abilities in our bodies changed in their roles from one for hunting and survival to ones of heightened awareness in experiencing life.

To communicate, to be in touch, we experience sensory resonances and vibrations. We sense many living and nonliving objects around us: rocks, plants, birds, other animals, and our own species. It is this level of heightened awareness that human minds sometimes experience for brief times during their mating rituals. We do not use our feelings or sensory feelings in that heightened state for that role since our reproductive needs are now carried out in a different way, usually in an artificial sense. However, the heightened interaction with the body and mind is now used to create a heightened sense of awareness for the enjoyment of life. For instance, we are able to feel the sensations of a waterfall or the air pressed to us. We often feel radiant energies from stars, which our abilities can pick up. It is like a gentle bath of starlight. In our minds, we will enhance this to try to focus on it. These are some of the pleasures that we enjoy. In a sense, to translate it for human understanding, it is like an intimacy with the stars or with nature.

Therapist: I can appreciate what you are saying and how you are describing it.

Zetans: I am sharing very intimate things about our species, which I do not normally share. Please, I almost feel uncomfortable, but know there is beauty in this.

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC.

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Sunday, February 21, 2016


Webpage link: to meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli and to explore the many questions and answers exchanged. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetans by using a deeply induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit.

Today, we continue to explore the differences and similarities in the dream states between humans and beings from Zeta Reticuli. This includes color, shared dreams (even with different species) directed dreaming, safety firewalls, and dreams as a tool for exploration. Enjoy.

Therapist: I understand that human males dream mostly in black in white and the females dream mostly in color. Does your entire species dream in color?

Zetans: We often dream in color. Our telepathic discipline relaxes. Our dreams can even spill over where multiple beings telepathically share in the same dream. Often our telepathic dreams become group dreams where a number of entities will share the same dreams. Each contributes an aspect to it, like a shared human meal. Each can experience the same dream. We are often participants in our own dreams. At other times, a virtual shared dream will occur where we see each other in these same dreams.

Therapist: Have you ever had someone show up in your dreams who were not part of your species?

Zetans: Yes. The memories of other species are often impressed on our minds, and these memories can be reflected in our dreams. Sometimes our dreams are shared with other species in proximity, who are also in a sleep state.

Therapist: I guess I could understand that because other life forms have come into my dreams, too.

Zetans: Much like our society, where there is little privacy, we are comfortable with this because this is the existence that we understand. To us, you seem to have a great capacity for privacy, and this we accept. Our dreams also reflect the same lack of privacy, because our dreams often reflect that same conscious reality. Many can see another being’s dreams and experience them, often joining in, sometimes as participants.

Therapist: Can you direct your dreams?

Zetans: We can focus and direct our thoughts. Many can also direct dreams. Our brains’ biology creates natural firewalls - safety barriers to protect our sanity, like your internet firewalls. This is so those conscious minds nearby are not flooded with many often irrational thoughts that can be randomly broadcast by others while in their dream sleep states.  However, many of our species learn to focus and train themselves to overcome those natural telepathic ‘firewalls’ when asleep, thus enabling dreams to be directed to specific others, too. These mature ones among our species can discipline their minds to direct their dreams in that lucid, free state. Unconstrained, free, scientific, and philosophical thoughts, poetic dreams, even lovers, share focused, directed dreams. These ‘dream gifts’ can be directed to others perhaps light years away by your measurement, yet in our minds, we are never apart. We can understand aloneness, yet we are never alone. This may begin to perhaps explain our philosophical outlook of the Universe, too. Sometimes, others of our species can, in shared experiences that border on fantasy and irrational reality, frame these journeys in such a way that others can join in. This can often be prearranged when they sleep to meet in the unconscious world that we share. Yes, we can share our dreams, as we share our thoughts when we are conscious.

Therapist: Would it surprise you that some human beings share dreams, quite probably a husband and wife, sometimes brothers and sisters? Also, some people know how to do lucid dreaming, starting and stopping their dreams at will.

Zetans: Many of the more astute in your species recognize the potential for this. It becomes an avenue for exploration and for enjoyment. Many of your species who have emotionally bonded as life partners often share a bond that we can appreciate. In a sense, this human bond is not dissimilar to a telepathic bond that can exist among a much larger community in our species. It is not a human romantic or sexual bond, but it is just the shared intimacy that emerges from the closeness of shared minds. This is just a natural, normal thing for us. We can often share things on a conscious level that that they would share in the same way in their dreams, just as they would share many other things about themselves. 

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC

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Sunday, February 14, 2016


Webpage link: to meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli and to explore the many questions and answers exchanged. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetans by using a deeply induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit.

Today's blog explores human-animal communication. Our pets read us telepathically and in great depth, often using visual images.  Included in today's blog is the purpose of dreams in the Zetan society. It discusses what happens during the sleep-dream state. Fascinating material.
Therapist: Sometimes you communicate with species that do not have language facility. For instance, if I were to communicate with my dog, she does not speak in words. However, I understand that dogs use pictures in their minds when communicating. Have you run across that type of communication?

Zetans: Yes. In our telepathic communication, it can be very visual. Often in your communication with your allies, of the four-legged species, they can sense an emotion or form of words that is expressed in a nonverbal way. It is hard to express, perhaps, in an intellectual way. It is more an emotional answer. They can sense the intent and consciousness, and it is understood. It is not often a precise form of communication, but for some species it can be. Your species might communicate with other species, such as horses, which are very intelligent animals. In our visits to earth, we have admired these animals and others, such as your dogs, and other species. You can look in their eyes and know that, like many of your human relationships with horses, they seem to know more about you than you know about them. This is the best way to describe it. This is true. It is a level that humans need to expand and appreciate more.

Therapist: I could tell it quite easily. When I did not want my ally to get into the garbage, my ally was wise enough to wait for me to leave the house before getting into the garbage, assuming that I could not assign blame, since I couldn’t see him. Yes. Lots of things go on.

Zetans: They are intelligent allies. They obey, respect, and know that those who care for them will usually do what is best for them.

Therapist: Han, what do dreams mean to your species? How do they view the function of dreams?

Zetans: Our minds are very active, as are human minds. Even though we have periods of sleep, like in your minds, we are never completely asleep. Part of our autonomic functions requires this, and we have cerebral activity. We enjoy our dreams. It is a reflection of our conscious times, a mirror back to reflect on the activities of the previous time period. It is a time of rest, where our minds and imagination can wrap themselves up in a warm blanket and contemplate the rational and even the irrational that still can occupy our thoughts, as advanced as we appear to be. We submerge into a simpler brain pattern where we are aware and asleep. The body needs rest and the mind does too. It is a time for restorative modes of sleep. We dream of many things that make up our existence, as we understand it. It is that happy time when we ponder the Universe and our fantasies of what is not reality, versus what we perceive to be reality. It is probably not dissimilar from human dreams. I do not think our dreams are any bigger or smaller. It is just that our minds may have more comprehensive abilities to absorb the reality around us. Our dreams may reflect that. Our dreams are probably more vivid and almost seem real. 

Check back next Sunday for a deeper analysis of the dream state in the Zetan society. 

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC

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Sunday, February 7, 2016


Webpage link: to meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli and to explore the many questions and answers exchanged. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetans by using a deeply induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit.

Today's blog covers the 19-mile jump of Joseph Kettinger, an early space pioneer, the Zetan ability to displace gravity, the anticipated military uses of SETI equipment to examine the anticipated Super Earth, the attempts of Earth governments and militaries to put blinders on knowledge,  the self perpetuation of governments by creating perceived needs (fear mongering.) 

Therapist: Steve was inducted. Therapist gave him a suggestion that he was in a hammock near the seashore on Western Samoa as the evening sun was setting. Steve was rather tired and went a little too deep into his induction. The therapist pulled him up to a little higher level of consciousness so he could communicate. The therapist asked him to say her name and he did so. At this point, the therapist asks:

Therapist: Han, are you with us?

Han (the Zetan): Yes, Mary, I am here. Nice to be with you again. The place you have chosen, Western Samoa, it is an honest place to visit. It is just itself and, in its simple beauty, that is all it requires.

Therapist: Yes. Western Samoa is supposed to be still rural. It is a place I have wanted to visit. Perhaps there are not so many tourists.

Han: There are fewer tourists, even though I am probably considered one.

Therapist: I can imagine the moon must appear quite large and brilliant in that setting.

Therapist: A man named Joseph Kettinger, wearing a space suit, ascended in a gondola balloon (Excelsior) to about 19 miles up in earth’s atmosphere. He then jumped out of that balloon gondola into space. He  dropped about 19 miles. Was your species aware of this event?

Han: Yes. We were with him. Our bird spirit was with him at least, in the purest sense, though he fell like a stone, and not with the grace of a bird. He was challenging the unknown. His love for humanity was his motive for making this jump. He wished to give humanity new knowledge to enable them to learn how to protect themselves from the hostile environment that we know as space.
He  seemed incredibly brave to me to step off that balloon platform into space.

We have the ability to displace gravity. Often our species is seen to float across the ground, as many have described when they encountered us. There are a number of reasons for this. Though our past has not changed, this gravity has made us like a feather. We have observed many exploits by other species on other planets, daring the unknown. His bravery is secure in the eyes of your species and in the admiration from ours.

Therapist: You are probably aware that our military is now interested in using the SETI array in northern California through the guise of needing to survey space junk. I don’t understand why they would need to use that kind of equipment.

Han: It is because, as you and Steve both know, the use of those instruments would be inappropriate for surveillance of space junk. It is your military’s way of having the SETI equipment loaned out to them, then later increasing its funding in anticipation of your newly discovered Super Earth, which we talked about. To our frustration, they again wish to conceal from your planet’s population any knowledge of extraterrestrial existence. It is not that they do not desire to make contact or to deprive your planet of contact. They are merely wishing to control the circumstances of such contact. Fear is their natural instinct because of the role the military mind assumes is one of protection. This would be a natural instinct to do this in anticipation of any physical or psychological damage. They fear such knowledge might cause damage in your population. It is ironic that this method continues since 1947, while, at the same time, we are quite pleasantly conversing here. This is rather ironic, in your terminology.

Therapist: (Therapist chuckles.) ‘Ironic’ is a good term for this.

Han: We chat enjoyably. Me in my silly cotton shirt costume to amuse you, and to enjoy myself at the same time. Yet they guard their treasure of ignorance with great zealousness. They think they are doing what is best for humanity with their own idea of what humanity is. Knowing that the military mind is one that, though it wishes peace (we understand that no one wishes for peace more than a soldier does) at the same time, military thinking can cause such destruction, too. It is strange for them to think they can control or be in a position to deprive the knowledge of other life that exists everywhere around them. Humanity is gaining its eyesight, in a sense, for the first time, and there are many wonderful things yet to behold. Humanity is like a blind person gaining sight, about to see so many wondrous things that have never been seen before.

Who has given any earth government and their militaries the right to put blinders on that knowledge - to control what may be seen or not seen? Who has chosen them to decide what is best for you? It is a difficult concept, and it is one we understand that comes from your deep instinctual fears. It reaches into the very center of my mission and role with you today. This is what we wish to push back and create a greater understanding, one that can be shared in peace and in the assurance we wish well for each other.

Therapist: There is a way around this process. I gave a little lecture to a group who kept complaining about the government hiding information. My response to them was, ‘Why do you keep turning to the government?' We do not need government to learn about alien existence and contact. There are many others, including scientists, who are quite willing to research and talk about alien life and contact. I asked them to let go of the idea that the government should be the leader in this area. I think it surprised them a little.

Han: The mentality of a government is often to create a need in the mind of the public where there may be no need, like your advertising when it creates perceived need in the mind of the consumer that they must have a certain product. The product may or may not satisfy that perceived need. Many create perceived needs. Many governments like yours and, I confess, governments on other planets, often create in the minds of their citizens the belief that the government must automatically answer and solve all problems.

Any government wishing to serve its citizens must try to work for the good of the community and enhance their capacity to share. It is in the community of a species that the resources, skills, and capacity to share may be found, not the government. We have learned this well from our telepathic ability to see into the insights of whole populations. It is again, ironic.

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC

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