Sunday, January 31, 2016


Webpage link: to meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli and to explore the many questions and answers exchanged. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetans by using a deeply induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit.

Today's post discusses how Zetans view laws as temporary, pure energy beings use dark matter for travel, the creation of effigy-type dolls as representatives of visiting, off-planet entities, the Universe filled with life, the purpose of the contact of the Zetans, and the sense of friendship developed through these exchanges. Their thoughts and views are certainly poignant. 

Therapist: When I use the term ‘laws,’ I assume there will always be greater laws that, in time, replace the older laws.

Zetans: Laws are a temporary footnote, until a lengthier sentence of understanding is written, and then that becomes the footnote for a new set as understanding increases, and we modify our understanding of the Universe.

Yes. Well said.

Therapist: I am not surprised by the life forms that you see as points of light. I am quite surprised that they use the dark matter so that was good to learn this about them.

Zetans: I sense that Mary (the therapist) has encountered such energies in her own journeys through her thoughts and meditations. I am sure she understands or can relate to what civilizations I have shared today about pure energy.

Therapist: To me, that is the core of existence.

Zetans: Some may interpret these as souls. This is a pleasant concept. Facts seem to support this. Perhaps this is the highest attainment of what a soul will become. Many in our societies give such reverence to these beings of pure light energy. They show a direction………. (Silence.)

Therapist: Are you with me?

Zetans: Yes.

Therapist: As I am sure you are aware, there are various cultures around the world that have created effigy-type dolls. In Japan, about 14,000-400 BC, they made something they called the Dogu dolls. The Hopi Indians made dolls they called Kachinas. I am wondering if these dolls are actually representations of off-planet beings who may have visited them.

Zetans: Yes. These are modest representations.  They do not wish to make larger representations for fear the entities who impressed them do not wish them to make them into a form of deity. This is manifested in the proportions of a modest doll. This is what these beings have at least permitted, due to their concepts of themselves. These humans have often created representations, both as a compliment and respect, much like a child will make a similar doll in creating a social relationship, an artificial one. It forms a model for future patterns in development in social understanding. These do represent entities that have visited long ago, much like other cultures have had such contact. Many in today’s human society, in their quest for certainty, reject the reality all around them. The evidence exists right in front of them. In their dogma to pursue the truth, they often blind themselves from the truth.

Our many visits should tell you that you are not alone in the Universe. The Universe is filled with life. It cannot help but touch other life. One cannot be disconnected from this. As humans become less earth-minded and view a larger reality, many artifacts in their history will then be recognized for what they are and will present a fuller picture of reality. From this, a warmth will come as they realize that they were never disconnected, but they are a part of a larger community that is only taking respectful caution when approaching many elements of human society. Humans must be approached in a certain way so that they will not be frightened of the life that teems around them. The distance between planets and stars is an illusion. The great distances do not divide us as much as humans think. In a quantum, interdimensional way, we are as close as two hands touching. It is another view of how quantum theory will provide insights into how closely life is connected in the Universe.

Therapist: I think it is wonderful.

Zetans: You are both close and distant. You will eventually learn this is part of our purpose here. This is just one of many points of light, and we will create a constellation of understanding and beauty.

Therapist: It is a very surprising gift to both of us (Steve and Mary) that we can fully indulge our curiosity. I thank you for that, not to mention for having a very pleasant friendship.

Zetans: It is pleasant for us, too. It is important.

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Sunday, January 24, 2016


Webpage link: to meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli and to explore the many questions and answers exchanged. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetans by using a deeply induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit.

Today's post is particularly fascinating because it discusses vastly different non-earth species. Some species have chosen to become artificial intelligence. Another species evolved in their planetary oceans to a level that surpasses land-based life forms. Yet another highly-evolved species lives in "bubbles" of consciousness and use dark matter to travel anywhere.  This species is much more evolved than the Zetans. Enjoy the journey.  

Therapist: Is there a planet that is run purely by mechanical beings with artificial intelligence? If so, are they devoid of emotions?

Zetans: Yes. In their reality, there are a number of planets where they have evolved and chosen a path to overcome certain physical constrains for exploring the Universe. They have assumed a mantel of artificial intelligence to gain something. At the same time, they had to sacrifice something. In this change, they have developed a form or system of a society that would probably be frightening or uncomfortable to the human species. We are in the spectrum between that paradigm and the human paradigm. We are in between, but in some ways, closer to the human. However, we can also appreciate the artificial intelligence in the machine form. They have advantages and disadvantages. It is the collective thought and mind, taken to the fullest extreme. It is one where, if the system fails, there would be little ability to recover from it, but its strength comes from its collective web, to use an example.

Therapist: Are they war like?

Zetans: It is dependent upon the needs of a technological society in its acquisition of the materials they need to sustain themselves in the machine form. This often requires mining many planets for raw materials to continue its sense of life and the propagation of such life. This creates a system of planets that is, in some ways, quite different from organic forms of life. It is important for organic life to find compatibility and mutual need and respect for trade and exchange of ideas. We can relate, in some ways, to mechanical societies with artificial intelligence, but at the same time, we do not wish our society to go down that path. We find a certain harmony with our planet, in an organic way, that is incompatible with their view of reality. For them, their planet is not regarded as a source of life, but rather as a platform, a location in space, empty and with little meaning.

The connection with their planet is an artificial connection, as machines would connect. This is a prejudiced view of them, and I am biased. They are also intelligent and not without some concept of emotion, which allows them to see life in other ways. These are not places that we frequently visit. It is part of what is out there. There are many forms of societies, all spread out. In a way, the distance between planets can both connect and, at the same time, provide needed distance. This can be a good concept.

Therapist: You have, of course, visited many places and many cultures. Could you describe one or two cultures that you have come across that pleased and surprised you by their ways of thinking or perhaps their ways of doing things?

Zetans: There are planets with oceans that often have intelligent life. Their social patterns also resemble more the patterns of land beings than ocean creatures, which often collect in schools of fish. These are pleasing to see, and it provides insights into how these patterns form, which are always interesting. There are also advanced forms of life, which are more energy than physical substance or pattern. These energies can be in the form of light and mass that moves freely throughout the Universe. They travel between the stars and the planets, both in clusters or individually. We have often encountered these, and there is often an exchange, a sense of respect, between one life form and another. They fascinate us. We wonder if these are forms of life that have evolved from a lower level or moved up to another dimension. Perhaps these are the spiritual beings upon which we often have commented. We marvel at their ability to freely travel anywhere they wish, using little expended energy. They seem to have an omnipresent connection on a scale that surpasses us within the society of our planet or our telepathic connection with other planets. They have an ability to move that distorts space and time.

Therapist: Like inside a bubble or perhaps a distortion?

Zetans: They are energies, and within these energies, there are bubbles, as you say, of consciousness, containing great wisdom and power. They can still use the material Universe to harness energies to interact with living and inanimate objects, collectively and with intelligence and purpose that is beyond the concept of most life forms. They exist on a level that is an inspiration to us. As advanced as we may seem to you, we are astonished by such beings. They do not exist on any particular planet. It is more diffuse throughout the dark matter that constitutes the Universe. They use the dark matter as some life forms use the seas to travel and to exist in a way appropriate for an advanced life.

Therapist: Do you acknowledge each other when you meet?

Zetans: Yes. Our contacts are possible, and they show a respect for our primitive means. They are not so advanced as to be detached from all existence. They appreciate our desire to connect with them and to be a part of them. In exchange with some of our more advanced leaders in our culture, these beings have given us insights that have created a spiritual structure to some elements of our society. These energies are difficult to define. There are many of them, and they abound in the Universe. We often wish to impress our consciousness with them so that we can experience their reality, and they can take us on their travels where they go to show us other realities, much like I am attempting to do here with you. They, in turn, reveal a door that we also endeavor to pass through and understand. They invite us. We invite them.

Therapist: Do they travel interdimensionally?

Zetans: Yes. Traveling in linear time fashion is incompatible with this life form. They use interdimensional travel in much the same way as we do, but with a more ethereal form of pure energy. They are an energy of consciousness, a form of light, without matter. It defies our concepts that energy and matter are interchangeable. This confounds us and is beyond us. Matter equals energy. Yet it seems to be a concept beyond that equation.

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC

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Monday, January 18, 2016


Webpage link: to meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli and to explore the many questions and answers exchanged. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetans by using a deeply induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit.

Today's blog covers the initial contact made with the Zetans. It discusses human fear and the failure of most humans to initiate contact. Zetans are sensitive to the initial shock of their appearance to humans. Han (the Zetan) comments on his fellow beings and how our initial request for contact attracted the attention of many. The monitoring of nuclear energy plants is mentioned in conjunction with the hybrid programs.  

Therapist: We know that countless numbers of beings attempt to communicate telepathically across the great vast Universe.

Zetans: We do not understand.

Therapist: We are wondering what it was that caused you to answer our initial request months ago? What was it about our request that pulled you so gently into our request to talk?

Zetans: It was a message that came to me from the darkness that did not exist in darkness. It was sensed by many of my species, and I was selected to communicate in response. It is part of my role to do this with many species. There are a great many of us who exchange information and ideas across great distances in a quantum sense. It is a common form of communication in the Universe. You tapped into this communication, not knowing there was a great network existing, perhaps on a level that you did not imagined existed before. It must have been a pleasant surprise. We approached with caution. We were not afraid to communicate, but we wished to approach you in a way that we would not frighten you away. Often humans can be fearful. We know this from our visits. We do not ever wish to frighten, but it is a natural situation that often happens anyway. Therefore, we gradually revealed ourselves through Steve to you.

We deliberately held back my appearance so that you could, with your emotions and mind, grow accustomed to my appearance and my personality. This is how we first made contact, and it has been a contact that has created curiosity among my fellow beings. In our earlier visits, many of them attended to observe and enjoy the interaction as well. They have since left me more or less to communicate alone, but others can be invited if it is so wished by either of us.

Therapist: Well, from my side, they are always welcome, particular if it is a subject of interest to them.

Zetans: Our curiosity was due to the unexpected invitation from a human species and the unexpected delight it brought. It was important to exploit this opportunity.

Therapist: I would have thought that it has happened thousands of times.

Zetans: It often does, but it is not often the human that initiates the invitation. It happens sometimes, but not as often as our inviting them. In our many interactions with humans, we sometimes plant thoughts and concepts without leaving a sense of where these came from. In our last session we discussed nuclear energy and how we might often be quietly influencing those who create and manage nuclear power plants. We often monitor them. This is just one area where the overall environment of the planet is of concern to us, as well as it is to its human inhabitants. This is particularly relevant in the context of the hybrid program and cattle mutilations, which we discussed in our last session. It is of mutual interest that such pursuits as nuclear energy be conducted in a proper manner. It does hold a great future for humanity, if properly managed. It is just one of our many concerns.

Therapist: Yes. I became aware that you had influenced both Steve and me by modifying or suppressing our instinctual response to be afraid of the unknown, making our communication quite easy and peaceful. I am perhaps more comfortable with talking to voices from other realms, shall we say, and I am very glad that you made us both comfortable. Thank you for that.

Zetans: We are all comfortable with the situation. Steve, in particular, has been happily surprised how easy it was to be able to make contact so quickly. He often questions why he did not do so sooner. He has been appreciative of you in making this possible. You help him in enabling him to help you in this process. We recognize this, and it is part of the process we use to communicate. It was a surprise to be invited, when often it is we who are doing the inviting. It is of note that makes each of you special in that arena. Rest assured that you are not the only ones with whom we communicate. However, it does not diminish the pleasure and special consideration that we give these exchanges.

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Sunday, January 10, 2016


Webpage link: to meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli and to explore the many questions and answers exchanged. THESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between therapist and Zetans by using a deeply induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit.

This session discusses early predatory instincts in Zetans, music, early telepathy, human prayers heard by Zetans, and how Zetans express and use emotions.

Therapist: At what point in your evolution were you able to subdue the predatory instinct?

Zetans: That was prior to our evolution into telepathic beings. Telepathy provided a connection that created a community that could cooperate and develop uniformity in the distribution of food sources. This nullified the urgency in the individual for certain sources of food. It is hard to explain. It helped us organize a food system centered on forms of plants and fruit. We have created grains and other carbohydrates and certain domestic animals that are not too dissimilar to your domestic animals, but to a lesser degree. Perhaps because of our bird origins, we now have less of the raptor instinct than we used to have. This ability changed long ago, and it is difficult to conceive of us once living in that manner.

Therapist: Were you once tribal, with different languages?

Zetans: Yes, until telepathy began to emerge. A new language of the mind began to displace the old methods.

Therapist: That explains why the translation of music was difficult. I understand.

Zetans: Yes. Our form of music could be different. I hope not too much different. Our muted emotions are such that it may limit our ability to express music with the same richness as human music. I do not wish to hurt my fellow species. I will just leave it at that.

Therapist: Sometimes we human beings, due to certain events, will send prayers by the thousands or maybe even millions. Does your species feel the effects of all those thought forms?

Zetans: Yes. We do!

Therapist: And probably also heard by others on other planets?

Zetans: They are messages devoted to personal communication with a divine being in your belief system. This is a concept that is not foreign to us either. It, unbeknownst to you, also provides further insights into what makes you who you are. It also expresses your hopes. It gives us a perspective that you would not realize because we are able to hear the thousands of prayers that are often asked. We sense all energy. What is asked for is beautiful and sometimes astonishing. It also reflects the attitudes of the individuals as they make their wishes known in their prayers. You have a ‘Santa Claus,’ and it is this ‘Father Christmas’ that children write letters to that would be collected. Prayers, in contrast, though similar, express a much more personal relationship that borders on meditation. It expresses the fuller spectrum of the human condition. Please know that your prayers are heard and not by just us. In that, I do not wish to diminish your hope and desire for its good purpose. Know that your prayers are listened to inadvertently by many on the same party line. We understand to whom they are addressed, and it does reveal much about you.

Therapist:  I think that for us, as emotional beings, we look at them perhaps a little differently. We express the value of life in the intensity of certain emotions. It seems like, for your species, the value of life is not so much centered on emotion, but rather on thoughts of cohesiveness, being helpful to your fellow beings, and living with good purpose. Those do not seem to be so different.

Zetans:  They are not dissimilar. The means and focus may be different, but the intent can be the same. We feel a greater connection within our species with each other. It gives us strength, confidence, and comfort. We have this unity, yet there is also the freedom to explore different possibilities. We explore in a form that expresses all that we are. We ponder reality intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. We are aware of the great emotions that humans express. You have a greater emotional capacity for many things in many forms. This manifests itself both rationally and irrationally-- love, hate, jealousy, and encouragement. Some humans focus their emotions on individuals, while we focus more on a broader community. Our emotions, though not as intense, are expressed with the same purpose.

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Sunday, January 3, 2016


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Today's post addresses the missing people of Alaska, the mystery of Phobos, and the Sumarian language mystery. The movie, The Fourth Kind, purports to be based on real events occurring in Nome, Alaska in 2000, in which psychologist Dr. Abigail Emily "Abbey" Tyler uses hypnosis to uncover memories from her patients of alien abduction, and finds evidence suggesting that she may have been abducted as well.  Part of this mystery is how the Sumarian language is a clue given in some abduction cases. Also explored is possible alien interference in the attempts of Russian and American scientists to examine the moon Phobos. 
Therapist: Do you have knowledge about events in Nome, Alaska?

Zetan: Related to missing persons? (Han was reading my mind.)

Therapist: Yes. I didn’t know whether the movie I saw was based upon any fact. Apparently, there are several hundred people missing. One of them was the child of a therapist. According to this film, the entire family was swept up and then returned, with the exception of the daughter. Do you have any knowledge of that particular case?

Zetan: The motion picture related to this, the Fourth Kind, is a misrepresentation of most cases of abduction experiences. It has been heightened in emotional drama for storytelling. The missing persons in Nome are not entirely related to abduction experiences. Many have died in mysterious ways. If facts were known, alcoholism and exposure to inclement weather were often the causes. Alcohol reduces the ability of the body to resist cold temperatures. Exposure to subfreezing weather will exacerbate this. We have noticed this in alcoholism. It is part of the psychology of the human’s natural circadian rhythm disrupted by periods of sunlight and long darkness. It causes a depression and malaise in many individuals at those latitudes.

Alcoholism is often a coping mechanism, which can be quite harmful to the physiology of humans and, combined with exposure to very great cold, some may have lost their faculties, due to the alcohol. In this state, they wander in the cold, become lost, and then die in a snow bank. It is a terrible syndrome, which is prevalent in Nome, Alaska. They are not all necessarily related to abductions, but the number of people has caused speculation on this. I find it just one of many fascinating traits in observing humans. You would prefer to create an elaborate fictional account, misrepresenting off-world beings kidnapping humans, than to confront in yourselves the serious medical and social concerns directly in front of you. It is always curious to us what ‘allowances’ are made in the realities you create for yourselves.

Therapist: Was the Sumerian language in any way a part of this?

Zetan: Is the Sumerian language a part of the missing person’s syndrome?

Therapist: According to the movie, the Sumerian language was channeled through one of the clients during hypnosis.

Zetan: There are the ancient contacts that we spoke of in which the Sumerians were able to describe events in great detail, in a very precise manner.  In cases intermingled with the alcohol syndrome, there are perhaps a few cases where actual alien contact was made. The Sumerian texts are often used as a medium for this as one form of communication. It is questionable whether, in these current times, the Sumerian texts are of practical use now, but they do provide a clue for you as to who is ultimately doing these selfish abduction harvests. It is one piece of evidence of the source.

Therapist: The girl that was apparently taken was supposedly blinded by a trauma from a previous event. Do you know whether or not that was true?

Zetan: Perhaps. I am not certain. My information does not show this. This does not mean that it is not true. My information could be incomplete, but I have no knowledge of that.

Therapist: What is the story about Phobos (a moon of Mars)? Is there something going on there other than natural events?

Zetan: Phobos has been a source of interest by Earth scientists due to its orbital mechanics. It appears to have certain hollow areas. Its density is one that shows voids inside the object. This is true. It is often used as a temporary sanctuary for visitors who are visiting the local system of planets. It is one of several places of concealment. There is no permanent base there. Recently, the Russians have been disappointed in their attempts to send several of their craft there to learn more about Phobos. One such craft experienced a failure to leave orbit in an intended journey to Phobos. This craft is now marooned in orbit around Earth and will eventually enter the Earth’s atmosphere and be destroyed. Some are coincidences related to human technology. Others are failures, perhaps caused by entities who wish, at the moment, to conceal themselves.

The recent launching of an American craft is to attempt a landing in a crater on Mars. It is hoped that this location will provide views of ancient sedimentary layers of Martian geologic history, which could reveal ancient Martian life, too. This is an expedition that should be successful. It is not related to Phobos, which is in that vicinity of space, too. The entities that sometimes use Phobos are not going to draw attention to themselves by interfering with that particular expedition. Phobos is a captured asteroid, which has an unstable orbit. Its orbit will eventually decay. In many millions of years, maybe less, it will crash into Mars and create a crater. This is not of concern now. It will be of concern far in the future when humans have colonized this planet. By that time, remedying steps will be available to alter Phobos’ orbit.

Therapist: Thank you. I appreciate the details that you give in answering my questions.

Zetan: Many questions are very insightful and that appreciation is returned by providing the most complete information that I can.

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT, CBT, CLC
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

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