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Visit our webpage at Meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli I in the Constellation Reticulum. Contact has been made. Many interviews have been held with themTHESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between Hypnotherapist  Mary Barr and Zetas (Han, Zestra, and Gen) by using a deeply-induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit. Full transcripts of these many sessions are recorded verbatim in two books:   Aliens Answer  and Aliens Answer II


Therapist:  Is this done primarily in a group situation?
Zetas:  No. Certain individuals of our species can do this. With more minds, they can create even more. This is true. 

Therapist:  Yes. We do have a few people who can move objects with their minds.

Zetas:  There are many ways both our species and the human species can move things and touch others, physically, mentally and emotionally. We often send out waves, which affect others, that can ultimately extend into infinity.

Therapist:  We have learned to use mass thought to bring rain. (Experiment with George Noory.)

Zetas:  I encourage you as students to take stock in the progress you have made. You are further along than maybe you realize.

Therapist:  As you said, for every question that is answered, at least two more questions form. I see how this process is beginning to open us up, both Steve and myself.

Zetas:  You are a philosopher.

Therapist:  I had a mother who taught me to be curious and to love life.

Zetas:  Your mother is loving you now. She is expressing her thoughts with yours. You are both your own individual selves and you are the sum of both you and your mother.
Therapist:  It makes me very happy to know that she can now pursue all those things that she could not pursue while in physical form.
Zetas:  She is happy in that. You have become the intellectual hands for her, as well as for yourself. Your thoughts are your own, but know that her touch is in those hands, too.
Therapist:  I doubt that you have this condition in your society, but here on Earth,  we sometimes have babies born who are Siamese twins in that they are conjoined. My question is actually about their higher selves, or their souls or their minds. I would think that they would have separate souls, but I am not sure since they are genetically so linked. What do you think about that?

Zetas:  That is an interesting question. There are a number of species on  planets  who  would be considered  'Siamese.' These issues and questions have been brought up before. If they have individual minds, then if their genetic makeup is so conjoined, much of the knowledge and energy and spiritual consciousness emanates from the mind. The soul is conjoined with that mind. If two are linked as one, in a physical sense, literally, if they have two minds, there will then be two souls. The soul is linked to the mind in that relationship. This is what we have discovered in our experience.
Therapist:  On rare occasions, there have been two heads fused at the top or maybe the back where the brain was partially merged. Then, in this instance, the concept of the single mind becomes a question mark.
Zetas:  At that point, the mind would be joined for both bodies, and they would share the same soul.
Therapist:  You, of course, know that human beings have a gland called the pineal gland. Some of us believe that the pineal gland is a gateway to spiritual experiences. Do you have such a gland and is it true that it is a gateway?
Zetas:  There are many parts of the human mind, and other places, that have glands for different purposes. These can create thoughts and instincts or motivations for protection, sexual reproduction, and for spiritual and emotionally heightened states. Also, there are glands for intellectual thought. There is much that you will learn about your own minds. One day your species will acquire telepathic abilities and a growing sense of awareness that will change the structure of your planet and your society. When that time comes, that will be an exciting day. One of these glands does perform that role in providing a spiritually heightened awareness. It is not dissimilar to us.
Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT-RT, CBT, CLC

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Visit our webpage at Meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli I in the Constellation Reticulum. Contact has been made. Many interviews have been held with themTHESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between Hypnotherapist  Mary Barr and Zetas (Han, Zestra, and Gen) by using a deeply-induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit. Full transcripts of these many sessions are recorded verbatim in two books:   Aliens Answer  and Aliens Answer II.

CONTINUATION:  the Zetas sharing a typical day in their lives:

Therapist:  How is food brought to each home? Does the occupant shop outside of the home to obtain food and clothing?

Zetas:  Clothing serves functions in society for the different roles they play. We often do not wear clothing, as you would call it. Some of our organs and respiration require clothing that does not confine these. The food comes from a number of places. It can be grown synthetically at home. Frequently, our food is delivered from farms. We can visit the farms. There are centers, where foods from different areas of the planets, what you call markets, exist where we can bring home these nutrients for ourselves for the enjoyment of them. 

Therapist:  I have the feeling that you do not have an economy in a human sense, but perhaps have a kind of cooperative, a trading of services. Is that how you obtain goods?

Zetas:  It would be very socialistic by your standards. Politically, there is a sense of trade and exchange. It creates a uniformity that, in a telepathic society, would be consistent with that in a physical sense. There are no rich or poor, just standardization. The individual’s dwelling where they live can express the individual’s tastes. At the same time, there is uniformity. Ambitions do exist, and we wish to be successful in an intellectual  sense  in  the  sciences  and  in  new thought  and scientific discoveries. That is the main drive for us. It is not, in fact, an economic drive.

In our economic structure there is no money in the sense that you use money. However, there is a value placed on things in a different sense.  It is hard to explain.  My skills are focused on diplomacy, communication, and less on economics. We do have a sense of economics and a system.  This is necessary to interact in trade with other planets. Therefore, it is necessary, on a broad scale, that such a system exists. On an individual level, it is more diffuse and less noticeable. There is just a sense of abundance and a sense of no need or want. This is telepathically translated into the economy and the physical well-being of each person. This is rather abstract and it is not my particular skill set.

Therapist:  That is all right. It is good for both of us to stretch in different directions. That is what makes these meetings interesting.

Zetas:  We am glad to be able to be of service.

Therapist:  If you had a guest become ill, would you call in a physician or would you take that person to a place that would be akin to a hospital?

Zetas:  In your society, in such a situation, you may take someone to such a facility earlier than we would. Much of the knowledge and healing energy can be imparted to us remotely and collectively to deal with that situation for ourselves. We can transform our minds to become doctors on the spot for healing or whatever soothing or skills are needed. These are transferable. There are, however, certain physical skills that require manual dexterity and experience, which certain others have practiced. For example, we can transfer the knowledge of music and apply an appreciation of it, but to play certain music, to use that analogy would require certain skills. In a medical emergency, we would apply many treatments. After that, if necessary, the sick individual would be taken to a certain facility where they would continue treatment from there. The need and number of doctors, as you would refer to them, are fewer, but medical knowledge, healing, and certain skills can be imparted upon the general public, freely and ostensibly, to remedy most ailments.  Some of the more acute ailments require special skills and dexterity, which, at that point, the public remedies would step aside and the specialists would step in.

Therapist:  If you do not mind my asking, to what extent does your species use its mind to move material objects?

Zetas:  There are several levels to the answer to your question. There is a psychotronic ability, which we have. In the craft that humans sometimes see that we are associated with, this is an example of technology where our minds and the spacecraft or time craft (they are synonymous) can be an extension of the mind. Humans have known this. When humans fly aircraft, we can sense in their minds when the machine becomes an extension of the human body. This occurs with craft that has well-constructed and designed physical apparatus. In a real physical sense, the psychotronic ability is how we very commonly operate our own craft or our technology on our worlds.

There is also another layer where there are no psychotronic connections at the receiving end. The human or alien mind can manipulate matter to transform it to levitate or manipulate a change. This is done through the powerful abilities of some minds to focus energies and resonating forces. We cannot move mountains, but we can move many stones and similar objects.

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT-RT, CBT, CLC

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Visit our webpage at Meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli I in the Constellation Reticulum. Contact has been made. Many interviews have been held with themTHESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between Hypnotherapist  Mary Barr and Zetas (Han, Zestra, and Gen) by using a deeply-induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit. Full transcripts of these many sessions are recorded verbatim in two books:   Aliens Answer  and Aliens Answer II


(Subject continues regarding the conditions of other planets.)

Therapist:  I can imagine that some other worlds could have quite violent atmospheres.

Zetas:  Many of your own atmospheric conditions can be quite violent as well. Imagine another planet, such as Jupiter. It experiences decimal points in energy values that shift by several orders of magnitude. The physics are the same, but the energy released can be astonishing.

Therapist:  Just the subject of electricity requires years of study.

Zetas:  Your Benjamin Franklin would have had quite a shock on Jupiter.

(Therapist laughs.)  Well, he is on the spirit side, so maybe he has visited Jupiter.

Zetas:  I would not feel there is much that could contain such a soul as Benjamin Franklin, in all aspects of his life. We are aware of him.

Therapist:  If I may ask, what would you like to tell us about yourself and your day-to-day life?

Han, the Zeta:  A day, for me, is different from a human day. Day and night are roughly 36 hours in duration, due to our planet’s rotation facing our two suns. We only have partial nighttime. There are only certain points of the year where we have total night. Our days are longer than an Earth day. There is a period of sleep. Then there is mealtime. Then there is activity in my dwelling, where I live. My space is rather an open space. It is like a home with few walls where the landscape becomes part of the interior of the home. There is a sense of openness without being enclosed, yet I am protected from inclement weather and from night and from temperature fluctuations. This is arranged with invisible walls, where there is a building structure, but parts of it are quite open. It is much like an Eichler style home in some of your architecture on Earth. There is a sense of spaciousness and freedom. The openness is a reflection of our architectural philosophy.

Since we live in a telepathic society, the sense of privacy in an enclosure is not the same as it is in your society and the architecture unconsciously reflect this. There are spaces for meditation, food preparation, and places for guests in my home. This is typical. There are periods when I am in meditation where I am communicating with the community to learn the latest information, news, and communications. This is much like your Internet, but done through telepathic communication. At times, this communication is unconscious as we go about our activities. We also devote specific times in which we intentionally transmit and receive thoughts on a much-increased level, with a greater volume of information exchanged on many levels. At times, I will physically travel to different places on the planet. At other times, I telepathically transport my mind to other planets for communication with my species or other species, much the way that we are communicating here, now, with you.

I can see dusk setting in. My home is underground with a large swathe of openings, what would be like windows, overlooking the grounds. It looks like a large cut into the hillside where the roof is formed into the hillside and then there is a row of ‘windows’ and open space.  I have gardens. They form the front area of these openings. The gardens overlook a valley where there is a river and mountains. The sunset is happening now, with the ocean in the distance. There are other homes in the area, too, but they are not seen, so there is the illusion that there are no homes visible when there actually are many homes. They are terraced in such a way, from your viewpoint, that the view you enjoy is exclusively yours when, in fact, it is not. This was cleverly done by our builders. This is a common practice.

There are energy sources that come to our homes and there are the usual facilities for food, energy, and comfort. There are statues in my home, slim, open, elegant statues of different shapes. These are placed very artistically around the home. The colors are a kind of rose, beige with white and turquoises and greens, and a very clean, immaculate look with sharp straight lines. There is a sense of openness, but it is not a cold openness. There is warmth that is comforting to the mind and the senses. Much of the house is free of material things. The walls and the shapes of the rooms are much more important in our architecture in how they appeal to the mind. The colors and shapes create soothing feelings or feelings of alertness, depending upon the room and the room’s purpose. Some rooms have starker colors. Others have more soothing colors, again, depending upon the purpose. Rooms for sleep and meditation are very soothing. The rooms for tasks have more specific colors that appeal to the mind to devote concentration and focus. My day is then spent with my colleagues.

We share the same tasks, along with communication with my neighbors and my telepathic work in the community and off-world. There are times for meals and times for guests. I often have guests in my home. There are relationships I have with neighbors.  Some are friends.  Some are closer than friends. With these, I have an intimacy in our exchange of thoughts. It is also possible to have physical intimacy. It does not necessarily require a physical presence. There are a number of relationships, on a number of levels, where each shares in the pleasures of intellectual stimulation. At the end of what would be a long day for a human, there is time for relaxation from our sense of purpose or work, and there is time for rest. Then the day begins again. That is perhaps a typical day. There is not much traveling in a physical sense. It can all be accomplished telepathically. It is much like your concept of working from home on the Internet, but in a more elaborate fashion, done telepathically. We even telepathically speak to the house. This, I hope, might be a representation of my day.

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT-RT, CBT, CLC