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Visit our webpage at Meet the beings from Zeta Reticuli I in the Constellation Reticulum. Contact has been made. Many interviews have been held with themTHESE EXCHANGES ARE NON-FICTION. Exchanges occur between Hypnotherapist  Mary Barr and Zetas (Han, Zestra, and Gen) by using a deeply-induced client, Steve Reichmuth, as the telepathic conduit. Full transcripts of these many sessions are recorded verbatim in two books:   Aliens Answer  and Aliens Answer II

The Interviews Continue:

Therapist:  May I ask you some questions about three different events? I will call them abductions.

Therapist:  Will you take us on a very short journey now to allow Steve to glimpse another non-Earth culture, just to get a sense of the interaction, pace of living, and what is at the core of that civilization?

Zetas:  This can easily be arranged. I am in contact with intelligent beings in a  distant, off-world ocean.  This world is covered with water, not dissimilar from Earth’s oceans. It is teaming with life, and there are many intelligent beings within these oceans. They follow many of the common methods for survival. Some die to nourish the others in the same continuous cycle of life. There is great diversity. Many communicate with each other through sounds. Many do so, which forms an evolutionary bridge to telepathy. There are turquoise seas and warm oceans.

Therapist:  What is their food source?

Zetas:  There is a natural food chain. Less cellular life forms are fed upon by larger, more complex life forms. It is the same as in your oceans. A point of intelligence and community organization is reached where some creatures dominate so they do not become a ready source of food for others. Instead, they learn cooperation in mutual defense. Schools of creatures do this. This is not a foreign concept. It reaches a level of intelligence that is sufficiently sophisticated to where many of them can even create tools.

Therapist:  Is it a saline ocean?

Zetas:  Yes. It is about the same PH as your planet. Many species there could live quite comfortably in certain regions of your planet’s oceans. They could even have been transplanted. I see forms of dolphins, whales, large mammals, similar but different.

Therapist:  Do they use bioluminescence for communication or other things?

Zetas:  Yes. This is a common characteristic among many life forms throughout the Universe. It is for communication, mutual protection, or to signal alarm. Many of these creatures use bioluminescence to ornament themselves to attract a mate. Over time, this trait has become more successful and prevalent as one species dominates using bioluminescence, for instance. Many species adopt similar traits. 

Therapist:  Of their offspring, how long do the offspring remain under the protection of their parents?

Zetas:  In one sense, they live like a central family unit, throughout their whole lives. In another sense, it is only in the beginning, as they venture out to begin their own communities.

Therapist:  Do they create farms under the ocean to raise something to eat?

Zetas:  They create animal husbandry-like farms. There is farming in a way that might surprise you. This creates a sense of organization and social structure that makes these beings stand out.

Therapist:  I love surprises! Would you please imprint in Steve’s mind a very clear picture of the animal husbandry, some kind of farming, and perhaps what one or two of them might look like, for example, their coloring, the kind of skin they might have?

Zetas:  Some look similar to dolphins. I see great herds of creatures being herded by sound through the water. These are like the ancient cattle drives in your culture. Each species being herded has its own particular curiosities. These herding creatures use sound to call strays and return them to the fold. They are gathered in places where they can be collected and harvested for food.

Therapist:  When we record whale sounds, we use the recordings to call whales back into the water when they beach themselves. Is their system something like that?

Zetas:  Yes. In this case, it is herding to manage other species. It is done in concert and combination with others, working together, but these are the same sounds that are used for both herding and communication. They are not dissimilar from the activity that you described. An example is a whale life form being warned by its own species for its safety.

Mary Barr, B.A., CCHT-RT, CBT, CLC
Certified Hypnotherapist

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